Fluffy French Bulldog: Learn About the Newest Popular Frenchies

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We all know how cute the French Bulldogs look. They look like friendly little dogs with stubby tails. Recently, one more variety has been added to this lovely dog breed. Fluffy French Bulldogs! There are many questions and discussions about these intriguingly cute dogs. Let's find out the gene that creates this diversity and how these dogs should be cared for.

What is the difference between a Fluffy French Bulldog and a normal Frenchie? 

What is a Fluffy Frenchie, exactly?

Fluffy French Bulldog Genetic Profile

Fluffy French Bulldog carries an autosomal recessive gene, Fibroblast Growth Factor 5. Frenchies are born with both a long-haired (LH) and a short-haired (SH) gene.

Two French Bulldogs with LH gene mates can produce fluffy puppies. The chance of having fluffy puppies is only 25% if one of the LH genes is present. Where does this gene come from? We'll take a look at the history and origins of the French Bulldog Fluffy to answer that question.

Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog

History of the Fluffy French Bulldog

The history of the Fluffy French Bulldogs is shared with that of the French Bulldog.

Bulldogs became popular companion dogs after England banned bull-baiting. To reduce their size, they were bred to be with burrows. These miniature bulldogs were then brought to France, where they became beloved toy dogs.

Bulldogs with erect bat-like ears were then considered defective. These dogs were very popular with the French, so English breeders began exporting Bulldogs with this type of ears to France.

Their small size was part of their appeal. They were crossed with terriers at one time to further reduce their size. The French Bulldog was born and loved by the French upper class and nobility.

It is difficult to determine the origin of the Longhaired Bulldog. This gene is thought to have been present in Frenchies since birth, but it was more prevalent in short-haired Bulldogs. Some believe that the Bulldog's long hair was a sign of weakness, and breeders kept them from breeding. This gene could also come from burrows. They are unique, and breeders recognize their value as pets.

Fluffy French Bulldog Appearance

The Fluffy French Bulldog, as the name suggests, is a fluffy version of the French Bulldog with a smooth coat. Their appearance is all that sets them apart from other Frenchies.

They are also known as long-haired French bulldogs. However, their fur is longer. They have a wavy hairstyle on the neck, chest, ears, and neck.

fluffy frenchie bulldog

Fluffy French Bulldog look exactly like French Bulldogs in every other way. They are short and stocky with large upright ears and short tails. They also have a flat muzzle. 

What are the Coat Colors of Fluffy French Bulldog ?

Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog is available in all the colors you will find in French Bulldogs. Fawn, cream, and white are all recognized by the AKC. Patterns include white markings, tick, brindle, black mask, tick, and white markings.

These dogs can also be found in unusual color combinations and patterns like the Fluffy Merle French Bulldog and Fluffy French Bulldog. The blue of the Fluffy French Bulldog is not exactly a shade of blue but a slightly darker version of black. These colors are extremely rare for an already unique dog, and they are very expensive.

The AKC does not recognize long-haired French Bulldogs, so they do not have approved colors.

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How Is Temperament of The Fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy French Bulldog is a playful and friendly dog. They are good with people and dogs, as well as children. They are also adaptable and can easily adapt to new homes.

Fluffy Frenchies don't bark often. Unfortunately, they are a poor watchdog due to their affectionate nature and dislike of barking

fluffy french bulldog

What Are the exercise requirements of Fluffy French Bulldog?

Fluffy Frenchies love to play and are full of energy, so make sure they get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day.

They are unable to handle strenuous activities due to respiratory issues. So keep your dog's pace steady, and be sure to stop frequently.

Training a Fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy Frenchies are easy to train as they love their guardians and are eager to please. 

These dogs are not always easy to train and can sometimes be stubborn. However, positive reinforcement will help them learn to obey. In addition, it's a good idea to keep tasty treats on hand.

Diet For Fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog needs 25-35 calories for every pound of body weight daily. You should stick to a balanced diet of chicken, fish, and beef. Organic dry kibble is a better option than canned food.

Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog should be aware that allergens can cause serious health issues. They should be able to eat the same foods as their usual diet. Introduce any new food slowly to ensure you are aware of any side effects.

Common Health Problems

Due to their small size, aggressive breeding, and unique nose shape, French Bulldog can be a bit unhealthy. These are the primary health issues for Mini French Bulldog and other Frenchies.

 Respiratory problems French Bulldog belongs to the brachycephalic dog breed: this includes bulldogs and pugs as well as chihuahuas and Boston terriers. Due to their small noses and congested nasal passages, these dogs are more susceptible to respiratory problems. As a result, fluffy French Bulldogs can suffer from respiratory issues such as brachycephalic obstruction syndrome, reverse sneezes, and shortness of breath.

Hip dysplasia can be a severe condition in small dogs. However, it is quite common among Fluffy Frenchies. Hip dysplasia occurs when dogs' hip bones and joints are not properly or unevenly developed. This knocks their hips out of their sockets. It can occur congenitally or after an injury. This condition can make movement difficult and painful for overweight or inactive French Bulldogs.

Patellar dislocation Luxating patella refers to a condition where the patella constantly moves randomly. Patellar luxation, unlike hip dysplasia, is more common in small breed dogs. Frequent dislocations can damage a dog's knee joints and lead to arthritis. The mobility of Fluffy Frenchies is also affected by patellar luxation. Older dogs will struggle with increased wear and tear.

Dermatitis Bulldogs have many folds in their skin. French Bulldog Fluffy has none. Their skin can become irritated and itchy due to the dirt and moisture trapped in their wrinkles, armpits, and buttocks. There will be redness and sores in the area. Your Fluffy French Bulldog may scratch often in this area. These skin folds can be avoided by regular grooming and hygiene

Vision problems: Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog can develop diseases such as conjunctivitis and cataracts. These conditions are often genetic and can lead to serious health problems for the dog. In addition, mini Frenchies can be prone to eye problems, so make sure your dog is healthy. Ask your breeder about his parents. If he does not have an eye problem, know that your French Bulldog will not suffer the same fate.

 Ear infection: Micro Frenchies have large ears and narrow ear canals. An allergen can irritate their ears if it gets into their ears. This causes them to produce more earwax and causes their ear canals to swell. This swelling can damage the eardrum. To prevent bacteria growth, it is best to remove wax buildup as often as possible. However, they can cause infection and spread to the inner ear. This could affect the dog's sense of balance. Your veterinarian or professional groomer can help you if you don't feel comfortable cleaning his ears.

Breeding issues: Fluffy French Bulldog is born with narrow hips, which makes normal birth more difficult. Because it is difficult for females to give birth naturally, most French Bulldogs are born by cesarean section. They also have difficulty getting pregnant. French Bulldog is difficult to mount and inseminate due to their unnatural body proportions.

Spinal problems: Fluffy French Bulldog can be genetically susceptible to spinal problems. These adorable dogs are susceptible to paralysis from spinal intervertebral disc disease or IVDD, ingrown hairs, butterfly vertebrae, and spinal cord compression. It is the result of decades of selective breeding for aesthetic reasons. In addition, French Bulldogs were shrunk to miniature size, which led to spinal issues like the ones we've been talking about. These dogs are also more susceptible to spinal injuries than regular Bulldogs, and they are fragile.

Upset stomach: Fluffy French Bulldogs can be susceptible to stomach bugs, allergies, and dietary imbalances that can lead to diarrhea and other issues. They are more vulnerable to stomach bugs, allergies, and dietary imbalances than other dogs. Mini -Frenchies can get very sick from diarrhea. They can lose more water than larger dogs. If their stool looks excessively dry, take them to the vet..

Allergies: Frenchies can have allergic reactions to food, fleas, or environmental factors. This can lead to skin inflammation and digestive issues. Allergies cause many of the skin, ear, and eye problems we mentioned above. Fluffy French Bulldog can be tested for allergies to help prevent allergic reactions. You can protect your dog from these substances once you know what to avoid.

Entropion: Entropion refers to an eye condition where the eyelid folds inward. Ingrown eyelids can cause friction between the eyeballs and cause severe pain or blindness. In addition, eye damage such as corneal ulcers or other eye damage can also be caused by entropion.

Cherry eye: Cherry eye occurs when the third eyelid becomes inflamed and slides towards the dog's eyeball. It's not painful but can still cause vision problems for the French Bulldog. See the vet if your French Bulldog's eyes are unusually red, watery, or swollen.Fluffy Frenchie BulldogHow to Take Care of a Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog

Fluffy French Bulldog can be friendly, social, playful, and adaptable. Their health is important and should be taken seriously. Here are five ways to care for your Fluffy Frenchie.

Prevent injuries: Fluffy French Bulldog, delicate little dogs who can hurt themselves from seemingly benign hazards, are very vulnerable. Although it may seem harmless, falling just a few feet can be fatal for this dog. This dog should be treated like a toddler. You might consider getting a dog ramp to make Fluffy French Bulldog easier.

Multiple Meals: Divide your Fluffy French Bulldog's daily food intake into two meals to keep them full and provide enough energy for the day. If they don't eat for a while, small dogs can become dehydrated and suffer from low blood sugar.

Deep cleaning: Fluffy French Bulldogs' furry coats make it easy to forget the wrinkles and folds in their body and face. Dogs that neglect to take care of these folds can develop dermatitis or bacterial infections.

 Be careful when eating: Keep your dog on a suitable and consistent diet. Avoid snacking, eating human food, or changing your diet drastically. You can reward your dog with dog-friendly treats instead of sugary or fatty snacks.

Sterilization: Fluffy French Bulldog can be groomed to prevent unwanted pregnancies and spinal injuries. They also have behavioral problems, workaholic tendencies, and difficult births. Castration and sterilization protect them against cancers and other diseases that affect the reproductive organs.Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog

Are Fluffy French Bulldog Hypoallergenic?

Fluffy French Bulldog does not have hypoallergenic characteristics. They molt throughout the year. Regular grooming is an excellent way to manage dog shedding if you are not allergic to dogs.

Fluffy French Bulldog Grooming

Long Haired French Bulldog requires more care than regular French Bulldogs because they have longer hair. However, their coat will stay shiny and under control by being brushed with a soft brush once a week.

Long Haired French Bulldogs are easy to overlook because they don't have as many prominent skin folds as shorter-haired Frenchies. However, it is essential to keep them clean and neat.

Do not bathe Fluffy Frenchies if they have smelly or dirty coats. They will become dry and shed if bathed too often.

Dog wipes can be used between bathing sessions. These two wipes are used alternately to keep my canine friends clean and scented.

Are Fluffy French Bulldogs Purebred?

Many question the purity of the Fluffy Frenchie breed due to unethical breeding practices. Fluffy French Bulldog enthusiasts insist that the dog is pure. However, the AKC does not consider breed standards for the long-haired French Bulldog.

However, it is incorrect to assume that all Fluffy Frenchie Bulldogs have been interbred. For centuries, the gene that gives rise to fluffy hair has been known. In fact, in the past, breeders deliberately euthanized long-haired French bulldogs because they considered them a defect.

A DNA test can be used to determine the purity of your Fluffy Frenchie. Even if your Fluffy French Bulldog doesn't have a 100% genetic lineage, that doesn't mean he's not as adorable.

Long Haired French Bulldogs Are Hard To Find?

Purebred Long-Haired French Bulldogs are very rare. Many people don't even know this French Bulldog exists. We have already mentioned that breeders once considered long-haired Frenchies defective and did not allow their population to grow.

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