Long Haired French Bulldog And Interesting Facts About Frenchies

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The Long Haired French Bulldog is a Bulldog with differentiated genotypic and phenotypic characteristics, especially due to the size of his hair. That is, they have a gene responsible for hair growth that others do not have.

He is also known as the long-haired Bulldog; it really is due to a genetic fault in the pet. That is why these are not accepted by dog ​​clubs such as AKC and FCI. The health of the pet is not really at risk; on the contrary, this gene since it is an autosomal recessive disease.

How is the Long Haired French Bulldog produced?

This is produced by the combination of 2 genes of the recessive variant; that is, the father and mother are required to be carriers of this gene for our pet to be visually furry.

In cases where one of the parents does not carry the recessive gene, our puppies are born with a copy of the gene, which does not make them visually furry. Therefore, to detect the recessive gene, a DNA test of our pet is necessary.

Long Haired French Bulldog

If both parents are fluffy, it is not necessary to carry out this test since it is visually evident in the size of the hair. Long haired French Bulldog can be found in both basic color and exotic colors, which makes them particularly attractive. Long Haired French Bulldogs have the same features as other french bulldogs except for their coat.

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Thirteen Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs

 French Bulldogs have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. People can't get enough of his irresistible charm. They are hilarious, social and cuddly dogs. Their amazing personalities and loving nature are contagious. French Bulldogs are commonly known as "Frenchies". Many French Bulldogs are social media stars on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Here are thirteen interesting facts that we have found about French Bulldogs.

1) French Bulldogs are not native to France.

French Bulldogs did not originate in France. The history of French Bulldog breeds is murky, but they originated in Nottingham in the United Kingdom in the 1800s.  After bullfighting was banned in the UK, breeders began to breed smaller dogs. French Bulldogs retained the look of the English Bulldogs but gained the enthusiasm and playfulness of the French Ratters. In the 1860s, these English lacemakers emigrated to France, and the breed became very popular. Then they got the name French Bulldog. French bulldogs were used as portable dogs for lace makers while they were at work.

2) French Bulldogs are too sensitive.

French Bulldogs are a very sensitive breed. They will often mop the house for hours if you disturb them. French Bulldogs respond best to positive reinforcement. This training technique is now the preferred technique of training dogs. Positive reinforcement can include treats, praise, petting, or a favorite game. Many dogs are food-driven so treats will work particularly well. Who doesn't like food? Positive reinforcement training will also allow your bond to flourish with your canine friend. A real relationship is based on love and respect, not fear. You must be very careful not to reward your dog for his bad behavior. As an example, if you leave them outside whenever they bark at outside influences. You are rewarding them for his bad behavior and this will lead to an increase in this negative behavior.

Long Haired French Bulldog

3) They struggle to swim.

The French Bulldog breed is not designed to be great at swimming or athletics in general. His natural construction works against him. They have a thick muscular build along with a flat face and short legs. When swimming, French Bulldogs have to tilt their heads up to keep their muzzles out of the water (they have a very flat face), while they have short legs to propel them along. When French Bulldogs bow their heads to swim, they tend to tilt down the back of their body. This means they have a more excellent vertical component of energy than forward. Because of this, they struggle to swim. French Bulldogs are also very front-heavy and struggle to regain a proper swimming position if disturbed by this and swing like a pendulum. We highly recommend keeping a close watch on your dog while he swims and looking for dog life jackets. The actor known as "The Rock" had to rescue his French Bulldogs from a swimming pool while drowning.

4) The traits of the French Bulldog make them ideal for families.

They were bred to be companion dogs. They thrive when actively involved in family activities. They crave attention and are just as happy running outside or spending time on the couch cuddling with their family. They are a humorous and mischievous breed with strong loyalty to their family. They will keep you entertained for hours. French Bulldogs are also generally very calm and do not bark often. Good for not disturbing the neighbors! They are often known as clowns dressed as teachers. I think this accurately describes them.

5) French Bulldog ears came in two forms.

Frenchie ears can come in two different types. The American Kennel Club recognized the French Bulldog breed in 1898 and established breed standards.

  • Bat ears: The most common are AKC-approved types. These are broad-based ears with an elongated rounded top. This is what breeders aim to achieve to meet breed standards.
  • Rose Ears: Early in the breed's history, rose ears were the predominant appearance, but these ears are now seen less regularly. The pink ears fold forward like the ears of English Bulldogs. The reason they are less expected is that American breeders decided to favor the bat ear as it is a more distinctive look.

Long Haired French Bulldog

6) One of the most popular breeds in the world.

In 2020 they were the number 2 most popular breed in the world. In 2004 there were 228 registered Frenchies in Australia. We are glad that this race has returned from the brink of the abyss. This number has increased rapidly. This rapid rise in popularity speaks volumes about the breeds' temperament and friendly traits.

7) A Frenchie was on the Titanic.

Garmin, a two-year-old Frenchie, was on the Titanic. He was owned by a 27-year-old American banker, Robert Daniel. Unfortunately, the French Bulldog named Garmin was not one of the survivors. Only two of the twelve dogs on the Titanic survived the sinking. Garmins owner Robert Daniel survived the sinking of the Titanic and would later be elected to the Virginia Senate. The owner of it bought Garmin for £150 founded, which is the equivalent of £14,000 in 2022.

8) French Bulldogs are fashion icons.

Considering inflation, they were more expensive in the early 19th century than they are now. The Romanov Family - The last imperial party of Russia to rule, the J.P Morgan and Rockefeller families owned French Bulldogs. Artwork and statues of their French Bulldogs were commissioned by the Romanov family and can be found in museums worldwide. The Romanovs were ousted from power in 1917 and went into exile in a Siberian city called Tobolsk. They were killed in July 1918, and their dogs did not survive.

Long Haired French Bulldog

Jumping forward to today, Manny the Frenchie now has over 1 million followers on Instagram, and many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, The Rock, and Leonardo DiCaprio own French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs love to dress up and definitely suit dog clothes. Here are some photos of French Bulldogs strutting their stuff in our Vibrant Hound dog shirts. Not only does the dog shirt look cool on Frenchies, it can also have practical uses, such as sun protection, protecting them from allergies, and helping keep them warm during the winter. 

9) Most French Bulldogs are conceived through artificial insemination.

More than 80% of French Bulldog litters are conceived with artificial insemination and are born via cesarean section (C-section). Artificial insemination is used due to the build of the French Bulldog. They have compact bodies and slim hips, making it difficult for the male French Bulldog to mount. Also, being brachycephalic, they are prone to overheating and often get too hot before finishing their work.

Cesarean sections are necessary for French Bulldog births due to the size of the puppies' heads and the narrowness of their mother's hips. Frenchie puppies' heads are often larger than their mother's pelvic canal, and if born naturally, it can lead to the puppy becoming stuck and death to both mother and puppy. These complications add to the cost of buying French Bulldogs.

10) French bulldogs bang a lot!

French Bulldogs are famous for their farts. This can be due to several reasons. First, French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed and can suffer from Aerophagia (swallowing air) while eating. This is due to eating too fast. Slow eating mats can count this raised bowls, and tobacco mats.

Here are many other reasons that can cause the passage of gas:
  • Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk. Dogs are lactose intolerant;
  • Pimples can contribute to farting problems;
  • Cheap commercial dog food loaded with carbs and fillers;
  • High-fat foods;
  • Spicy food (has the same effect on them as we do);
  • Soy and peas (They are difficult for dogs to digest).

Most French Bulldogs are on a grain free or raw diet. This helps minimize the French Bulldog's flatulence.

Long Haired French Bulldog

11) Most Frenchies are born with floppy ears.

On average, most French Bulldogs' ears start to rise between five and seven weeks of age. The reason his ears don't stand up right away is because the cartilage in his ears is still strengthening and developing. Increasing your dog's calcium intake can help with bone growth and help his ears stay upright. Calcium is found in broccoli, spinach, beans, and dairy products. Every dog ​​I've ever had hasn't liked vegetables. I found that blending the vegetables in the food processor and mixing them with meat worked wonders. There are also videos on the Internet that provide instructions on how to glue an ear. 

12) World War I !!

In World War 1, a French Bulldog named Mutt served for the Allied forces. His role was to bring cigarettes to the troops in the trenches and boost morale. Mutt was wounded numerous times but continued to serve his country loyally. At the end of World War 1, most of the serving dogs were left behind in foreign lands. Mutt, however, snuck aboard a ship headed back to America and eventually died of old age. 

13) A famous French fashion line.

Yves Saint Laurent owned two French Bulldogs during his time. Both were called Moujik. Yves Saint Laurent used his dogs to inspire several of his fashion lines. He also commissioned an artist named Andy Warhol to make a dog artwork of him. This painting was completed a year before Andy Warhol died and was the last piece of art he completed.

As you can see, French bulldogs have played an important role in history from the 19th century onwards, from being a member of royalty, serving in world wars, and influencing luxury fashion designers. French Bulldogs are an affectionate and entertaining breed of dog, and we can't get enough of them.

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