Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? Is That a Good Or Bed Sign?

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Dogs love sleeping next to their beloved guardians because that's how they feel secure when it's time to rest. This is why it is not unusual to see some dogs reject the comfort of their baskets to sleep at their guardian's feet. Dogs would give up all the comforts in the world for the opportunity to be petted, and know that this demonstrates the incredible loyalty shown by our best friends. Nevertheless, many guardians wonder: "  why does my dog sleep under my bed?" They wonder if their best friend's health could suffer as a result of this practice.

As we will explain to you in this article, our furry best friends tend to go in search of a warm and dark place so that they can sleep with us. However, a dog that spends many hours hiding under the bed requires increased attention from his guardians. 

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Why Does My Dog ​​sleep With Me?

Why is my dog sleeping under my bed? Why is he sleeping on your cushion? Or literally on you? Your dog will do whatever it takes to sleep near you. This makes him feel safe while giving him peace of mind knowing he can protect you during this moment of vulnerability.

Remember that bedtime is more than a delicate moment for dogs because it involves enormous risks for their pack. This is why knowing that they are protecting them from approaching the moment of rest with more significant serenity. Moreover, sleeping with their favorite humans gives them an invaluable supply of tenderness on a silver platter, generating a great feeling of well-being and pleasure.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Some dogs enjoy sleeping at the feet of their guardians, others prefer to get right next to the bed, and many prefer to get under the bed. But why does my dog sleep under my bed, and why is this place so attractive to them? At first, you have to see this place as a refuge or burrow where the dog feels less exposed and, therefore, more secure. However, under the bed, the dogs also find a warm and dark place that allows them to sleep for a good number of hours without being "inconvenienced" by the rays of the sun or by the cold of the morning.


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Is İt Bad İf My Dog ​​sleeps Under The Bed?

Is it wrong to sleep with your dog? Of course, it's not wrong to sleep with your dog. However, it should not involve any risk to your dog's health or yours if you have taken the correct hygienic measures at home and dewormed.

If you see that your dog likes to sleep under the bed and you don't have a problem with that, you will have to reinforce the hygiene of this place to avoid the accumulation of dust bunnies, dirt, and mites. It is also recommended that you ventilate your room, and your house, daily to ensure that the air is renewed and that your dog can see the sun. Remember that humid, dark, and dirty environments favor the proliferation of many allergens and pathogens, such as dust mites, bacteria, ticks, insects, fungi, etc.

It will also be important that your dog can count on correct preventive medicinal measures, the two pillars of which will be vaccination and periodic deworming, which will allow you to combat internal and external parasites. On the market, you will find many dewormers of excellent quality! In addition, brushing your dog's coat daily will help you keep your house more or less clean while allowing you to avoid the concentration of hair under the bed.

Nevertheless, some guardians do not like ​​sharing their room with their pets. And, let's be clear, this is not something wrong in itself. The only thing you need to take into account is that your dog should have a bed in a quiet place where he will feel safe to rest quietly.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

Why Do Dogs Hide Under The Bed?

If you recently adopted a puppy or adult dog and you see that he is fearful and spends long hours hiding, this indicates that he has suffered physical or emotional. In these cases, it is worth looking at the symptoms of a dog being abused and being aware that these behaviors should be handled with sensitivity and patience. It may also be interesting to read our article How to know if my dog ​​is scared. In addition, we recommend that you always rely on the advice of an ethologist or a canine educator to conduct a resocialization and rehabilitation process based on specific healing steps adapted to your best friend's needs.

On the other hand, some illnesses can negatively impact your best friend's behavior. A dog in pain and feeling vulnerable could, for example, hide under the bed for long hours to protect himself from any threat from the outside world. That's why if you have the impression that your dog's behavior has changed or that his sleep routine has changed, don't hesitate and call your trusted veterinarian!

 Why does my dog sleep under my bed

6 Reasons Why Does My Dog ​​Want To Sleep With You?

There are many reasons why your dog sleeps close to you, in the same room, or on your cushion. Nevertheless, all these reasons can be reduced to the affection that dogs can come to feel for their guardians. Yes, this relationship that we consider exclusive to humans also occurs in animals, especially with those who have experienced a process of domestication, such as dogs and cats.

Now that you know your dog sleeps with you because he feels bonded to you let's take a closer look at what drives this habit or behavior.

 He's A Social Animal

The first thing you need to understand to understand why your dog sleeps with you is that they are social, pack animals that, in the wild, will always rest in groups. The dog is not a solitary animal; sleeping close to other living beings is entirely part of its behavior. So, if you live with more than one dog and they get along well, we're sure you've seen them sleeping close together. Most dogs either sleep with their humans or sleep together in the same bed or, at least, in the same room.

 He Wants To Protect You

The dog is a pack animal that stands guard over his worries and communicates with them through clean language. Thus, sleeping together fulfills a vital function: protecting each other.

Sleep is one of the times when we are most exposed and, ultimately, during which we are most vulnerable. He is also to protect their humans, and many dogs prefer to sleep near their humans or next to them. This is a typical occurrence for the species.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

He Feels Safer

If your dog is sleeping close to you, he is simply trying to tell you that you are giving him security and trust. With you, he feels good and sees you as a reference figure to follow and whom he can trust. For this reason, in addition to sleeping glued to you, your dog follows you everywhere.

He Seeks Your Warmth

Dogs love the heat, so many prefer to sleep with their humans by sneaking under the sheet to reach the warmest area of ​​the bed. And if your dog sleeps glued to you or on you, it's for your body heat!

This search for heat will also manifest itself during the day when they lie down in the places of your apartment where the sun's rays penetrate. This way, find out why dogs love the sun!

He Doesn't Like His Basket

Have you checked the convenience of his bed? If it's not comfortable, it's normal for your best friend to go looking for a comfortable place to sleep, somewhere like your bed, the couch, or your pillow. So, if your dog is everywhere except his basket, you will have to check the convenience of his basket!

If your dog sleeps close to you because his basket is not comfortable, it will be better for you to acquire a good basket and place it next to yours with a small blanket to guarantee warmth to your best friend.

 He Proves His Love To You

Ultimately, if your dog sleeps with you, he wants to tell you that he loves you. He loves your dog, feels safe by your side, and wants to protect you and send you all his affection. Sleeping together is one of the major demonstrations of his love, and, in addition, it helps to strengthen the bond that unites you. Even if his bed is the least comfortable in the world, if a dog does not like his humans, or if they are not vectors of security, he will never sleep with them.

Nevertheless, despite all the reasons why your dog sleeps close to you, it is worth asking, is it good to sleep with your dog?

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

Sleeping With Your Dog: Good Or Bad İdea?

Sleeping in the same bed has positive aspects for the dog and guardian. However, some issues should be carefully considered. First, keep your dog clean, especially after walks. If you don't, all the dirt on his paws will end up in your sheets. With his hairbrush, you are helping him daily to control the fall of his hair and prevent it from ending up in your sheets.

You should also not neglect what is called preventive medicine since there are parasites that our dogs can transmit to us, such as fleas and ticks. It will be necessary to deworm your animal following the instructions of the veterinarian to prevent your dog from being infested with these so-called parasites.

In addition to simple hygiene, you should ask yourself if sleeping together allows you and your dog to rest well because, depending on the conditions and the dimensions of the bed, this may not be the best idea in the world. If this is your case, you can always put your best friend's basket next to yours so that he can sleep in your room and feel safe and protected.

However, sleeping with him is not recommended if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or hyper-attachment, as you will reinforce this negative behavior. In these cases, it is better that you go to a veterinarian or an ethologist so that he can treat the problem at the root since stopping sleeping together is not the only solution.

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