14 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds Brief Information ( With Pictures)

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You would like to have a cat, but your husband, wife, children, or yourself are allergic. No worries, you can still adopt a cat! You've probably heard of "hypoallergenic" or "hairless" cats. This does not mean that they have no allergens. It is illusory to believe that such a race exists. On the other hand, it has been proven that these hypoallergenic cat breeds do not cause allergic reactions.

What makes them hypoallergenic? We call them hypoallergenic because they produce far fewer allergens than more common breeds. A cat's saliva contains a protein called Fel D1. This protein causes allergic people to take antihistamines, sneeze, suffer from itchy eyes, or even cause asthma attacks. However, the following 14 cat breeds produce less of this protein, making them hypoallergenic. Now you can convince your family members that there are indeed cats you cannot be allergic to!

14 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is surprisingly hypoallergenic. Even though he has fur, he still has short hair. This breed is famous for its blue/gray colored coat, which makes the coat shiny.

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Siberian Long Haired Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds  

It's hard to believe, but this beautiful long-haired cat is also an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers. In addition, a Siberian cat is a great option for cat lovers who prefer long hair.

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Oriental Shorthair

One of the popular hypoallergenic cat breeds, also called the Oriental Shorthair, this cat has short hair and very little hair.

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Cornish Rex

Magnificent cat for allergy sufferers, as they shed very little hair since they only have the undercoat layer called down..

hypoallergenic cat breeds


This breed of cat is hairless. Therefore, they have no coat to trap allergens transmitted through their saliva.

hypoallergenic cat breeds


What makes this breed hypoallergenic isn't that they produce fewer proteins that cause allergic reactions in people, but it's their coat that makes them hypoallergenic. Their fur requires less maintenance, so they are not as laden with saliva.


This cat breed produces less Fel D1 protein in its saliva, making it a good companion for allergy sufferers.

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Devon Rex

The Devon breed has less hair and shorter fur than the Cornish Rex from the same family as the Cornish Rex.

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Javanese cats only have one of the three coats that cats usually have, just like Cornish and Devon Rex. The difference is that this cat only has the top layer of coat, while the other two breeds mentioned above only have a down.


One of the good examples of hypoallergenic cat breeds is Laperm. These beautiful cats shed far less than most cat breeds due to their curly, textured coat.

hypoallergenic cat breeds


The Siamese cat is considered a hypoallergenic cat. Indeed, this generally very vocal kitty molts much less than other breeds of cats. Although its short coat can cause an allergic reaction, having much less of it in your home goes a long way to helping people who are sensitive to feline allergens not develop symptoms.

hypoallergenic cat breeds


These cats have short hair, are very silky, and are generally of a color approaching the sand. Although her eyes come in many colors, her golden color is her trademark. These cats are among the hypoallergenic cat species known for their fondness for humans. There are even those who think that they resemble dogs in these aspects. They are supposed to have less allergen urethra than other cats.

Colorpoint Shorthair

This breed is a variant of Siamese cats, created by crossing with the American Shorthair breed. So, for people with allergies, they share some characteristics of Siamese. They are great chatterboxes and shed less hair than other cat breeds. Once you have colorpoint shorthair, your allergy symptoms will be alleviated.


These leopard-looking cats are also distant cousins ​​of the Siamese. This breed is preferred for an allergic person looking for a feline companion for the same reason mentioned above in their cousin. Their appearance is much similar to Bengal cats. However, they are slightly smaller in size. They are also sociable and intelligent cats that can learn to follow you on a leash! They are, therefore, perfect hypoallergenic companions.


  Yes, there is a cute feline for everyone, even allergy sufferers! We hope that learning about hypoallergenic cat breeds will encourage you and your loved ones to find a new feline friend for your family.

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