3 Reasons Why Your Feline Friend Needs a Cat Condo

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 Many families who share their home with a feline often use cat condos as an accessory.

Most of us think cat condos are so cute with all their designs and details. And when we see cute cats sleeping in them, we definitely want to have a cat condo. 

When we come across images of cats sleeping in cat condos on the web, which we sympathize with for their cute designs, we definitely want to have them.. 

However, we can’t help but think how necessary the cat condos are. Since they will be a part of our home decoration, we may have second thoughts n putting a piece of furniture in our beloved homes. You might be thinking, “My cat also loves to curl up on the couch next to me; why would I buy a cat condo?” 

As Petguin we asked the question, "How can we optimize the life we share with cats and dogs?" And in response, we found three major reasons why it needs a cat condo.

Let's take a closer look at the reasons.

Why do cats need cat condos?

tabby cat is sleeping and dreaming of a cat condo

Kitten Sleep

Cats need to sleep for long periods of time for their mental and physical health. Enough amount of sleep is especially important for kittens to reach their full physical potential. 

One of the most interesting discoveries of living with cats is witnessing how long they sleep. Cats spend an average of 15 hours a day sleeping; this is even an optimistic approach. The time they appear in sleep may be increased by resting with their eyes closed. 

The basis of daytime sleeping habits in domestic cats is based on their ancestors. As a matter of fact, you can often come across your cat as active at night, chasing mischief, making noises, and even playing games with itself. Although they sleep much more than we do, cats have sleep stages similar to ours. They have an intense burst of energy, then often fall asleep very quickly. They first go into slow-wave sleep and then into the REM phase. Cats dream in REM sleep just like humans do. You can find out if your cat is in REM sleep by examining the eyelid movements. Of course, pay attention to paw movements and sighs too! 

How Many Hours a Day Do Kittens Sleep?

Kittens can sleep up to 20 hours a day. During the rest of the day, they can turn heads with their excessive energy. Since they experience their first interaction with people when they are awake during infancy, they need to be reassured as much as possible in this process. As the weeks pass and the kitten grows, there is a slow reduction in sleep times. When they enter the adolescence period, their sleep time is shortened, and their mobility increases significantly. Of course, it should not be forgotten that kittens, like all living things, have various factors that affect their sleeping habits. It is important that they find a quiet, safe place to sleep and that they are not disturbed during sleep. It may be necessary to consult veterinarians if there is a decrease or a significant increase in sleep times, which is a very important requirement for their cognitive development. 

Adult Cat Sleep

The need for sleep for kittens also applies to adult cats. Cats are hunters; they are quite active between dusk and dawn. Just like lions, they are known to be equipped to hunt at night. However, although cats are hunters with highly developed instincts, there are animals that need to protect themselves in the natural world. Therefore, spending long periods of time in a quiet and safe place during the day is an important part of their survival strategy.

sleepy white cat wants her own cat condo

How Many Hours a Day Do Adult Cats Sleep?

When cats reach adulthood, their sleep time drops to 12-16 hours a day. These times are, of course, generalizations. It may be possible for adult cats to sleep as much as they did as kittens or to sleep less than expected. For this reason, it is useful to follow each cat's own sleep pattern. Thus, necessary measures can be taken in case of sleep problems. Adult cats sleeping much longer than expected can be a sign of various health problems. During this period, various diseases that can threaten the health of cats, especially chronic kidney diseases, may occur. A problem that causes pain, such as arthritis, can also cause cats to sleep longer. Alternatively, when cats sleep poorly but still have endless energy, their thyroid gland may be overactive. Being vigilant rather than adopting a pessimistic view is an important requirement for early recognition of our friends' health problems.

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How Many Hours a Day Do Older Cats Sleep?

The progression of age is the main reason that can lead to low energy. This is why older cats are known to sleep more than younger adults. However, it should not be forgotten that old age is not a disease. There are many cats that are in the elderly classification, have high energy during the day, and chase games. Older cats should be helped to find warm and safe spaces as much as possible after their sleep patterns are established. In case of movement problems, it should be ensured that she has easy access to her sleeping place, food, water, and litter box.

These needs have been determined as a result of detailed scientific research on cats. We have a very attached life to our cats. Many cat people think a house without a cat is not a home. They turn themselves into something indispensable for us, running around with energy at midnight, wandering around the house like the master of the house, with their sometimes arrogant and other times cute looks. It is a very natural desire to want to meet the natural needs of the creatures we love so much. This is the secret to a long and happy life with them.

Safe Place For Sleep

ginger cat sleeping comfortably on her cat condo

 The cat's sleeping behavior is largely influenced by its environment and lifestyle. Cats that live indoors usually spend time in various places, such as beds, couches, chairs, and crates. They also enjoy napping in boxes, shelves, and other enclosed spaces.

Cats outdoors often sleep in protected areas such as trees, bushes, and caves. Your indoor cat’s instinct is not different from her ancestors or outdoor friends. They would love to know that they are safe and sound when they sleep. However, you must be realized they always sleep like their one eye is open. They are always ready for something to wake them up. This is a normal way to sleep for cats. However, they need to have a deeper sleep than that. To help them have that very necessary deep sleep, you should provide them with a comfortable spot for them to feel safe.

The most common position for a cat to sleep on is the flat surface of a bed or cat condo. This is because it provides a comfortable resting place while keeping the cat warm. However, some cats prefer to sleep on their sides or stomachs. If you have a cat who likes to sleep on his side, make sure he has enough room to stretch out comfortably. A purr-fect cat condo should be big enough for your cat to turn inside and stretch out.

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