English Golden Retriever, What is the difference? (Full Guide)

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The Golden Retriever is a loving, family breed that will win the hearts of almost anyone he meets. They may not be able to tell the difference between the American Golden Retriever and the English Golden Retriever, but there are still ways to tell the difference.

Different characteristics have evolved between the United States and England over the years. Although the AKC and BKC don't recognize this breed as a separate entity, let's discuss what sets these overseas siblings apart - other than distance.

Most notable is that American Golden Retrievers come in various colors, from light gold to dark gold to red mahogany. English Golden Retriever range in color from almost white to golden.

Origin of the English Golden Retriever

The 19th-century nation of Scotland was the birthplace of the Golden Retriever. This breed is believed to be related to the Russian Tracker Dog. However, this breed has since died out. They were created on the estate of Dudley Marjoribanks, also known as Lord Tweedmouth.

Golden Retrievers were loyal and hard-working hunting companions. Thanks to their soft mouths, they could retrieve waterfowl and small game unharmed. They worked tirelessly with their human friends with continuous service and a desire to please.

Their personalities were so friendly and low-key that they could go hunting with their owners to live with them. So they have gone from recovery companions to permanent hosts. They have become favorites of famous doggies worldwide after achieving popularity in Scotland.

english golden retriever

General Information For Golden Retriever

There are many reasons why the Golden Retriever is consistently ranked in the top 3 most popular dog breeds in different dog clubs. He is friendly, devoted, intelligent, reliable, confident, trustworthy and kind. When trained from an early age, the Golden can quickly become a family dog. Otherwise, he wouldn't be the Ford administration's presidential dog. He is very adaptable, affectionate, and very easy to train. The Golden is also very friendly with children, other dogs, strangers, and even cats.

Weighing 55 to 75 pounds, the Golden can live up to 12 years and is classified as a sporting dog. His unique qualities stem from the mixed breeding of various gun dogs in the mid-1800s. A mix of Tweed Retrievers and Water Spaniels, which was later refined by the inclusion of the Irish Setter, Bloodhound, and St. Johns Water Dog in the breeding program, the Golden Retriever is the best all-around hunting and sporting dog. It is the favorite dog of members of the service industry.

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Exercise is essential for this dog. He loves to swim and retonned. He likes games, jogging, walking and even ball games, whether it's a tennis ball or a Frisbee. They also thrive on puzzles and other mind games. If you don't meet these basic requirements for a Golden, you can expect a rather destructive dog to wreak havoc on your home. He may have soft jaws, but he can still tear down a spot.

Kind, loyal, intelligent, and even-tempered, Goldens are not immune to health problems. They are notably known to have a few types of cancer such as lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mast cell tumors. They are also prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and subaortic stenosis, a heart problem where the main blood vessel exiting the heart becomes narrowed. Goldens are also known for their epilepsy, hypothyroidism, allergies to skin infections, and ear infections.

english golden retriever

Evolution Between Countries

Each country has its own Golden Retriever style. While you might not think there's much of a difference, they're noticeable enough to be worth your time.

The British Kennel Club first recognized Golden Retrievers in England in 1903. However, they were originally called Flat-Coat Goldens. The breed's popularity did not begin to grow in the United States. They were not accepted by the American Kennel Club until 1925.

Today, Kennel Clubs have different ideas about visual standards. While they don't have an official race separation, each party must follow certain guidelines. Instead of thinking of them as two separate breeds, it's best to appreciate the many ways each country can create its ideal specimen.

Physical Differences between English Golden Retriever With American Golden Retriever

The English Golden Retriever is well built and have a flat topline, straight tail and flat ears. They are strong and square with dark brown eyes.

American Golden Retrievers have the topline of an American Golden Retriever that curves at 30 degrees. They also have a curved tail that curves upwards and ears that are set behind and above the eyes. Their muzzle blends seamlessly into the skull and they have light to medium brown eyes.

These differences are based on AKC and BKC standards.

Health and Longevity

Although they are very similar in terms of lifespan and health, there are some differences. The average lifespan of an English Golden Retriever is 12 years. This breed is at high risk of developing cancer, but only 38% will get it.

These numbers are different for American Golden Retrievers. They live, on average, between 10 and 11 years. Cancer rates for these animals are significantly higher at 60% and increasing. Their health is worse, possibly due to barnyard breeding.

Interesting Golden Retriever Facts You Should Know

Golden retrievers are the personification of the phrase "Man's best friend". They are very popular in movies and in the US because of how adorable, beautiful, and friendly. You may have one and are wondering if there is any information about them that you don't already know, or maybe you are thinking of getting one. So here are nine essential and fun facts about this breed of dog.

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They Are Great Family Dogs

For a reason, Golden Retrievers are in the top 3 most popular dogs in the US every year. They are fiercely loyal and obedient dogs who like to spend time with people they consider family. Being very tolerant of children and other family pets makes them the ideal family dog.

They Have A Long Service Life

Goldens are the perfect companion for life because they boast a fantastic lifespan. Golden Retrievers' lifespan ranges from 12-14 years, which means you can experience their fun-loving and loyal spirit for more than one year. 

Golden Retriever Make Excellent Hunting Companions

These fun-loving dogs were first bred on Lord Tweedmouth's Scottish estate to retrieve poultry for hunters in these parts. They were developed with a superb sense of smell that was more sensitive and helpful to their fellow hunters than the other breeds in use. This makes them excellent hunting companions, as they are loyal and effective trackers.

They Are Born Athletes

The same characteristics that make golden retrievers great hunting companions also make them supreme athletes. Blessed with a broad heads, muscular bodies, and powerful necks, they are a robust and energetic breed with the stamina to run for an extended period. Golden loves to chase and catch because they love it and they are good at it. Therefore, they require constant exercise daily to exert their qualities.

english golden retriever

They Love To Swim

Although almost all dogs know how to swim, they usually prefer to do something else, like play catch. However, because of their natural athleticism, large webbed toes, and long tails, they are a favorite on the dock jumping circuit, gliding through the water with their tongues hanging out just like they do on land.

They Have A Special Coat

They have a specially designed coat, which consists of two layers. The outer layer is waterproof to prevent water from reaching your skin while swimming, and the inner layer doubles as a warming blanket. As a Golden Retriever ages, his coat gradually darkens and you can project the exact color a Golden puppy's coat will be by looking at the color of the dog's ear tip.

Golden Retrievers Are Crossed Search And Rescue Dogs

They were bred in the mid-19th century in Scotland as a hunting breed of the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel and a flat-coated yellow retriever. They have high pain tolerance, intelligence, and an impeccable sense of smell, making them excellent at search and rescue operations. Hardworking and attentive, they can stay focused and let their noses lead the way.

 They Are Easy To Train

Because golden retrievers are easily trained, they are always chosen as the preferred breed to act in television shows and movies. They enjoy being taught and follow instructions to the letter. That's why they were the first three dogs to win the AKC obedience championship.

english golden retriever

They are Excellent Service And Theraphy Dogs

Due to their intelligence and intense sense of human emotion, they are good choices for canine therapy or assistance. In addition, because they are easy to train, they can learn to help perform certain activities for people with mental or physical disabilities. This means that owners can use them as hearing dogs, guide dogs, medical alert dogs, and other similar roles, which is why they are so sought after.

Golden Retrievers have become a mainstay in the average American family ever since they were brought to North America in the 1920s. They can serve as a great companion, hunting companion, and service aid simultaneously, making them highly versatile. A well-groomed Golden is simply a beautiful sight; therefore, they require proper care and daily brushing to stay healthy.

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