Shorthair Cat Breeds: Everything You Want to Know About Them

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Would you like to own one of the shorthair cat breeds? Here you will find all the information you need for your approach and a practical guide to the most popular breeds.

Before deciding on the cat breed to adopt, you must ask yourself the following question: do I want a long-haired or short-haired cat? Of course, your taste will play a role in this. Do you want fluffy longhair cats, or do you want an elegant shorthair cat breed with a slim profile?

shorthair cat breeds

General Information About Shorthair Cat Breeds

The first thing to consider is grooming. Long coats require a lot of grooming and constant maintenance. They must be brushed long and carefully almost every day. This brushing can undoubtedly be very pleasant for the cat and its master, but others will see it more as a constraint. In addition, long-haired cats shed a lot of hair, unlike short-haired cats, which shed much less. Therefore, with a short-haired cat, you will undoubtedly save on the budget allocated to the lint rollers! Short-haired cats are usually better tolerated by people with cat allergies. Cat allergies result from a reaction to dander, a substance found in cats' saliva, which they deposit on their coat while grooming. Since short-haired cats shed less hair, there is less allergy-triggering dander in the atmosphere.

If you decide that shorthair cat breeds are for you, our guide to the main species will help you choose the cat that's right for you.

shorthair cat breeds

British Shorthair Cat: The Most Popular One Of The Shorthair cat Breeds

British Shorthairs are cute and stylish, making them a trendy breed. Their adorable and kind face brings out their beautiful orange eyes and perfectly reflects their kind and affectionate personality. They are known to get along well with all household members, including dogs!

If most cats like to lounge, the British Shorthair is the champion in this area! Nothing makes him happier than lazing around all day, which makes him an excellent indoor cat. That said, if your home has access to the outside, your British Shorthair will appreciate it and will undoubtedly go exploring from time to time. Unfortunately, the laziness of these cats can increase their tendency to gain weight as they age. You must, therefore, closely monitor your cat's diet and not be cajoled if he begs. The British shorthair may not be the most expressive of toms, but he will know how to let you know when he wants to eat!

British Shorthairs are generally in good health but sometimes suffer from hereditary disorders like kidney or heart failure. You should ask the breeder if the parents of your new cat have been tested for this type of condition. However, the average life expectancy of this breed is quite long, between 14 and 20, with a good diet, of course.

  Like all of its short-haired counterparts, the British Shorthair requires little grooming. However, brush it thoroughly at least once weekly to maintain its fur.

shorthair cat breeds

American Shorthair Cat

One of the shorthair cat breeds is the American Shorthair. The American Shorthair cat resembles the British Shorthair, and the two breeds have common ancestors. Indeed, the American Shorthair cat is believed to be descended from the cats that the first Pilgrims to arrive in the United States brought from Great Britain.

Like its British cousin, the American Shorthair cat is a very soft-looking cat, which one would almost mistake for a stuffed animal! But don't be fooled by appearances: the American Shorthair cat has retained a powerful hunting instinct, and you may sometimes receive unwanted little "gifts." With human beings, the American Shorthair cat is very calm, of a gentle natural temperament, and easily adapts to family life. He weaves close ties with his human friends, with whom he likes to communicate.

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Although there may be exceptions, the American Shorthair cat prefers not to be carried and does not particularly like to come on the laps of human beings. However, this will not prevent him from spending his evening curled up against you on the sofa if he has decided so! He usually gets along well with children but does not like to be picked up, and he is probably best suited to families where the children are older and can understand how to behave with a cat.

Like its British cousin, the American Shorthair cat only needs light grooming to stay in top shape, with a shiny coat – most often a gorgeous tabby gray coat! Unfortunately, if its diet is not adjusted correctly, it tends to gain weight like the British Shorthair. However, that's not the only similarity. With a healthy diet and a happy home, American Shorthair cats live between 15 and 20 years and are generally healthy, although this breed can be prone to heart disease.

shorthair cat breeds

Oriental Shorthair cat

Oriental Shorthair cats are very different shorthair cat breeds from their British or American shorthair cousins. Oriental Shorthairs are more slender. Their slender body, long legs, and large ears make their silhouette more akin to that of the Siamese, a close relative.

Their temperament also differs. Oriental Shorthairs are very dynamic and like to be heard! They love to spend time with their master and follow him step by step in the house to participate in everything that happens. Highly intelligent and eager to please, just like dogs, they respond very well to training and can learn several tricks, such as coming when called, fetching something, or sitting on command.

 Because of their intelligence and taste for company, Oriental Shorthairs do not like being left alone and getting bored quickly. They are, therefore, best suited to homes where there is usually someone at home. Like many purebreds, Oriental Shorthairs can be prone to health issues like eye disorders and kidney failure. But if they receive a balanced diet and lots of care, they can live between 12 and 15 years

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