Is Bengal Cat Hypoallergenic? (The origin of cat allergy)

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 Main question: is Bengal cat hypoallergenic? First of all, no breeder can claim that Bengals are hypoallergenic. That said, a large number of people who have already experienced allergies, may develop none or very few with Bengal.

Cats are one of the main causes of allergic reactions in humans, but not all people are sensitive to them. Some people have stronger reactions to certain breeds while others aren't as impacted at all. Even so, they're not too uncommon when considering options for a pet. It's hard to say which is the best breed of cat or what's the safest option for an allergy sufferer, but if you're looking for a hypoallergenic breed of cat, you might want to consider one of those cats who produce less of the protein with allergies.

One of the solutions is to live with a cat that doesn't produce much protein. Some breeds are "naturally" hypoallergenic because they're bred to be that way, while others are even bred to be more hypoallergenic (for example, Sphynx cats).

bengal cat hypoallergenic

 So Is Bengal Cat Hypoallergenic?

As for the question, is the Bengal cat hypoallergenic? Let's summarize the answer as follows. Bengal kittens have soft, fuzzy coats that gradually change to adult coats. This kitten is more appropriate for those with allergies because their system will adapt progressively. Kittens are a good choice for allergic people because they will develop their skins over time, and you can help them by providing a "habit" of sorts. If there is any issue with the cat, it will usually clear up in a few days. . 

It is true that Bengal cats are less likely to trigger allergies than other breeds of cats. This is because they shed less and have a lower dander count. However, it is important to know that not all Bengals are hypoallergenic. cats.The short-haired variety of the Bengal is far more likely to cause allergies than long-haired Bengals. Similarly, male and female Bengals have different allergy profiles. Male cats are more likely to cause allergic reactions in the opposite gender. Female cats, however, are at greater risk of causing reactions in the same gender.

bengal cat hypoallergenic

 Here are the breeds most famous for being hypoallergenic:  

  • Siberian: this long and soft-haired cat is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties.
  • Balinese: the Balinese is the second breed well known for its hypoallergenic virtues. He is a cat quite familiar with humans, and very affectionate.

  Other breeds have potentially less allergenic hair, the list is not exhaustive and it depends a lot on the individual:

  • Russian Blue: cat or shiny gray/blue hair, it is of rather calm and solitary temperament.
  • Devon Rex: his short coat is easy to maintain, but he is a cat that needs a lot of activity.
  • Cornish Rex: quite close to its cousin Devon, the Cornish also needs space and activity.

bengal cat hypoallergenic

Be careful, though; these cats produce less allergenic protein but are not 100% hypoallergenic! There is high variability from individual to individual, and very few breeders test their cats for allergen production.

So remember that even with a so-called "hypoallergenic" cat, you will probably have to manage the allergy daily. These breeds have fewer complications, less frequent crises, see for mild allergies, and an almost standard tolerance to the cat. For the pleasure of living in the presence of a feline, it's worth a try!

bengal cat hypoallergenic

What is the origin of an allergy?

Let's learn a little more about cat allergies. When you suffer from a cat allergy, it can be interesting to understand where it comes from. We hear a bit of everything on this subject: the allergy is sometimes due to cat hair, dust, or saliva. But what is it? The living organisms of which we are part have an immune system, one of the keystones of which is the antibody. This protein, called immunoglobulin, can recognize and bind to particular sequences. With the training of the white blood cells which produce them, the lymphocytes, our body can distinguish what is of the order of the "self" and all that is foreign to the body.

However, different response levels depend on what the immune system recognizes. We speak of an allergy when an abnormally high immune system reaction occurs, either because the intensity is exaggerated or because it is not supposed to react to this element. This is hypersensitivity. Often, the two effects combine: angioedema, for example, can result from an allergy. But the importance of the reaction can be very variable: on the contrary, a discreet local inflammation can be the only sign of hypersensitivity.

The allergy can appear at birth or later in life. It can evolve, get worse, or on the contrary, in the case of desensitization, improve. It is not uncommon to be allergic to more than one element, and the combined effect of exposure to these different elements triggers the symptoms.

Cat allergy, the body overreacts to proteins produced by the cat. We know at least two of them: the Fel d1 protein secreted in the skin's sebum and the Fel d4 protein in saliva. These proteins are found on the hair and potentially everywhere in the cat's environment. So how does cat allergy manifest?

People with a cat allergy can therefore discover it by living with a cat very late in their life. But they can also be allergic to it since early childhood, which generally prohibits them from approaching any feline at the risk of feeling it pass!

The reaction is due to the immune system: an allergy is a hyper-reaction of the body to an external element that should not cause such a reaction.

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The extent of the reaction can also vary widely. It starts with the airways becoming congested in an environment exposed to the cat. On the other hand, the very allergic person can no longer bear the cat's presence or the environment in which it evolves (even without the cat) without showing symptoms.

Often, allergic phenomena combine: it is rare to be sensitive to only one allergen. Instead, what causes the symptoms may be the combination of exposure to several allergens: dust, dust mites, and pollen... in addition to proteins produced by the cat. Thus, some people manifest their allergies only in specific contexts. We, therefore, have pretty variable degrees of tolerance to cats about this allergy, and we must know how to adapt according to these differences. For some, life with a feline is not an option, but for many, there may be possible intermediaries.

One of the best ways to prevent allergy is a priori to live in contact with the animal during its first year of life. Otherwise, reducing potential allergens in our homes is the best approach.

We hope this article gave you the answer to the question, is Bengal cat hypoallergenic.


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