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Snow Bengal cats are a fantastic breed of felines and are stunning. They are known to be athletic and beautiful cats.

The unique genetic makeup of the Bengal cat dates back to the 1970s and results in fantastic color and pattern variations. Among the different colors of this breed is the white Bengal cat, described as "Snow".

Like the snow leopard, the Snow Bengal cat features a white or light brown pattern. Three main patterns for Snow Bengal cats: Lynx Point one, Mink Tabby one, and Sepia Tabby one. Snows can be pink/stain, marble, or charcoal. If you want to know more about this cat and what makes it so special, keep reading.

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snow bengal cat

Behavior Of The Snow Bengal Cat

Talkative: He is a cat who can have a magnificent voice and knows how to use it. Discussions with your human can be the source of a lot of fun!

Greedy/gluttonous: The Snow Bengal cat needs to eat more than the average cat since it expends more energy than the average cat.

Need for exercise: This cat's need for activity is very significant. In addition to periods of the classic play, why not have him do obstacle and/or agility courses in the house? You will be amazed at how quickly he can learn.

Runaway: Here, you have to be careful. The higher the cat's energy level, the higher the risk of running away. Needless to say, Bengal can be a small tsunami, and he won't mind going on an outdoor adventure if the opportunity arises!snow bengal cat


Bengal and the Dogs: These two individuals are sure to be great pals with a cat-friendly dog and a proper introduction.

Bengal and Other Cats: It depends on how the breeder socializes the cat. In general, he can get along well with other cats of his breed, but sometimes it can be problematic to put a hybrid with a different breed.

Bengal and Children: The Bengal will make an excellent companion for children, given that he has almost as much energy as them! Of course, children must be educated on the cat's body language so they can understand it well and identify the signs of stress that show that the latter needs calm and rest.

Bengal and the Elderly: This is probably not the ideal cat for a calm person who will undoubtedly have difficulty meeting their high exercise needs.


Grooming: This cat does not require any particular maintenance. Brushing once a week is enough.

Hair loss: Snow Bengal cat sheds very little hair.


It is advisable to consult your veterinary team to provide a quality diet that will meet your cat's energy demands.

snow bengal cat


The problem for those who choose a Bengal kitten concerns the character; this problem is easily solved by following simple but precise rules. First, you should note that Bengal is only considered domestic after the fifth generation. Therefore, the kittens of the first generation should be separated from their mother in the first hours after birth and entrusted to a domestic cat; in this way, they lose all "wild" instincts and learn the gestures of play and social behavior.

 In addition, the cohabitation with the young of the domestic mother favors the attenuation of the wild nature and the appearance of attitudes adapted to life at home, such as the use of litter (the Bengal urinates and defecates in water to cover his tracks quickly).

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Life expectancy: It is between 10 and 16 years old.

Resistant/robust: Given the relatively thick fur of the Bengal, its resistance to cold is better than some other breeds. The fact remains that it is a short-haired cat without a significant undercoat.

Tendency to grow: Since this cat has more significant dietary needs than other breeds, it may gain unnecessary weight if its food portions are inadequate. Ask your veterinary team for information.

snow bengal cat

Common illnesses:
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: This is a heart muscle disease (the myocardium) that causes it to thicken. It is a syndrome in which several diseases are grouped, some of which are well known, others challenging to diagnose, and others are said to be idiopathic (of undetermined cause). This condition is not over-represented in Bengals but is still found occasionally. The disease is insidious, as the cat may show no symptoms for many years despite having severe HCM. The clinical signs can be vague, such as loss of appetite and fatigue. Thromboembolism (a clot that blocks a blood vessel) causes sudden and painful paralysis can also occur.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: this is a hereditary disease that leads to blindness more or less rapidly after it has declared itself. Sometimes, the condition can appear when the cat is already more or less old, which can help the latter to adapt to its new “blind” life gradually. For less fortunate cats, the disease affects them very young, and they, therefore, have little time to adjust. Some individuals may suffer from the same diseases as other domestic cats, such as oral pathologies.
  • This PK deficiency leads to the death of erythrocytes and the appearance of anemia in cats.

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