Black And White Australian Shepherd: Is This Dog Right For You?

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The Australian Shepherd is famous for its intelligence, work ethic, and good looks, but how does the black and white Australian Shepherd dog compare to other colored Aussies? Like all Australian Shepherds, the Black and White Australian Shepherd dog is valued for his unbeatable intelligence and work ethic.

Friendly and highly energetic, this dog breed was once known as a cowboy's best friend and remains one of America's most coveted herding and herding dogs. They're also a fantastic family pet, ranked 16th out of 194 on the American Kennel Club's list of America's Most Popular Dog Breeds!

But does the unique black and white Australian Shepherd color affect his personality, health, or work ethic? Let's take a closer look.

black and white Australian Shepherd

The origin of the black and white Australian Shepherd

Like his other Australian counterparts, the black and white Australian Shepherd dog is descended from an ancient European herding breed that was perfected by the Basques.

These breeds of shepherds, known as "Pyrenees Shepherds", are the great Australian Shepherd ancestors we know and love today.

Pyrenean Sheepdogs made their way to Australia and then to California, where the breed was crossed, honed, and perfected into today's beautiful and intelligent Australian Shepherd.

If the Australian Shepherd dog isn't an Australian dog, why is it called an Australian Shepherd?

Considered an American dog breed today, the name Australian Shepherd originated from a classic case of mistaken identity. When Californian breeders, in love with the Pyrenean breed, mistakenly assumed that the dogs were Australian, without realizing that they came from Europe.

Unfortunately, the name stuck.

Australian Shepherds have become famous in America for their unbeatable herding methods, instincts, incredible intelligence, and friendly nature.

Today, Australian Shepherd dogs are still considered among the best American Shepherd breeds. However, their intelligent nature makes them fabulous show dogs. They excel in obedience, and rodeo and even make excellent service dogs.

Does Color Affect Black and White Australian Shepherd Temperament or Health?

The coat color of dogs has long been a subject of interest to breeders, canine enthusiasts, and scientists. Black dogs were once thought to be more aggressive, and black shelter pets are even less adopted due to superstitions and myths related to this color.

black and white Australian Shepherd

What's Behind a Dog's Coat Color?

According to renowned veterinarians, a dog's coat color is determined by two different base colors, black and red. These base colors form the basis for all other coat colors and combinations and probably do not affect the dog's temperament.

However, today, we know that coat color can impact a dog's hearing. Here's why.

Dogs whose coat color is:





maybe more prone to deafness and other hearing-related problems.

The genes associated with white or lighter fur and blue eyes in these dogs are also linked to the gene that causes congenital deafness.

Since Australian Shepherd dogs carry some of the genes that make their fur white and their eyes blue, any future Australian Shepherd dog handler must be prepared and educated on the subject.

But can a dog's coat color be related to its temperament?

Not necessarily. Studies are ongoing to determine if coat color is related to changes in a dog's behavior, but it's likely with:

Responsible farming practices

Early socialization

Early education

Regular health checks

your dog will be happy, healthy, and balanced, regardless of color.

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The Black and White Australian Shepherd Temperament

Australian Shepherd dogs are generally very energetic dogs with a strong work ethic. Incredibly intelligent and work-oriented, this dog breed is happiest in active homes with experienced owners who are ready to deal with the spirit and ambition of this exuberant breed.

Australian Shepherd dogs need lots of exercise every day and won't be happy to sit idly by and wait for things to happen. This breed of dog will need regular training from a patient and motivated dog handler.

And while the Australian Shepherd dog is incredibly intelligent, they were bred to be independent thinkers and can have a stubborn side. Still, this dog is terrific with children and other pets as long as his guardians are willing to deal with its instinctive herding habits.

You should also understand that family, especially young children, and other pets, can be considered part of the herd. Like all dogs, Black and White Australian Shepherd will need early socialization and obedience training to become happy, healthy, and well-rounded companion dogs.


black and white Australian Shepherd

Grooming Your Black and White Australian Shepherd

The black and white Australian Shepherd dog has a dense, double-coated coat that is waterproof and weather resistant. His coat can get long and have a few textured waves, and he will need weekly brushing with high-quality combs and an undercoat rake to keep his coat healthy.

Australian Shepherd dogs shed a lot during the shedding season, usually in the fall and spring. During shedding season, a potential Australian Shepherd owner should brush their dog more frequently to reduce the amount of shedding around the house, on furniture, and on clothing.

The accumulation of shed hair can also lead to mats and odors forming on your Australian Shepherd, so frequent brushing will be necessary to keep the Australian Shepherd puppy's coat in good shape.

The black and white Australian Shepherd dog will also need occasional baths. And like all dogs, your black and white Australian Shepherd puppy will need his nails trimmed regularly and his ears checked often to keep them free of debris, moisture, and wax buildup.

black and white Australian Shepherd

 Black and White Australian Shepherd Characteristics

Aussies are known for their gorgeous coats, and the black and white Australian Shepherd dog is no exception. The black and white Australian Shepherd has black markings on the face, back, and tail and white on the muzzle, belly, chest, and legs.

Australian Shepherd dogs have thick, double-coated, medium-length coats. He has droopy ears. His tail is long. Their eyes are beautiful and can be blue, yellow, amber, light brown, lemon, dark brown, green, or even orange.

Sometimes Australian Shepherds can have eyes that are two different colors, which is a harmless and quite striking abnormality known as heterochromia.

How tall will a black and white Australian Shepherd be?

Like all Aussies, the black and white Australian Shepherd dog can reach a height of 46 to 58 cm and a weight of 18 to 29 kg. Males are generally larger than females, but size and weight can vary depending on exercise, diet, and genetics.

 Health and Life Expectancy of a Black and White Australian Shepherd

Generally, Australian Shepherds dogs are a healthy breed. However, like all dogs, they can be prone to certain hereditary health issues. Some of the genetic health issues known to affect Australian Shepherds dogs include hip dysplasia, eye problems such as cataracts and eye cancers, ear infections, and dental issues.

According to the American Kennel Club, it is recommended that an Australian Shepherd be given a health check from a young age.

Here are some of the health checks available for the Australian Shepherd dog:
  • Hip assessment
  • Ophthalmology assessment
  • Elbow assessment

In addition to early detection, you can help your Australian Shepherd's health by:

By making him undergo an appropriate grooming

Brushing your teeth regularly

Scheduling regular veterinary checks

Giving him plenty of exercises, and

By maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

black and white Australian Shepherd

Preventive care for the Black and White Australian Shepherd 

 In addition to the daily care your dog needs, you must also provide preventive care. Do not forget to administer anti-parasitics and dewormers, even more so if you live in the countryside, and be up to date with his vaccines. Food also plays a crucial role in the health of the Australian Shepherd: do not neglect it.

Is Black and White Australian Shepherd Right For You?

The black and white Australian Shepherd dog is an ideal pet for the guardian or family. This is a breed that will be best suited to experienced owners who understand that the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog, tends to outsmart his masters often, and can have a stubborn streak.

This independent thinker is an active dog who needs plenty of exercise, playtime, training, and energy intake to be happy and healthy.

Black and White Australian Shepherd: How to choose a puppy?

If you're looking for a black and white Australian Shepherd and want to go through a breeder, experts recommend doing plenty of research to ensure you're going through a reliable and responsible source. Most breeders give their puppies a health check and can provide certificates that show their dogs are healthy and ready to go.

Australian Shepherds are among the most expensive dog breeds when sold by breeders, especially if they are show quality.

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