Cream French Bulldog: Questions (And 7 Things To Know About French Bulldogs)

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 A cream French Bulldog's color is a solid coat in a warm, creamy shade. They are slightly darker than white French bulldogs but paler than a fawn French bulldog.

Cream French Bulldog generally does not have markings. But, occasionally, you can find a cream French Bulldog with a black mask. Not to be confused with the fawn French bulldog.

French Bulldogs with cream coloring will have the same overall personality and general health issues as any other shade of the French Bulldog.

So let's take a closer look at how this color occurs and how to find a cream French Bulldog puppy.

 Are Cream French Bulldogs Rare?

To understand if Cream French Bulldog dogs are rare, we need to learn more about how this color comes about. Two pigments control all of the dog's coat colors. The one that creates the cream coats is called pheomelanin, which appears red in its base form.

Cream layers occur when the pheomelanin pigment is diluted. The gene that causes this dilution's name is the dilution gene. However, the dilution gene is recessive. Thus, puppies must receive it from both parents to have a cream coat.

For this reason, Cream French Bulldog can be pretty rare. Because if they don't receive the genetic instructions to produce pheomelanin and the dilution gene from both parents, they will have a different color.

Is cream a standard color for the French Bulldog?

Many people don't worry about whether a color is "accepted" into the breed standard. But it can be a significant factor if you plan to show off your French Bulldog.

Luckily, if you're hoping to show off a cream French Bulldog, you're in luck. According to the breed standard, cream is a standard and accepted color for the French Bulldog breed.

Cream French Bulldog is also allowed to have slightly lighter noses than other shades, according to the AKC breed standard.

Of course, if you don't plan to show off your French Bulldog, this fact might not interest you! But it can be fun to tell your friends that you're showing off your new furry friend.


Can Breeders Breed For Cream Coloring?

Fortunately, we know much more about the genetics of coat color in dogs than ever before. Thus, some breeders may choose to increase the chances of obtaining cream French bulldog puppies by breeding certain dogs together.

However, it is essential that you only choose a reputable breeder. Breeding for a specific color is risky for health or temperament.

Reputable breeders prioritize good health over other characteristics, such as coat color, especially in a breed like the French Bulldog, which already suffers from several form-related issues.

Given the popularity of this shade, you may need to put yourself on a waiting list for a cream French Bulldog puppy. But, of course, it’s worth the wait to choose a reputable breeder. If you choose the right breeder, you will get a healthy puppy.

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Fawn vs Cream French Bulldogs

Fawn and cream-colored French Bulldogs are often confused! So how do we tell the difference between these two Frenchies?

Genetically, fawn and cream are two very different colors. The cream, as we know, is controlled by the dilution gene.

But, the fawn coloring is decided at the K locus – a different place in their genetic code.

Fawn is another accepted standard color for French Bulldogs. But, it is much darker than cream French bulldogs. Additionally, fawn French Bulldogs are more likely to come with black faces.

White vs Cream French Bulldogs

Another coloration that is often confused with cream is white. White is another standard and accepted color for French Bulldogs. However, a white French Bulldog is much paler than a cream French Bulldog. They are pure white rather than a warmer hue.

White French Bulldogs can have fawn or brindle coloring and a white undertone. And, like the fawn and cream colors, they can come with any of the standard French Bulldog markings.


Are Cream French Bulldogs Healthy?

As we know, the cream coloring of the French bulldog is caused by the dilution gene. And unfortunately, this gene is linked to alopecia in many dogs. Cream French Bulldogs with alopecia may shed their coat in patches or entirely. Or, their fur could lighten over time.

But, on top of that, Cream French Bulldogs will suffer from the same health issues as other French Bulldogs. Including all the health issues related to their face shape.

Owners Of Cream French Bulldog should be aware of this issues:
  • Brachycephalic eye eyndrome
  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome
  • Tendency to overheat
  • Difficulty giving birth
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar dislocation
  • Heart problems
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Tracheal hypoplasia
  • Skin problems

 7 Things To Know About This Breed Of Dog

The French Bulldog is a small molasses with a muscular body and a flattened muzzle. Known to be very playful, this little dog loves his comfort and can spend hours alongside his master, to whom he devotes a mad love.

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Indeed, this little dog is very friendly and loves to play, which is one of the reasons why he is a favorite dog with families. Calm and reserved, he is perfectly suited for living in an apartment, as he does not need to exert himself much.

The French Bulldog is recognizable by his small size, muscular body, and square head, where his tiny, flattened muzzle is located. His hair is concise, and his color varies between fawn, white and black. The French Bulldog is a resistant dog since his life expectancy is on average 12 years.

The French Bulldog is an excellent companion dog that makes many families happy. 

Originally, the French Bulldog was a guard dog.

When French Bulldogs were discovered, they were initially used as guard dogs. Indeed, they were mainly trained to stand guard in front of warehouses or hunt the rats in these establishments. Subsequently, the population quickly discovered that this little dog had a very endearing character. For this reason, the French Bulldog began to be adopted by nobles, and the breed gradually spread all over the world.

Today, the French Bulldog is exclusively a companion dog. However, he can always stand guard because this dog knows how to control his barking perfectly. When a French Bulldog barks, there is a good reason. On the other hand, this dog has lost his hunting instinct over time and cannot swim.


The French Bulldog is one of the most playful dogs

The French Bulldog loves to play, and that's one of the reasons why families adore him. This breed of dog gets along perfectly with children, with whom he can play for long hours. However, as with all dogs, it is important to teach children to behave well with their four-legged friend so that they are not abrupt and do not wake him when he sleeps.

The French Bulldog also gets along with other animals, both dogs, and cats, and is not afraid of strangers. On the contrary, he will be the first to run to the door to greet them. 

The French Bulldog cannot stand loneliness

This is a common fact for many dogs, which is even more true for the French Bulldog. If some dogs manage to stay alone for a few hours, this is not the case with our little molasses. Indeed, he hates loneliness, and he can quickly become anxious and stressed if he is left alone for too long. This stress can then lead to health problems and destructive behaviors. If left alone for too long, the French Bulldog can chew and destroy furniture, clothing, or objects.

So, make sure you never leave your dog alone for too long. If you have to go away, leave it with someone you trust who will know how to take care of him and give him all the attention he needs.


The French Bulldog is very affectionate

Do not be fooled by his reputation and his physique, which can give him a fierce look: the French Bulldog is a very sweet and affectionate dog.

He can even get a little too clingy, as he constantly needs attention and petting. He can be very jealous and possessive and very attached to his guardian, towards whom he devotes unfailing love and admiration. Empathetic, the French Bulldog will feel the slightest emotion that will upset his master. Very attached to his family, this dog is not at all independent. 

The French Bulldog is lazy

Although he loves to play for hours and go for walks, the French Bulldog is a lazy dog ​​who loves his comfort. Naturally calm and reserved, he is perfectly suited for living in an apartment.

Although daily walks are essential, the French Bulldog does not need to exert himself for very long. Far from being hyperactive, this dog loves spending hours lying on a couch. At home, the siesta is sacred: it is forbidden to disturb him during his daily rest time, at the risk of making him very grumpy when he wakes up. To be clear, if playtime did not exist, the French Bulldog would spend his time snuggling up in soft cushions, sleeping and daydreaming quietly. 

The French Bulldog is very stubborn

This breed of dog does not have many faults, except that he is very stubborn. Thus, it will be necessary to show patience in educating a French Bulldog, and this education must be done from an early age to prevent the animal from picking up bad habits.

Very sensitive, the French Bulldog will have to be educated gently, according to the methods of positive education. However, despite his very stubborn nature, this dog loves learning new things and being intellectually stimulated. 

The French Bulldog is expensive

If you want to adopt a French Bulldog, you should know that this is a very expensive dog breed. Indeed, demand is strong for these very popular dogs. Before adopting your animal, you must visit a veterinarian to check that the dog does not suffer from genetic problems since this breed has been crossed several times.

Additionally, French Bulldogs are unable to mate naturally due to the size of their hips. Therefore, to have young, the female will have to be artificially inseminated and undergo a cesarean section because she will not be able to give birth naturally. All of this information is the reason why the French Bulldog is an expensive breed.

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