Pitbull Lifespan: How to Increase Pitbul's Life Expectancy

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The Pitbull is a wonderful dog breed with many excellent qualities. If you share your home with a Pitbull, you will witness what a fun and happy dog breed he is. We want to see these amazing dogs with us for as long as possible. They have a lifespan of 13-15 years, which may be long for some dogs. We are sure you are ready to do what it takes to share a happier and healthier life with your dog. There are several factors that can affect how long they live. Recognizing these factors and establishing the right lifestyle can extend a Pitbull's lifespan.

Let's learn about the factors that affect the Pitbull lifespan.


Female Pitbull Lifespan

To their diverse athleticism and breeding history, the Pitbull breed tends to be hardy, with an average pitbull lifespan 13 to 15 years, longer than many breeds of a similar size. There are certain genetic conditions to look out for.

pitbull lifespan


What do pitbulls usually die of?

Pitbulls are generally healthy dogs. Loyal pitbulls have a good lifespan and can live 13-15 years with few health complications (they are hardy dogs). The health problems are bone diseases, skin allergies, thyroid problems, and congenital heart defects. In order to avoid these problems, you should offer them a healthy diet from an early age and have regular veterinarian check-ups. 

Which Pitbull Lives the Longest?

What is the longest pitbull lifespan? The oldest Pitbull recorded as alive was 26 years old. He was a Pitbull named Max from Louisiana in the United States of America. 

When can you say your pitbull is a senior dog?

As we said before, even though Pitbulls have an average lifespan of 13-15 years, she becomes an old person by the time she reaches 8 or 9 years old. Especially after these ages, you should never neglect veterinary checks and pay more attention to his health than before so that your Pitbull lifespan will be longer.

pitbull lifespan


 How do I know if my Pitbull is healthy?

Apart from regular veterinary control, you can also check whether your Pitbull is healthy with some findings you will observe. A careful dog owner notices the change in his dog at the slightest hint and takes him to the vet. Thus, it may be possible to prevent any disease through early diagnosis.

Pitbull health check list
  • Fresh breath. A healthy mouth is really important.
  • Shiny, clean coat. Healthy pets will generally have a shiny, clean coat due to natural oils and shedding.
  • Constant lean weight.
  • Regular bladder and bowel movements.
  • Alert, engaged interest.
  • Clean, odorless ears.


Popular Myths and Facts about Pitbull Lifespan

Do dogs prefer to die alone?

With these strange behaviors, a myth has arisen that dogs nearing the end of their lives prefer to be alone as they seek a quiet, solitary, and peaceful place to die. Moreover, the prevailing opinion is that dogs that die of old age die painlessly and without any suffering.pitbull lifespan


Can a pitbull live 20 years?

While Americans live to be nearly 80 on average, our canine companions tend to say their final goodbyes between the ages of 10 and 13. However, if you're wondering if dogs can live to be 20 years old, the answer is an emphatic yes, but only in rare cases.   However, with a healthy diet and careful care, your dog will live the longest and most comfortable life. 

Does a dog know when it dies?

This is so sad, but when their time is up, many dogs seem to figure it out somehow. There are countless stories of dogs letting their owners know when they are entering their final moments. They seem to have some sort of sixth sense, supernatural or physiological, that tells them they're about to die.


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Are female pitbulls easier to train?

Females are easier to house because they mature faster than their male counterparts. For this reason, you can have them trained or take classes from an early age. Female Pitbulls usually mature around two years old, while males mature around four years old. This makes a big difference in training between male Pitbulls and female Pitbulls. Because female Pitbulls mature earlier, their behavior becomes stable in a shorter time. The more balanced a dog is, the easier he will be to train.pitbull lifespan


Are Female Pitbulls More Protective Than Males?

The truth is that both genders are equally likely to be protective. Male Pitbulls are more protective in general but come into a litter of puppies, and a female Pitbull will stop at nothing to protect her litter if she feels threatened. That's why it's so important to socialize with Pitbulls at an early age. 

Are female Pitbulls less aggressive?

Although Pitbulls may have increased aggression towards other dogs, female Pitbulls are less likely to fight with other dogs than their male counterparts. This is one of the interesting differences between male and female pit bulls. Although the reason is not known exactly, their early maturation may be effective.

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