Himalayan Siamese cat: Calm, Curious, Perfect Family Pet

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We invite you to discover the Himalayan Siamese cat, a breed obtained after experimentation with crosses whose origins are discussed in three different countries.

himalayan siamese cat

History of the Himalayan Siamese Cat

There are different theories on the breed's origin, but all agree that it was born from the search for a Persian cat that would have the color of the Siamese. In 1924, in Sweden, a geneticist began crossing Siamese cats with long-haired cat breeds. Then, in 1931, Newton's Debutante cat was born, resulting from research carried out in the United States, which had been crossed with its father. From this crossing was taken the first example of a colorpoint long-haired cat. But the breed was not recognized until 1955 by the UK's GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy). And later, in 1979, she was accepted by TICA, the International Cat Association.

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Himalayan cat character

The Himalayan Siamese cat is a highly calm, curious, and intelligent feline that does not like loud noises and, therefore, will not be the ideal pet for very active children. However, he is a perfect cat for adult households who enjoy a calm and smooth life like him. This breed prefers to spend time snuggling up to you rather than climbing curtains or furniture; indeed, he will need toys to distract himself when you are not there because he does not like loneliness. Everything he wants to tell you, he will do it with short meows and the expressive gaze of his big blue eyes.

The Himalayan greatly appreciates the presence of his masters and demands a lot of attention from them. This cat loves to cuddle time. This is why it is very suitable for retirees and the elderly. He is very affectionate and mischievous but is also a great player. Calm and gentleness are other qualities attributed to him. One thing is sure: he will know how to bring happiness to his family.

As it is a pet par excellence, the Himalayan can perfectly live in an apartment. Moreover, as he prefers the comfort of his home rather than wandering, there is no fear that he will start running away.

himalayan siamese cat

Physical characteristics of the Himalayan cat

  • Head: massive, round and small.
  • Muzzle: flattened and short, flattened and round nose. The forehead, nose, and chin are on the same line.
  • Ears: rounded and small tips; well separated and following the contour of the head.
  • Eyes: blue and very expressive, large and very round.
  • Legs: rounded and wide.
  • Tail: short, covered with a well-furnished coat.
  • Color: light base with blue, lilac, or red pigments in the distal areas of the body (head, ears, tail, and legs).
  • Coat: thick and long, but silky and soft to the touch.


himalayan siamese cat

 Compatible With Your  Himalayan

The long coat of the Himalaya Siamese cat, in addition to household factors such as environmental light and constant temperature, promotes the formation of hairballs, which can cause digestive problems for your cat. That's why we recommend feeding it with Royal Canin Hairball Care. Its formula prevents the formation of hairballs while keeping the cat's coat healthy and strong.

You should brush it regularly with a fine comb to keep your cat's coat healthy and robust and eliminate dead skin and hair. In addition, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of sensitive areas such as tear ducts in the Himalayan cat. This way, you will keep your cat in perfect and hygienic condition.

   The Himalayan Siamese cat has a short face, which can cause some problems. A short face causes some eye disorders. You should maintain the hygiene of the cat’s eyes by cleaning the accumulated chassis with the help of eye wipes from Farmadiet, ideal for daily use and thus warding off eye infections.

himalayan siamese cat

Did you know that…?

Contrary to what you might think, this cat's name has nothing to do with the Himalayas; its origins are divided between Sweden, the United States, and Great Britain. Instead, the adjective "Himalayan" comes from the mixture of colors in the distal areas of the body, which is present in other breeds, such as, for example, the Himalayan rabbit.

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