Pitbull Bulldog Mix: Cheerful, Loyal, Affectionate, Protective

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 The Pitbull Bulldog mix, also known as Bullypit, is a mixed breed resulting from the crossing of an American Bulldog with an American Pitbull. He is sometimes simply referred to as Pitbull Bulldog Mix. He is a talented dog for guarding, agility, guard dog, obedience, jogging, tracking, and competitive obedience. He is a medium to large-sized dog that should live between 10 and 13 years. The Bullypit has a cheerful personality and is quite protective of its owners and family.

To sum up, he is not a dog to be feared; he does not need to be aggressive or out of control. Unfortunately, there are dogs like that, but it's often due to irresponsible breeding, poor ownership, and a lack of socialization and training. If you have the time he needs, you will have a wonderful dog that will be protective, cheerful, loyal, and affectionate.

Where does the Pitbull Bulldog mix come from?

The Bullypit is a designer dog, created probably within the last 30 years. Designer dogs cover a large number of deliberately created mixed breeds these days. Most are a mix of two purebreds, but not all. Most have a name that blends the terms of these parents in one way or another. Unfortunately, many are created without thought, purpose, or care by irresponsible, money-hungry breeders and puppy mills.

For this reason, there are a lot of negative reviews for these dogs. However, some are made with thought and care, so try to find a good breeder if this is the dog you want. We don't know when, where, or why the Bullypit was first bred. So right now, all we can do is watch the parents for a guideline of what goes into the mix. Please keep in mind no matter what the breeder promises you; there are no guarantees with most designer dogs as to what traits or appearance they inherit from each parent.  Even siblings can be very different.

pitbull bulldog mix

 The American Bulldog

In England, until 1835, a popular spectator sport was bear and bull baiting. Dogs were bred and used to bait these animals, then later became dog fighters when this was banned. This meant they were bred to be aggressive, brave, and tenacious. But they were also bred never to bite their masters, so the humans involved need not fear being attacked. When they were brought to America, they were used on farms to hunt game and guard property. They were also bred to be more significant. The breeders also focused on developing a dog that remained strong and brave but was also family-friendly and gentle.

Today we see their success. When he comes from a good breeder, the dog is confident, alert, friendly, courageous, loyal, and affectionate. This dog, too, would gladly try to be a companion dog despite his size. He will protect you and his family if something puts them in danger.

pitbull bulldog mix

Temperament Of Pitbull Bulldog Mix

Looking at a well-trained and socialized Pitbull Bulldog Mix, you will find a protective dog, reserved around strangers and other dogs, but an excellent, cheerful, and affectionate family dog. He doesn't have to be aggressive but can be very gentle. He likes to have fun, needs attention, and is very brave and loyal. At times, he will be pretty entertaining with his antics, but at the same time, he is a good guard and guard dog. He is quite energetic, so he will need a lot of play.

pitbull bulldog mix

What does the Bullypit look like

He is a medium to a large-sized dog weighing 40 to 80 pounds and standing 20 to 24 inches tall. He has floppy or rosebud ears, a black nose, a broad head, and a short muzzle. His body is thick and strong, and his tail is long and slender. Hia coat is short and thin and comes in colors such as black, tan, red, yellow, gray, gold, cream, and white.

Training and exercise needs

She is very active and therefore needs a lot of activity every day to stay well-behaved, happy, and healthy. This should also include mental exercises. He would be best with guardians who like to be outdoors and be active, jogging, running, taking long walks, etc. Visits to the dog park would also be a good idea if socialization has taken place and is well trained.

Pitbull Bulldog mix is a little challenging to train. He will be good with experienced guardians. You need to be consistent and positive in your approach. Daily sessions are important. You should start socializing and training as soon as you have him. Weak owners will struggle to establish themselves as pack leaders and will have a governing dog, which means you may have behavioral and aggression issues.

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Living with a Pitbull Bulldog Mix

How much grooming is needed?

He sheds low to medium amounts but can increase during molting seasons. Two or three times brushing in a week is very good. But if he is shedding heavily then you should brush him daily.  You may need to clean up after her and deal with hair elsewhere, such as furniture. Because her coat is short and smooth, you can use a damp washcloth and wipe her down occasionally; this will help remove loose hair and keep him clean. A bath may be just for when he's filthy. You'll need to brush his teeth twice a week, check and wipe his ears once a week, then trim his nails or have them done by a groomer when they get too long.

pitbull bulldog mix

How is she with children and other animals?

For the Pitbull Bulldog mix to be a well-rounded dog that can be social, get along with other animals and dogs, and be trustworthy with children, he needs early training and socialization, as mentioned above. When this happens, he is good with children, playful, affectionate, and gentle. However, he tends to be aggressive towards other dogs, and his instincts tell him to chase small pets. He can overcome these traits with enough socialization and training from an experienced master.

General information:

He barks occasionally and should be fed at least 2 1/2 to 4 cups of high-quality dry dog ​​food daily, divided into a minimum of two meals. It is best suited to temperate climates. He does not easily tolerate very hot or cold temperatures because his thin coat does not offer much protection.

 Health problems

 Due to his fine coat, as mentioned earlier, he will need sunscreen if he is outside and the weather is too hot, or she may burn. In addition, there are health problems to which parents are more prone and can be passed on to any offspring. For this dog, that includes hypothyroidism, heart disease, eye problems, hip dysplasia, allergies, and reverse sneezes. 

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