Cat Communication - The Meaning Of Your Cats Tail Movement

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It is not always easy to understand our cats, who have conquered our hearts with their cuteness and uniqueness. Are they happy? Are they nervous? Are you bored? Are they inviting you to the game? We often experience such questions. Although some express their wishes and even their feelings clearly, others can be more mysterious by nature. Therefore, any clue that will enable us to understand their behavior can turn into a key to making them happy.

As Petguin Team, we are passionate cat people and spend hours looking for ways to make our cats happy. We specially design pet furniture that suits their nature to live in harmony with them. We know that one way to achieve the harmony we seek is to learn their language. The purpose of this article is to make them happier and more peaceful so that we will share the correct information about cat tail movements. To learn more about the tail language of cats, you can enjoy reading this article we prepared for you.

The saying "eyes are windows to the soul" does not apply to cats. Cats use their eyes and eyelids, along with their ears, posture, and of course, their tails, to communicate. It is certainly true that they can shape their tails and make excellent use of these fluffy parts of their body. So, what messages do they give us with their tail movements?

Cat Communication - The Meaning Of Your Cats Tail Movement

All is Well: Tail is Up

All is well most of the time… If the tails of cats are straight or curled up, we can say that they are quite happy. You may think that your kitty is very pleased to see you, especially if he comes meowing and raises his tail when you enter the house. And if they start to rub against your legs, then you, too, can fly with happiness. One of the common behaviors of cats that feel good, safe and happy is to raise their tail. Raising the tail is also interpreted as a way of greeting cats. However, fur and ears are also important here. If the tail is erect, the ears are flat, and the fur on their back is fluffy, we can say that you are dealing with a sign of great tension.

cat communicating with her tail up

Beware, Anything Can Happen Suddenly: Tail is Fluffy

How would you feel if your cat’s tails that you used to see swinging in the air suddenly got all fluffy? Tail fluffing is a common behavior in cats that generally expresses fear. This behavior, which occurs mostly when they feel threatened, is defined as "piloerection". When your cat’s tail is all fluffy up, it’s better to encourage them to relax. If your cat reacts well when you make sweet talk, its good. If he prefers to be alone when he gets angry and afraid, it’s better to give them the necessary distance. And you should not forget that felines may be inclined to run, hide, and attack when they are too afraid.

Play Time! : A Question Mark Shaped Tail

A tail in the shape of a question mark? Someone may be inviting you to the game. This tail movement, which shows that they are generally in a very good mood, also signals that our feline friends are happy. This is why it is necessary to use these moments well. If you want to have special moments with your cats and add pleasure to their joy, you can leave all your work and devote all your time to them while their tails are in the form of a question mark. This way, you can develop your emotional bond with them and experience special moments only for you two.

cat communication example with a cat who has a question mark shaped tail

A Bit Hard to Decode: Tail is Wrapped Around the Body

Cats are not easy to understand, we are sure all cat people agree on this. Even the details of a single tail movement can change what they want to tell us or what we should understand. For example, wrapping themselves with their tails... If they hug themselves with their tails when they sit, meanwhile, if his eyelids are slowly opening and closing and his ears are facing forward, know that your little friend is resting with pleasure. If they wrap themselves with their tails and bury their noses in the seat or you, know that your friend may be cold. If their tails are between their legs and their ears are stuck back, know that your friend is worried. What we say is that it takes a little effort and a lot of observation to understand our friends who give us many messages, even with a single gesture.

You Have to Make an Effort To Fix Everything Up Between You Two: Tail Wags Up and Down

Tail wagging in cats can occur as a result of many different situations. A tail wagging up and down can often mean that your little friend is a little offended or slightly angry with you. Of course, it will be a big task for you to determine this situation. Because cats can also react the same way when they find a new focus or something catches their attention.

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cat communication example with gray tabby cat is putting her tail down

It's Good for Someone Needs to Calm Down!: Tail Shaking

If you've seen a waving tail, you can usually think there's a problem. There can be many different reasons behind the quivering tails of cats. It can be said that behind a sudden and rapid trembling movement, there are various driving forces, such as boredom, restlessness, anger, or wanting to mate. As always, it will be beneficial not to tire this tail-flickering movement to negativity. Sometimes, a positive excitement can also cause a vibration in your friend's tail.

Attention Everyone!: Tail is Down

a tabby cat who has a tail down, setting an example for cat communication

It is generally not desirable for cats to have their tails drooping down. This behavior, which can be interpreted as an attack signal, can be considered as a harbinger of caution. Of course, you will have to analyze the situation in which your friend gives this reaction. This will not be so hard after living together for some time. Also we need to say that some cats anatomically hold their tails down. You’d be familiar with your cat if this is the case for you.

Social Distance Time: Tail Is Going Up and Down Quickly

Let’s say you are sharing a wonderful time with your kitty. Maybe he's sitting on your lap, maybe sitting next to you while you pet him. Everything seems so normal; you even think he is happy when you stroke his little fluffy head.  All of a sudden, the tail goes up and down sharply. While the sound of "pop, pop" is heard, the environment changes in an instant. Now beware, your friend may want to be left alone! Tired of excessive attention, disliked the way you pet, want to stay comfortable, or prefer to stay away from that moment’s feeling; Tail language of cats can still be a mystery.

As a result, the fact that our friends do not communicate in ways we know does not mean that they do not express themselves. They express their feelings with their posture, looks, and tail, which they can use very well. In this article, all the information we provide about tail movements in cats; can vary from situation to situation. For this reason, it is of great importance to evaluate the behavior of our friends in terms of the moment they are in, to establish healthier communication with them.

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