Morkie Dog Breed: Information & Personality Traits

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Morkie, which is among the small dog breeds, is a lap dog that attracts attention at first glance with its cute appearance. Living with their family is important to them. Morkie wants attention from his loved ones, and his owner. It is an ideal family dog ​​that does not like to be alone, likes to play, and is quiet and calm.

At A Glance To The Morkie


1 - 3 lbs


6- 10 inch


Terrier, Water Dog, Barbican


United States of America

Origin Date

The 1990s


13-15 Years

Personality & Character Traits 

The Morkie is a small dog and is also known as a lap dog. He takes place in your life with his friendly, extroverted, fun, self-confident, sometimes spoiled and stubborn character traits. He is very devoted to his family and loved ones. From time to time, he can be seen that they are jealous of other people with their high love for their owners. He likes to receive attention very much, and if you show constant attention, it will not bore him and even make him extra happy. 

Despite his small size, he is quite energetic and active. He is happy to play with their owner, go for walks and be outdoors. Since he is among the small dog breeds, he is seen that get tired more quickly than medium and large dogs. Therefore, do not try to exercise excessively, thinking that he is energetic and active. It is enough for him to meet his daily play and general needs. When they are tired, Morkie also enjoys sleeping, and you need to provide this opportunity to them. 

He is a lap dog that does not disturb his owner too much when his owner gives his food on time and shows enough attention and love; that is when his needs are met in general. Since he is light and small, he can easily carry and love his owner in his lap. 

Morkie can easily reflect his love for his surroundings. When he is happy, he approaches his owner, makes himself loved, and loves his owner. He can express that he is restless and unhappy or that he is bored when he is alone at home for a long time by barking, and damaging things and his surroundings. The Morkie breed does not like to be alone. Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting this breed, you should have a fixed home or take your dog on your travels. If it is not possible for you to take him, you may see disorders such as anxiety disorder and separation fear in Morkie due to long-term separation due to being alone for a long time. 

Morkie, who lives harmoniously and happily with his family, also gets along very well with dogs, other pets, and children. Building friendships is very important to Morkie. He makes good friends with other dogs and pets in the family he grew up with as long as he receives early socialization training. His communication with strangers is primarily skeptical. He barks that a stranger is approaching the house or family. He develops communication and friendship after she trusts the people the owner knows and introduces her dog to. 

Morkies don't have any adaptation problems with children, and they love to play. Playing ball, running, and participating in different activities with children in the open area ensures that they are physically and mentally active. However, if you have a very small, naughty, and restless child, Morkie is not recommended to be left alone with his dog. Because the Morkie is a small dog, it is possible for young children to harm him while playing unintentionally. An injured Morkie may involuntarily bark and attempt to bite in self-defense. That's why you should take care that Morkie is under your supervision while socializing with your little, mischievous child. It is essential to socialize with your dog at an early stage to avoid such behaviors. Being among the child-friendly dogs, Morkie is among the leading preferences of families with children, with its good communication and friendship with children. 

Morkie is a very smart and intelligent dog. They get along well with other pets when you adopt them as puppies and give them socialization and obedience training. He is generally easy to train. Being loyal to his owner and willing to please his owner positively affects his training. Despite his small size, he does not hesitate to make moves when necessary to protect his family and owner. They even dare to challenge even larger dogs from time to time. They have good observation skills. He keeps faces and events in his memory by keeping track of what is going on around him. It is seen that he protects their loved ones against people or animals due to the events in his mind. 

Morkie is a dog breed that can easily adapt to apartment life. He can't live outside on the street. The ideal environment for their life is medium-sized houses and apartments. Their delicate, graceful, and small bodies make it difficult for them to adapt and live outside. In a warm home, you can take care of his daily needs, play games and take a walk without any problems. However, it is seen that they bark when they are alone at home for a long time.

Physical Attributes


Morkie is a small-sized, petite puppy. He has a compact body, a strong and durable body. The neck and back structure is quite weak. He has muscular and short limbs. He is a healthy petite breed that ranges from 15 to 26 centimeters in length. His weight should be proportional to his height. If he is short and small, his weight should be less. Females are at the lower end of the size and weight range, while males are at the upper limit. 


The head of the Morkie dog is round in size and proportional to his small body. Their small, round noses are black. It has a mouth that is proportional to his small body. 


The ears of the Morkie dog are low, drooping down on both sides of the head. Their long ears, closed inwards, are protected by dense hair on the head and above the ears. As a result, you may see them with their ears lifted when they are excited, scared, or agitated. 


The Morkie has round, prominent and almond-shaped dark eyes. Eye color is dark colors such as black and brown. Their sweet looks are combined with their cute and sincere looks. The eyes of Morkie dog breed, which has large eyes, have almond-shaped eyes. 

Legs and Feet

Morkie dogs have slender legs and should be straight when viewed from the front. The legs of Morkie dogs, which are flat on the ground, are lightly hairy, and long hairs are seen on their paws. Both males and females of the Morkie breed have small bodies and heights. Although the males are taller than the females, they are among the petite dogs. 


The tail structure of Morkie dogs is not very long. It has a medium length and thick tail in proportion to its body. Their seats, which have a slight curve, are covered with long hair. 


The fur of Morkie dogs is long, straight, soft, thin, and silky. He attracts attention with his long, thin hair and shiny, flamboyant fur. The dense coat of fur has an additional wool-like coat that acts as thermal protection to retain the dog's body heat. In addition, it has a feature that will not cause any discomfort to allergy sufferers with its less shedding hair and hypoallergenic structure. 


The Morkie's long, shiny, soft, and gorgeous fur comes in a variety of colors and shades. The most common Morkie fur; Available in black, brown, white, and tan colors and tones. This color is thought to come from the Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese breeds, which are parents of the Morkie breed. The different fur colors make each pup look individual and unique. In addition to the generally seen colors, it also comes in different colors and tones such as yellow, black, bronze, white, a mixture of black and white, and dark color tones. People who love Morkie dogs will adore these different fur colors. Since the Morkie dog breed does not have a specific breed standard, all colors are equally exciting and loved by dog ​​lovers.

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Although the Morkie has long and dense hair, it is a breed that does not shed much. Grooming is easy as your dog is small and adaptable. However, its care is very important for it to have beautiful and showy feathers. To prevent their hair from getting tangled, tangled and most importantly cleaned, their hair should be combed and brushed at least 2-3 times a week, if not every day. With the combing process, you also remove dead hairs while cleaning their feathers. Their less shed hair is considered hypoallergenic. It has excellent hair that people with allergies or who do not like dog hair can get used to over time and do not cause allergies. 

As long as the Morkie is not very dirty, it does not need to be washed frequently. Morkie owners usually bathe their dogs 2 or 3 times a year. Where necessary, when your dog gets into the mud, etc. You need to wash your dog. Frequent washing is not recommended as it may cause dryness and reaction on the skin. You should choose dog shampoos suitable for your dog in the bathroom. 

For your Morkie to have a showy coat, you can shave or have it done regularly. You should have shaving every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on hair growth and density. When trimming your puppy's coat, make sure that the hair on the face and around the eyes and ears are cut very short. By cutting the hairs on your legs short, you can reduce the pollution caused by outside walks and walks. The way Morkie shaves are often referred to as the teddy bear cut. This cut will make your cute little dog's face appear rounder and add a sweeter expression to it. 

Mouth, nail, ear and eye care should be done regularly as well as the Morkie's fur care. For oral and dental health, you should regularly brush your teeth at least 2-3 times a week. Depending on how long their nails grow, you should trim them at least once a month. For ear and eye health, you should check these areas and try to pay attention to their cleanliness. Tear stains may occur. You can wipe these tear stains with a damp cloth. If you do all these care processes by accustoming your dog when he is a puppy, it will not make it difficult for you in these processes in adulthood. The Morkie breed, which is properly cared for, will continue its life as a healthy puppy and adult dog.

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