Blue Cane Corso: Detailed Information About Them ( With Pictures)

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The blue Cane Corso is an elegant dog that comes straight from Italy. Known for his loyalty to his family, this hound-like dog is unfailingly kind. Learn more now about the origins, as well as this majestic dog's character and physical appearance, and find out how to best take care of it daily.

blue Cane Corso
The origins of the blue Cane Corso

This court dog, originally from Italy, appeared in the Roman Empire. He descends from an ancient race of hounds called Canis Pugnax. His name means "keeper of the farms", which tells us more about his role as an excellent protector. If the Italians have always considered this animal the ideal guard dog, they have also made it a companion of their hunting parties.

It was not until 1979 that the blue Cane Corso breed was finally officially recognized, thanks to the development of a standard. This dog is known worldwide for its kindness and ease of training. However, many owners still use it for its dissuasive role allowing it to stand guard.

The character of the Cane Corso

The blue Cane Corso knows how to be calm, even if he remains a great sportsman. As a result, it is easy to educate this dog, which makes it a companion ideally suited to the practice of canine sports such as agility. It is also customary to use this animal to track objects or people and as a working dog in general.

This dog of great loyalty is close to his master, who pleases him thanks to his obedience and gentleness. He is fearless, not hesitating for a moment to defend his family when danger arises, but remains very affectionate. With the whole family, this dog is really protective and very sociable. He is known to be suitable for households with children with whom he knows how to be gentle and careful.

Thanks to an adapted education from an early age, he can even be sociable with other animals. This dog likes to hunt and barks very little. He is appreciated for standing guard thanks to his imposing physique, which deters malicious people from approaching the house!

The physique of the Cane Corso

This dog's hair is short, and his coat can be of different colors. This is a large dog with a square-looking head and a fairly broad muzzle. His ears, in the shape of a triangle, fall back, giving it its characteristic look. He has large, highly expressive eyes as for his tail, which his long and relatively wide. This dog, all in muscles, is stout and turns out to be athletic.

The erected standard stipulates that Cane Corso males must measure 25-27.5 inches at the withers on average for a weight of 110 lb. As for the females, a little smaller and lighter, they measure 23.5-26 inches at the withers, and their body weight is around 88 lb.

It is customary to add for some of these dogs the word "blue" at the end of "Cane Corso" simply because of the reflections present in the coat. The coat can thus be black, gray, fawn, or even brindle, with, sometimes, a small spot on the muzzle, chest, or both.

With adequate daily care added to the possibility for this dog to exert itself as much as it feels the need for it, this last will be able to reach a life expectancy of approximately 9 -12 years.

Body: The body is imposing and solid, with well-developed muscles. The Cane Corso is undoubtedly a robust and resistant dog.

Head: the skull is wide, with a very marked stop. The nose is always black.

Ears: triangular, falling forward. In principle, it has been forbidden to cut them since 2018.

Eyes: medium in size; the color must be as similar as possible to the color of the coat.

Tail: The tail is wide at the base but tapers towards the end. Set rather high.

Coat: short, shiny, and bushy.

Color: the colors of the Cane Corso are varied. We can find black, gray, lead gray, slate gray, light gray, light fawn, red fawn, dark fawn, brindle, and blue.

blue Cane Corso
The Blue Cane Corso daily 

The Cane Corso has robust health. However, like other large dogs, he may have an increased predisposition to a problem affecting the hips, elbows, or shoulders: this is dysplasia. In addition, this dog is more prone than the average to torsion of the stomach; also, it is advisable to carry out walks and all that require exercise in general during time slots far from meals.

If he molts, he's a dog with an easy-maintenance coat. It's essential to take care of it, brushing his hair and maintaining his teeth, and inspecting his ears and eyes. It is also helpful to cut the claws of this dog, a task that the guardian and the canine groomer can do.

Regarding the diet of this dog, it is recommended to choose kibbles reserved for large dogs, highly qualitative, which will offer him all the necessary contributions for his development. There are kibbles specially designed for his breed, which can be an excellent choice. To avoid certain gastric disorders, it is better to divide the food ration by two and give him a part in the morning and the other in the evening. Of course, it will be necessary to adapt the portions of food to the physical activity of the dog in question.

The Cane Corso is suitable for a guardian with experience with dogs. Indeed, a novice master could quickly be overwhelmed by this intelligent animal's naturally stubborn and mischievous character. The Cane Corso, who prefers the hot seasons, must be able to benefit from a firm education, from an early age, without forgetting benevolence. Otherwise, he could quickly become disobedient! It is perfect for life in a house with a garden and is not recommended for people living in apartments. It should be provided with daily walks and stimulating exercise so that it lets off steam and does not gain weight.

The blue Cane Corso pleases as much for its intelligence as for its bravery. Affectionate even with children, it is a robust dog to put in the hands of a guardian who has acquired some canine experience!blue Cane Corso


As a good guard dog, the Cane Corso is sometimes wary of strangers. With children, he is kind and patient, but given the size of this dog, it's advisable never to leave small children alone with him. The Cane Corso can live with other animals as long as it has been accustomed to them since childhood to avoid accidents. Think your cats and small exotic animals could not defend themselves if he did something to them..


The Cane Corso is suitable for more experienced guardians with a good foundation in canine education and training who know the breed well. In addition, you need athletic masters who can take you with them to exercise when you need it. The Cane Corso is not considered a dangerous breed dog.

The health 

The Cane Corso is a relatively robust dog. Solidly built, he rarely gets sick. However, the breed is prone to certain diseases, such as essential epilepsy, hip dysplasia, or stomach torsion. This final pathology, very dangerous and potentially fatal, mainly affects large dog breeds. The life expectancy of the Cane Corso is between 9 and 12 years. It is in the middle, pulling up from the giant breed dogs, which unfortunately live much less than the others.


Despite its imposing size, the Cane Corso can live in an apartment without problems, provided that you take it out for a walk regularly. As it barks little, there is little chance that the Cane Corso will bother the neighbors and cause you conflicts. However, a Cane Corso alone in an apartment for too long can develop problem behaviors, such as destroying objects or compulsive barking. Therefore, if you live in an apartment, you should spend enough time with your dog daily and, if you work outside, come home throughout the day.

The ideal environment for a Cane Corso is still a large house with a garden in the countryside, but this Molossian can also be happy in the city as long as he gets enough exercise


The education of the Cane Corso is essential. The truth is that the Cane Corso could cause significant damage and be aggressive if not properly socialized and trained. The education of the Cane Corso should begin as soon as you adopt it. Teach him the basics immediately and offer him as many positive experiences as possible. Some Cane Corsos are fearful, so your dog must know other people, dogs, and animals to avoid adverse reactions. Given the importance of education for this dog, do not hesitate to call a professional trainer or take him to a puppy school, where he can socialize with other dogs.

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It is essential to choose the right food for your Cane Corso. Your dog's health also depends on his food, and a poor-quality diet will inevitably affect his long-term health. One of the rules to keep in mind is always to avoid, as far as possible, buying dog food in the supermarket. Dog food sold in supermarkets is made with low-quality ingredients and, more importantly, plant-based proteins. The dog is still a carnivore, which needs animal protein.

Quality feed or pâté does not cost more than the products we find in the supermarket. Take the time to read the labels carefully to check the ingredients' origin and the presence or absence of preservatives. Also, keep in mind your dog's nutritional needs, and do not forget that you will have to change food over time! If you want to avoid industrial foods, even if they are of quality, you can resort to a tailor-made feed or pâté service. Finally, there are other feeding methods for dogs, such as homemade food or the BARF diet, but the latter requires the advice of a veterinarian before starting!

As for the quantity, count between 440 and 550 grams of feed per day. Be careful because this amount can change over time, depending on the age of the animal but also its general health.

blue Cane Corso
Care and grooming  

Cane Corso care requires little investment. This dog's short coat only needs weekly brushing to remove dead hair, debris, and dirt. As for baths, one or two a year will suffice unless your hair is filthy. You must pay attention to their hanging ears to prevent them from becoming nests of parasites and otitis. Brush your teeth and eyes well, and trim your nails regularly! Lastly, stay up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick treatments.

Sleep of the Cane Corso

It is essential that your dog can sleep peacefully. The Cane Corso can sleep outdoors, provided you have a quality doghouse and the temperatures are not too cold. In fact, given its reasonably short hair, the Cane Corso is not as well protected from bad weather as other breeds. Choosing a suitable doghouse is essential. Opt for perfectly insulated sheds, ideally made of wood and adapted to the size of your four-legged companion. If he sleeps inside the house, avoid giving him access to your room so as not to promote an extreme attachment phenomenon that could later cause separation anxiety. Instead, choose a quiet area and put cushions and blankets on it. If you have children, teach them never to disturb a sleeping dog to avoid accidents.

Games and physical activities for the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a dog that cannot remain inactive; she would be sad immediately. That is why you exercise every day, especially in an apartment. The Cane Corso enjoys canine activities such as tracking or obedience activities. You can also take him with you when jogging, on your walks in the woods on the beach, or even on bike rides.

Regarding toys, it is also essential that your dog has enough at his disposal, even more so if he has to be left alone. Buy him intelligence toys, like puzzles, for example, and games to keep him busy when you're away, like Kongs, which allow you to hide a treat inside. Also, choose resistant toys since the Cane Corso has a lot of strength and could break them and swallow small pieces, which could be dangerous in the long term.


Physical specificities of the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large dog belonging to Group 2 of the FCI: Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid, Swiss Mountain, and Cattle Dogs. He wears the number 343.

The male usually measures between 25-27.5 inches at the withers, while the female measures between 23.5-26 inches. Regarding weight, males weigh between 110 lb and 88 lb to females

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