The 3 Breeds Of Cute Hairless Cats In Detail ( With Pictures)

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The breeds of cute hairless cats, little known to the general public and sometimes even to cat enthusiasts, are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. Discover details on their births, their evolutions, and any opinions you may have about these magnificent rare species of cats.

The Origins of Cute Hairless Cats

The appearance of hairless cats in the animal kingdom is relatively recent. It was in 1966, exactly 50 years ago, that the first Sphynx was born in Canada.

The following breeds came into the world about 20 and 30 years later, both in Russia. The Donskoy in 1983 and the Peterbald in 1994.

Some appreciate them, love them, others less; it must be said that their appearance leaves no one indifferent!

Discover in detail the birth, life, and evolution of these breeds of cats little known to cat lovers.

The 3 Breeds Of Cute Hairless Cats In Detail

cute hairless cats

The Sphynx

The hairless Sphynx is the first representative of the category of cute hairless cats, and the first Sphinx was born in Canada in 1966. However, the paternity of this species is also claimed by France.

Is Amenophis Clone the first cat to serve as the basis for the Sphinx breed? He was born in the union of Aline and Philippe Noel. Two Sphinxes descended from a cross between their ancestors and Devon Rex in the Netherlands. Technically, Dr. Hugo Hernandez, who is at the origin of this cross, could be considered the creator.

Medium in size, with a slightly triangular head, the ears of the Sphinx are wide at the base and tapered at the top. He has a medium-sized body with well-developed musculature and enormous, expressive lemon-shaped eyes. Like the tail of a lion, that of the Sphinx, quite long, sometimes ends in a tuft of hair.

The Sphinx has a very affectionate character and is very friendly. These cats are brilliant. You can choose interactive games so that they don't get bored.

cute hairless cats

The Donskoy

Donskoy is still called Don Sphynx, and the Donskoy was officially recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF) in 1997.

It is distinguished by several folds on its elastic skin, a head that widens from the base to the top, long and muscular legs, or even curly mustache hairs when it has one.

As affectionate as the Sphynx, it is more active in daily life.

Unlike the Sphynx, the ears of the Donskoy are placed very high on its head.

cute hairless cats

The Peterbald

The last of the Cute Hairless cats are Peterbald, the result of a cross between the Don Sphynx and the Oriental; the Peterbald will be recognized by the WCF 9 years after its birth, in 2003.

Protruding cheekbones on a triangular head and a long body are the physical characteristics of the Peterbald, like its relative, the Oriental.

Three varieties of this cat are known to date

The Nudes, with hairless and elastic skin

The Velvets, with fluffy skin

  The Brush, with short and sometimes sparse hairs.

cute hairless cats

Caring for your hairless cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats and their hairless appearance are pretty strong. They are more delicate than others in their early days, as they are more prone to catching a cold, but their life expectancy is not drastically lower than that of other breeds.

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Their food needs are also higher than those of hairy cat breeds.

Hairless cats should be cautious about skin care. They should ensure they do not stay in the sun too long on sunny days. However, due to their lack of hair, the sebum they make is not absorbed. It is, therefore, imperative to provide them with a full bath regularly, ideally once a month. It's best to avoid exposing your hairless cat to the sun or coat it with sunscreen if you have to take it outside.

The hygiene of their ears, which secrete more earwax, also requires more regular attention than the norm.

There you go, you all know about cute hairless cats. In addition to these impressive unique images, they are also quite entertaining with their fantastic characters

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