Is Ragdoll Cat Breed High Maintenance? (The Best Care)

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A beautiful cat with semi-long colorpoint hair and blue eyes.  Wouldn't that be a Sacred Birman? But, no, if we are in front of a giant cat with a white chin, it is a Ragdoll cat breed, which means “a soft doll made from pieces of fabric” in English.

Origins of the Ragdoll Cat Breed

It is to an American breeder, Ann Baker, that we owe the creation of the Ragdoll cat breed in the 1960s. The Ragdoll would come from the cross between a Persian Angora cat and a Sacred Birman or even a cat of an unknown breed.

This recent breed of cats is very popular in America. He also has more and more admirers in Spain, but she is still relatively unknown in Europe.

 Ragdoll cat breed

The character of the Ragdoll Cat Breed

 Large and imposing, the Ragdoll is a gentle cat like a lamb. His personality is close to the Birman: very calm, placid, affectionate, even sticky! Ragdoll Cat Breed is suitable for children with families. Docile, patient, and discreet, he likes to be carried and shows no signs of aggression. He has a golden character!

 The ideal master for a Ragdoll

The Ragdoll at breed has indicated if he is your first cat. But his very sociable side requires regular presence and cuddles. The Ragdoll kitten generally appreciates the company of another animal, dog, or cat.

He is a cat-dog, which quickly finds its place in a family.

 Ragdoll cat breed

A Ragdoll in an apartment?

Even if he is a very big cat, he adapts to everything. And often prefers the comfort of an apartment to the hustle and bustle outside. We can say of him that he is an indoor cat. Very little fan of fights with other toms or hunting parties, he prefers to rest in his cat house. However, indoor cat towers and cat toys come in handy when he wants to play. 

 What activities for a Ragdoll?

 If cuddling and napping are still his favorite activities, offer him cat toys. You can also stimulate it with a cat tree, a play tunnel, or a scratching post.

 Physical characteristics of the Ragdoll Cat Breed

His coat is medium-long, silky, with a little undercoat. According to the breed standard, breeders seek to obtain specimens with a ruff on a wide chest.

Like the Siamese, the Ragdoll cat breed displays a “point” coat with colored ends, sometimes with white-gloved limbs. Her dress comes in several patterns: colorpoint, mitted (gloved), two-tone, and van. All colors are accepted, including lilac, cream, and chocolate.Ragdoll cat breed

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The size and weight of the Ragdoll Cat Breed

  This impressively sized cat is up to 40 inches long and weighs up to 22 lb! Moreover, he has a powerful and muscular physique.

His large size makes his growth slow. This cat reaches his final size around two years.

His head is triangular with rounded ears and beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes above all.

 Ragdoll Cat Breed Care

The Ragdoll's coat is easy to care for, but you should brush him regularly. Brushing 2 to 3 times a week helps avoid knots and hairballs the cat can swallow during its potty.

Monitor the presence of tartar on his teeth and the hygiene of his ears and eyes. You can clip the nails yourself. Otherwise, ask your veterinarian or a groomer.

The Ragdoll's diet

This cat goes out little and has little energy expenditure. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor your diet to avoid excessive weight gain and problems related to obesity.

Note: several small balanced daily rations are more appropriate than a single meal. 

Premium croquettes or homemade food? Ask your veterinarian for advice on how to alternate.

Warning: always leave a bowl of clear water to reduce the risk of certain urinary diseases.

 Ragdoll cat breed

 Ragdoll diseases: urinary diseases

The Ragdoll is renowned for his solid constitution, but he can encounter specific health problems. This cat can suffer from urinary stones or, more simply, urinary inflammation. 

Other Ragdoll Diseases

Polycystic kidney disease in the Ragdoll Cat Breed

 When the veterinary diagnosis confirms the presence of cysts on the kidneys, it can progress to kidney failure. This chronic pathology requires a change in diet and basic treatment.

Diabetes in the Ragdoll

As in humans, this pathology is chronic hyperglycemia linked to a glucose metabolism disorder.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or myocardiopathy (HCM)

This hereditary disease can manifest as heart failure. It is possible to detect it with a DNA screening test (genetic test). The affected cat may be asymptomatic. During the consultation, the veterinarian will look for the presence of a murmur in the heart.

Dental tartar

Pay attention to the dental hygiene of the cat! Dental plaque and tartar ultimately promote the onset of periodontal disease.

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