Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids? ( Character Traits )

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Are French Bulldogs good with kids? Yes, they are. Read this article, and you will see that the behavior of the French bulldog with children is excellent, even with babies. French bulldogs love children; they are very protective, sensitive, and delicate with them, as well as sweet, tender, and funny. The French bulldog breed is, in fact, one of the most recommended by veterinarians and other experts for families with children of all ages.

The French bulldog's ability to bond with children is fascinating. Once they understand that they are from the same family, they will be friends from the first minute and develop an unconditional love for each other.

If you are looking for a dog suitable to live with your children, the question of are French Bulldogs good with kids may come to your mind. Choosing the French bulldog is a sensible decision. In addition to the fact that the behavior of the French bulldog with children is perfect, there is also the advantage of its small size, which is ideal for any type of home, and that makes it easy to play with the little ones, minimizing the probability of suffering damage. Of course, do not forget that when bringing a dog into the house, he and the children must be taught how to interact safely. Thus, little by little, your child will also develop a precious sense of responsibility, knowing that the happiness of his best four-legged friend depends on him.

are French Bulldogs good with kids
Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?


French bulldogs have a protective nature, and they would give their lives for their family if necessary. Anyone with a French bulldog dog knows they are always aware of your well-being and safety, in addition to seeking constant contact with their loved ones.

This is not just for adults; The French bulldog is an equally protective dog with children, if not more so. In addition, he has fun playing with them. If a baby arrives at the home of a dog of the French bulldog breed, it will go out of its way to protect and care for it, and they have a great maternal instinct despite belonging to a different species.

Of course, something significant to keep in mind if you have a French bulldog and a baby is that you will have to share a little attention between them. It is logical that a baby requires a lot of care and attention, but do not forget your dog; he needs you too.

Let's see what the reasons why the behavior of the French bulldog with children is so favorable are:

Character Traits That Make French Bulldogs Get Along Well With Kids

French Bulldogs are a loyal and faithful companions.

Dogs are stalwart companions to their human families. The French bulldog is a dog incapable of betraying those he loves. The behavior of the French bulldog with children is so good that they can even get a little "jealous" if other dogs or people approach them, especially babies. The bulldog may interpret it as a threat to the little one and react badly. 

For this reason, it is crucial to educate the French bulldog and get him used to being surrounded by people so that he learns to correctly interpret when his protection is necessary and when it is not.

A French bulldog will give you everything he has, a lot of love, loyalty, and protection, without looking for anything in return.

French bulldogs are funny

In addition to being protective, the French bulldog also has fun and playful behavior with children. He is always ready to play, enjoy the attention and socialize with his family. The French bulldog breed is highly sociable. It does not need a lot of exercises, but it does require attention and affection.

The French bulldog is so sensitive and cautious that he can even play with a baby since he knows where the limits are. In addition, a dog with these characteristics is an excellent motivation for babies: it will increase their motor skills, arouse their curiosity... it may even start to crawl or walk sooner than you think!

are French Bulldogs good with kids

French bulldogs are intelligent and easy to train.

The behavior of the French bulldog in moments of training is also ideal. It has a very high capacity to process and retain information. He can be stubborn, especially when a puppy, but he will understand well and learn quickly.

The first thing to educate the French bulldog dog will be to teach him the fundamental behavior orders, such as sit, lie down, stay still or come when you call him. In this way, it will be effortless to control when interacting with children, and when they have learned well and are good friends, they can be the ones who continue the dog training process with more complex commands and tricks. In addition, this type of activity generates powerful bonds between dogs and their masters.

French bulldogs are very affectionate.

The French bulldog is one of the most affectionate dog breeds, and these dogs never tire of giving and receiving cuddles. With children, this behavior of the French bulldog is even more accentuated, being their eternal playmate, distraction when they have had a bad day, or a faithful friend when they are alone.

French Bulldogs are patient and calm.

The French bulldog is an enormously patient dog, and they have no problem waiting for their walk time, meal, or play times, although if it were up to them, the latter would last all day!

French Bulldogs also have a lot of patience when playing with children. And they know where the limits are and put up with their pranks quite well.

If you are considering adopting an adult French bulldog, remember that adult dogs will already develop their behavior. You should be well informed about the dog's temperament, as this is essential for suitable compatibility with your family and whether or not he has experience with children. Of course, the behavior of the adult French bulldog is also modifiable, but changing ingrained habits is much more complicated than educating a puppy from scratch.

We learn the answer to the question, are French Bulldogs good with kids. Now let's get to know this wonderful dog better.

are French Bulldogs good with kids

 French Bulldog breed information And How to take care of it 

Here you will learn the care and characteristics of the French Bulldog. Because this four-legged little guy, with googly eyes and the face of many friends, needs a lot of pampering. Do you want to know him better? We tell you everything!

Appellation: French Bulldog

Origin: France

Medium size

Life expectancy: 10-13 years

Weight: 9-14 Kg

Hair type: Short, straight

Character: Active, sociable

Coat: Fawn, brindle, and white

Cross height: 30 cm

General Classification: Small Dog Breeds

AKC Classification: Group 6: Non-Sporting Dogs

Classification according to the FCI: Group 11: Small-sized molossoids

Origin of this ancient breed

The truth is that the history of the French Bulldog is exciting and if you are lucky enough to share your life with one of these little ones:

French Bulldogs are thought to be descendants of ancient Tibetan mastiffs. However, due to invasions from Asia and Africa, their origins cannot be determined precisely. While crossing Tibetan Mastiffs with local breeds is adequate, their current appearance and small size, similar to Pug or English Bulldogs, owe more to crossbreeding with Terriers.

This breed was born when English craftsmen in the 19th century moved to Normandy and brought their bulldogs with them, eventually becoming very popular in French farm towns, where breeding began.

His worldwide fame began in the 20th century as something typically Parisian, and that is why he started to be called "French". The Frenchie, as the breed is affectionately called, came to be reflected in paintings, sculptures, and ceramics and even managed to sneak into the house of King Edward IV of England.

How is the character of Frenchies?

If you are thinking of adopting one of these little ones or if you already have one, it is essential that you know and understands what their character is like: they are house dogs, extroverted, love to be the center of attention, very playful and always ready to go out for a walk. Although not lovers of long walks. The French Bulldogs are great companion for adults and children in the house. Frenchies are usually the perfect friend.

French bulldogs are very friendly and can live with other dogs as long as there are no hierarchy conflicts. However, it is recommended to subject them to training and to socialize well, and it is crucial not to pamper them excessively, although sometimes it is irresistible.

are French Bulldogs good with kids

What care should I give my French Bulldog?

From the first moment our French bulldog puppy arrives at home, it is necessary to get him used to the hygiene routine; However, he is a very timid and clean dog. In addition, you should know that he likes to be bathed and does not tolerate high temperatures well, so be careful with the heat.


The coat of this breed is short, smooth, fawn, brindle, or with white areas, sometimes very extensive. Once you have all your vaccinations, it will be time to take a bath, and you must use a specific shampoo for sensitive skin:

Remember to take special care with their ears so that water does not enter and avoid the dreaded otitis. They have a terrible time when they have otitis or any disease in their delicate ears, so you must be very aware of them. Since he has short hair, you can brush him once or twice a week with a brush to remove dead hair like this:

It is recommended to clean the folds of the skin with moistened gauze.

Keep your Frenchie healthy and energized

The French bulldog is a very active, playful dog that has to exercise as part of its routine, so don't be fooled by appearances because it has the energy to give and give away, and this escape route will keep its mind healthy. However, you should know that it is a greedy dog by nature and with a tendency to gain extra kilos.

As for his diet, you should ensure that it is rich in nutrients, to maintain his muscles, and with an adequate level of fat (remember that this is necessary for the health of hair, eyes, and skin, among others), but without going overboard, so your Frenchie doesn't get fat. Being overweight can lead to respiratory, cardiovascular, or joint problems. The best advice is to keep him at his ideal weight and subject him to a dose of exercise following his age and physical condition.

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What are the typical diseases of the French Bulldog?

The first thing you should know is that, due to its genetics, the bulldog has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years. And also, knowing what their specific diseases are can help you identify them early and thus be able to treat them prematurely so that they have a long and healthy life.

This type of dog is brachycephalic, which means that its snout is very short in proportion to the skull, so they usually have some other respiratory problem. It is also common for them to have a lax palate, a nose with very small or atrophied nostrils, and yes, they are dogs that snore. All this can be solved with a simple intervention if necessary.

You must know that for a Frenchie with these respiratory symptoms, these represent stress since it will prevent him from moving freely, exercising, or when it is boiling. In addition, the French bulldog is a chondrodystrophic animal with a somewhat abnormal skeletal development, with short vertebrae and long limbs, which can cause joint problems if you don't pay special attention to its development.

There are occasions when a shortening of the spine can cause some vertebral malformation, which causes serious movement problems due to stress and overload. A weak point in this dog is the morphology of its eyes, which are usually very large and sometimes have incorrect eyelid development or suffer from cataracts. The bulldog's skin is delicate, mostly in white dogs, and you must be very careful with maintaining the areas with folds to keep it always ready and avoid infections.

are French Bulldogs good with kids

What are the best toys for my French Bulldog?

As you know, he is a very playful dog, and you can use that to stimulate his intelligence. There are hundreds of toys to do it, and you can find a lot in our Tiendanimal catalog, but here we recommend the most popular ones, in case you don't know where to start. In any case, spend a little time looking and searching, reading his descriptions, and making a selection perfect for your little one, because each dog has a different personality, and you know your furry one better than anyone.

A toy like the Kong Classic will exercise your mind and sense of smell. You can put baubles inside to reinforce it. I assure you that you will enjoy it a lot and you will love it.

If you want to finish it off, try an intelligence game. Fill the plastic drawer of the toy with its snacks and hold the board so it can get the prizes more easily. At first, let him watch you put the food away so he can learn by watching you how to do it.

To exercise your body, nothing better than a Frisbee, perfect for throwing and catching and thus maintaining the type of your best friend.

What does the French Bulldog eat and what is the best diet for this breed?

When choosing your food, you must consider the general condition of your bulldog, age, and physiological state. It must be a complete food that covers all your needs.

Puppy (up to 12 months)

Use a feed enriched with calcium and phosphorus so that your Frenchie's skeleton develops healthily during growth, and divide it into three daily feedings.


Remember your tendency to gain weight and the problems that being overweight can cause, so opt for a low-calorie diet with ingredients that take care of your skin, digestion, and cardiorespiratory health. If you are healthy, use a specific feed such as one of these:

Divide your ration into two daily servings.

Always consult with your Veterinarian so they can advise you on the type of feed your dog should take.


At this stage, it is still essential to maintain your weight and choose a diet enriched with chondroprotective to take care of your joint health.

To take care of your dog's teeth, snacks for dental hygiene or dry ears are ideal, and always have fresh water freely available. You are ready for an adventure with everything you already know about the French bulldog! Remember that in our Tiendanimal online store, you have a wide range of products available to enjoy with your new best friend. And if you want to know more about animals, be sure to visit our blog. For example, do you want to know if dogs dream? Here we tell you!

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