Persian White Cat : The Most Popular Cotton Ball In The Cat World

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The Persian white cat, as soft as a plush, is one of the most popular cat breeds: this cat, called Gorbe-ye irāni, is the "Iranian cat" in Iran. The current Persia is one of the oldest cat breeds. However, Persian cats as we know them today are no longer native to the Orient

History of Persian White Cat

It has long been assumed that the Persian was a descendant of the long-haired cats of the Orient. In the 17th century, the first long-haired cats were introduced to Europe for the first time. These Persian cats would have marked the beginning of Persian breeding. The Persians of today no longer have much in common with the Persians of yesteryear.

Recent scientific discoveries have finally revealed that the ancestors of the Persians as we know them today originated in Russia. Genetic analysis has shown that he is indeed the descendant of a Russian long-haired domestic cat and that there is no relationship with the lineage of Asian cats.


Its long, fine coat and thick undercoat are among the characteristics of the Persian breed. However, not all long-coated cats are Persians. Cats must have many more physical features to comply with the breed standard!

The appearance of the Persian has been influenced by three breeders, who have set different priorities regarding the physical characteristics of their cats. Persian white cat's size medium to large.  Males weigh up to seven kilograms, while females weigh six kilograms. The body of the Persians is based on short, stubby legs, and it is desirable to see fine tufts of hair between their toes.

In addition to its long hair, the Persian's head is typical of the breed. The skull is round and wide, and the ears have a round shape, ideally with tufts of hair on the tips. The muzzle of Persian cats should be very short, with a muzzle that sits between the eyes. The famous "stop" should not be placed above the upper eyelids or below the lower eyelids. This detail gives the Persian its typical appearance. However, some breeders favor the old breed standard, with the long muzzle, which no longer corresponds to the current standard of the Persian.

persian white cat

The Character 

Persians are very calm cats which, due to their low need in terms of physical exertion, are perfect apartment cats. The character of the Persian has made this cat one of the favorites of the US. Persians are particularly affectionate cats who love to cuddle their master.

However, even if Persians are considered to be very balanced cats, they remain predators in their hearts. If your Persian is very calm and rather lazy when it comes to playing, you should still offer him the opportunity to have fun, climb and hunt. Decorating its interior with cat accessories is a sine qua non for keeping your Persian cat in good shape!

persian white cat

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The designation “Persian” was established with the foundation of the first breeding association at the beginning of the 20th century. Until then, the expression "Angora" was mainly used for long-haired cats. Since then, the breeding standard of the current Persian has undergone several changes. Over time, more importance was attached to a rounded forehead and a shorter skull. In addition, the Persian coat has become more and more abundant due to a thicker undercoat, giving it a plush appearance. The only downside to the breed is that many mass breedings have sprung up, especially in the United States, in response to the growing popularity of the Persian. These extreme breedings did not pay attention to the fragile health of the Persians. On the contrary, they preferred to continue to attach great importance to the appearance of cats of the breed: a snub nose and watery eyes. Their tendency to develop nose and throat inflammation, along with their problems gripping food and frequent respiratory issues, have made Persian cats famous for their extreme breeding, sometimes called cruel herding.

persian white cat

Care and feeding

Persian coat

Even if the silky coat of the Persian seduces by its majestic appearance, we must never forget that long-haired cats need a lot of care! To prevent tangling, Persians should be carefully brushed, ideally daily, with a cat brush or comb. Talk to your veterinarian if the Persian white cat's coat is badly matted. Does your cat's coat need to be shaved because of knots? Don't worry, and this one grows back very quickly! This cat loses an impressive amount of hair during the Persian molting period, despite regular and conscientious brushing. Malt paste and catnip can then promote the natural elimination of swallowed hair and prevent occlusions by cleaning the stomach of your Persian companion.

The watery eyes of the Persian

Having a short, flattened nose, Persian white cat often needs the help of their handler to clean their eyes and nose area. Usually, a damp cloth is sufficient. Chamomile or other scented products may irritate the eye area.

persian white cat

Feed your Persian well

The flat face of the Persians is also a problem during meals. They catch their food with their tongue. For Persians, an adapted diet, specific to the Persian breed, with a consistency similar to that of porridge, is often easier to consume than large pieces of meat. When choosing the Persian white cat diet, quality must be the keyword: the better the food, the better it will be for his health. Having high nutritional needs in protein, meat should be the main ingredient in your feline's diet. In principle, wet food should be favored over kibble, not only because of its composition, which is generally better, but also because of its higher moisture content. Our cats are, by nature, “desert animals.” They drink little and cover their water needs with the food they eat.

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