Black Cat Breeds With Yellow Eyes : Brief Info (With Pictures)

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Among all the coat colors possible in cats, there is black. It is even prevalent within certain races since most of their representatives display such a color. Sometimes appreciated for its elegance and the shine it gives to the coat, sometimes rejected because it is considered too sad or too dark, this coloring leaves no one indifferent. For those who are not superstitious or even under their spell, here are black cat breeds with yellow eyes.

Are there many black cats with yellow eyes?

Probably because of their reputation, black cats are still not very common in the feline community. Indeed, they would represent less than 3% of purebred cats registered in the country between 2003 and mid-2016, the most common being by far gray cats (more than 13 % of individuals surveyed).

However, and surprisingly enough, they are still more common than white cats. Indeed, the latter was barely more than 2% over the same period. They also outnumber black and white cats.

Cat breeds that are often black

Even if black cats are no longer as decried as in the past, only one breed exclusively sports this color: the Bombay. All the others also admit other colors, but some are particularly famous for their dark coat, which remains the most widespread and the most appreciated.

black cat breeds wiyh yellow eyes


The Bombay is probably the best-known black cat breeds with yellow eyes. It is also the only one to date whose standard does not accept any other coat color.

Entirely black from the tip of the ears to the end of the tail, this cat has no spots or marks of any kind. This makes him more handsome, with his glowing eyes ranging from copper to gold. He also has a thin and muscular body and a short and tight coat, so he has everything of a miniature black panther.

In addition to its appreciable appearance, this cat is effortless to live with. He adapts perfectly to apartment life and loves the company of humans, children, and other animals. However, he remains pretty discreet and not very talkative: no concerts of mewing at the rendezvous!

black cat breeds wiyh yellow eyes

The Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a still relatively unknown breed of black cat. It has short, plain and shiny fur. Even if black is the original color and the most widespread within the breed, the coat can also tend towards reddish-brown, and some feline organizations even accept lilac. On the other hand, unlike in Bombay, the only color accepted for the eyes is green.

 Havana differs from its congeners by being a breed of cat that supports changes in routine and environment well: it is therefore perfectly suitable for a person who moves often or wishes to take their cat on vacation. However, what matters most to him is being able to interact with his family: he, therefore, needs an available master, such as an older adult, who has the time to devote to him.

black cat breeds wiyh yellow eyes


Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Chantilly is indeed a breed of black cat breeds with yellow eyes, not white. Its name comes from its mid-length fur, the texture of which is light, silky, and vaporous, like the eponymous cream.

Initially, the breed appeared with a brown-black coat, which is indeed the one that is still the most widespread and appreciated today. However, the standards now accept other colors and patterns, such as agouti or tabby. The eyes are dark yellow, golden or amber.

Relatively easy to live with, the Chantilly is a loyal and affectionate cat who likes to follow its owner everywhere for hours and is sometimes even a bit of a stickler. He also finds it difficult to stay alone for long and is therefore not made for a master who is often absent. But, on the other hand, he is quite reserved with strangers and prefers to stay at a distance at the beginning, the time to get to know him better.

black cat breeds wiyh yellow eyes

The Lykoi

The Lykoi is an original and very recent breed of cats since its creation dates back to the 2010s. It is distinguished by its roan coat, unique to this day within the feline gent: it is a pattern characterized by a substantial proportion of white hairs (between 30 and 70%, depending on the individual) mixed with colored hairs. In addition, certain areas of its body, such as the face and the end of the legs, are naturally bare.

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 The first individuals created the breed were black, so the latter remains associated with this coat color. However, the breeding program quickly added cats of other colors to provide genetic diversity. Today, russet, blue, cream, black tortie, and cream blue are also allowed, provided they match a roan dress pattern.

Unlike its ancestor, the alley cat, a genetic mutation, it is not made to live outdoors because its particular coat makes it sensitive to the sun and temperature changes. On the other hand, it finds its place in an apartment. In addition, he makes a good life companion since he is playful, affectionate, and fond of hugs.

black cat breeds wiyh yellow eyes

The English Burmese

The English Burmese can be one of the black cat breeds with yellow eyes. Originally, it was created by individuals with dark brown hair and therefore remains associated with this color. However, it can wear other colors, including sand brown, cream, or red. As for his eyes, they can range from yellow to amber, with gold being the most desirable color.

It is one of the ancestors of Bombay, which also looks a lot like it. However, unlike its descendant, the Burmese is a talkative and extroverted cat, communicating a lot orally with its master. Affectionate and very playful, he does not tolerate loneliness well and needs company to be happy. Therefore, a home with children is ideal, as they make perfect playmates for him - and vice versa.

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