Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?Could You Give Kiwi To Your Dog?

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Fruits are very good food for our dog friends. Nowadays, the kiwi is one of these "fashionable" fruits because it brings many benefits to our body by preventing us from certain diseases. There are many dog ​​recipes that include fresh fruit, but you should always be very careful about the type of fruit you include in your dog's diet. It is, therefore, normal that you may wonder, "Can my dog ​​eat kiwi?" or "Is kiwi for dogs a good idea?"

can dogs eat kiwi

What Is A Kiwi?

Kiwi is a type of fruit that is native to New Zealand and has been grown in other countries such as the United States. Kiwis are oval-shaped and green in color with fuzzy skin. They have a sweet flavor and are eaten raw or cooked. Kiwis were not available in the United States until the late 1800s. The fruit was introduced to the U.S. by Ernest and Aimee Franey, who were working on their family's farm in Massachusetts when they decided to sell a few kiwi trees they had bought from a friend at home in New Zealand. The first mention of the word "kiwi" in U.S. newspapers was in 1887, when Ernest and Aimee's Great-grandfather Joseph Franey brought some plants to the United States.

The kiwi, sometimes called the Chinese gooseberry, is a small, round fruit with green skin and brown seeds inside. Kiwis grow on vines that can be up to 15 feet long! The kiwi originated in China but was later introduced to New Zealand by missionaries who brought along seeds from China. Kiwi fruits are low in calories and an excellent source of vitamin C. They also contain a small amount of fiber, folate, potassium, and thiamin. Kiwis can be eaten raw or cooked. They are commonly served with sugar, honey, or lemon juice or in fruit salads or smoothies. Kiwis are also used in alcoholic drinks, such as the New Zealand summer fruit drink known as 'Kiwi Mule.' containing vodka and kiwi juice. Today, the kiwi is widely appreciated not only in New Zealand but also throughout Europe and Australia.

can dogs eat kiwi

Could You Give Kiwi To Your Dog?

Originally from Asia, the kiwi is a fruit that humans love. Its richness in vitamin C makes it a very good fruit for breakfast. However, while humans are used to eating fruit, dogs have other habits and other needs. Indeed, descending from the wolf, dogs need more protein provided by quality meats. But does that make fruits and vegetables bad food for a dog? Let's look together at the case of the kiwi.

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The Kiwi Is Good, But Under Certain Conditions?

Yes, although the kiwi looks delicious, it is not necessarily so beneficial! On the one hand, its skin can suffocate the dog, and the seeds are toxic in medium doses.

However, if you want to give them from time to time as treats, you can opt for raw or cooked kiwi. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the kiwi does not have as many virtues for humans as for dogs. Indeed where it is for us a very interesting source of vitamin C the dog already synthesizes it naturally. Being the main asset of this fruit for humans, it is, therefore, relatively useless for a dog. In reality, we know very little about the real benefits of kiwifruit for a dog. It is still suspected of having anti-inflammatory qualities, which could therefore soothe dogs suffering from this type of condition, but nothing is so sure.

can dogs eat kiwi

Why Does The Kiwi Present A Risk For The Dog?

As mentioned above, the skin of the kiwi can cause choking, especially in smaller dogs. However, even once the skin has been removed, the effects of the kiwi remain rather negative. Indeed the pips are supposed to be toxic in medium doses, so don't try anything and don't give them. If you give kiwi to your dog, it's seedless!

Finally, we know that the kiwi is a fruit rich in fiber more than others, so giving too much of it can be bad for the dog's digestion and cause diarrhea. For already fragile stomach dogs like the French bulldog, the golden retriever, or the Maltese bichon, don't try to give it away! For puppies who do not have the same ability to digest certain foods as adult dogs, it is better to opt for other healthier fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, bananas, or watermelon. But let's imagine that my dog ​​has accidentally ingested it. What might happen to him?

What Are The Symptoms And Risks Of Eating Kiwifruit In Dogs?

In general, a dog can eat skinless and seedless kiwi fruit without any problem, so there will be no particular symptoms. However, it all depends on the size of the dog and the quantity ingested. If the ingestion is more important, which should happen quite rarely in the case of kiwis without the skin, it is advisable to make your dog drink a little salt water in order to make him vomit if you want to preserve his intestines.

can dogs eat kiwi

In Summary: Kiwi Or No Kiwi?

The kiwi fruit is not particularly harmful to the dog as long as it is given seedless and sparingly. If he nevertheless manages to consume one and the skin has not been removed beforehand, ask your veterinarian for advice on what to do. Note that in any case, no fruit will ever replace a balanced diet of any kind (barf croquettes, household ration, or pâté).

Is Kiwi Fruit Good For Dogs?

If you're wondering if dogs can eat kiwifruit, the answer is YES, dogs can eat kiwifruit, but like all other fruits and vegetables, you'll need to be careful how you use it. In fact, several animal associations and organizations have proven that kiwifruit for dogs is not toxic.

This means that, although the benefits of kiwifruit for dogs are not as numerous as for us, kiwifruit is suitable for canine consumption. However, it is in no way recommended that your dog's diet revolves around kiwi only. It should be used as a treat for positive reinforcement, for example.

can dogs eat kiwi

Properties And Benefits Of Kiwi For Dogs

Kiwis are great for us because they provide a lot more vitamin C than another citrus, as well as fiber and potassium. In dogs, although not so good, they can have positive effects. In case your dog has a nutritional deficiency, introducing a small portion of kiwifruit into his diet is a great idea.

Here are the main benefits of kiwi fruit for dogs:

Improves digestion: thanks to the fiber it contains, a small piece of kiwi in its diet can improve digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, thus facilitating intestinal motility. Fiber passes through the gut undigested, helping with constipation while maintaining colon microflora.

Reduces cholesterol: in addition, an extra contribution of fiber in the diet reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and facilitates the elimination of toxins. However, these benefits can also be obtained more easily with other fiber-rich foods such as rice, wheat bran, apples, or various vegetables such as pumpkin.

Antioxidant effect: the kiwi can protect against oxidation damage, mainly due to vitamin C, which, although not essential for its diet, can reduce inflammation and degenerative and cognitive disorders.

Improves mobility: it also has potassium, which is necessary for the functioning of muscles, nerves, and enzymes. It is usually present in foods in the form of potassium chloride. However, some guardians prefer to administer it through a more natural source, through foods such as kiwifruit or bananas. As with other foods, the kiwi must be introduced very slowly into your dog's diet since its nutritional needs represent 6% of the dry weight of its daily diet.

can dogs eat kiwi

How Much Kiwi Is Safe To Give Your Dog?

Kiwi fruit is a delicious and nutritious fruit that is also safe for pets. Kiwi can be given to dogs but in moderation, as too much of it can lead to diarrhea.

Dogs are omnivores, and their digestive system is not designed to process plant material efficiently. This means that they need more protein and fat in their diet than humans do. So while the occasional kiwi may be fine, it should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet. Your dog’s diet should have a balance of meat and vegetables. The best sources of protein are raw meats, eggs, soy, and low-fat cottage cheese. The best sources of carbohydrates are bread, rice, oats, and potatoes. The worst food for your dog is cereal (corn) and chocolate. Some dogs are known to get into trouble with onions because they contain sulfur. This is a natural compound that is toxic to dogs when consumed in larger quantities. Other vegetables, like spinach and cucumbers, can also cause stomach upset for some dogs, so be cautious of what you feed your pet. Raw diets may not be the best choice for your dog because their digestive system isn’t designed to break down raw foods as it would be cooked food, and they might get diarrhea. Raw diets may not be the best choice for your dog because their digestive system isn’t designed to break down raw foods as it would be cooked food, and they might get diarrhea. A tip for feeding your dog a raw diet is to mix cooked vegetables, fruit, and meat with the raw food so they can digest it easier. A tip for feeding your dog a raw diet is to mix cooked vegetables, fruit, and meat with the raw food so they can digest it easier. It can be hard to find raw meat and vegetables in the grocery store. Some grocery stores don’t carry or sell raw food, so it might be difficult to get your dog what they need. A good option is buying from a local farmer who sells raw foods at an affordable price for dogs instead of investing in a more expensive brand name. Human diseases might affect your pet if you let them eat too much of the raw diet.

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