Maltese Terrier: History, Personality And Character Traits

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The Maltese Terrier is playful dog with a compact, square body, covered with straight, silky, long, and white hair. Also known as the Maltese dog. He has a beauty that complements each other with its beautiful feathers reaching down to the ground, perfect body structure, facial expression, and general posture. They like to play, run, and sway around with a cheerful gait. Also known as a water dog, the Maltese appear to be swimming on the ground while running.

At A Glance To The Maltese Terrier


3.3 - 6.6 lb


9-10.5 inches


Barbican, Water Dog



Origin Date

ancient times


12-15 years 

History Of The Maltese Terrier

The Maltese is the oldest of the European toy dog ​​breeds and is among the oldest of almost all dog breeds. His history can go back at least 2000 years. This noble race, which dates back to ancient times, was described by the Philosopher Aristotle as "perfectly proportioned" despite his small stature. Around 1500 BC, the island of Malta was a trading port visited by Phoenician sailors. There are even traces of them erecting graves for the Maltese breed. Although his origin and formation are not known precisely, there is a mass that thinks he was developed by crossing the Spaniel and Poddle breeds. Spread over the centuries from the island country to the world, the Maltese Dog is part of the Barbican family. The Maltese Dog is thought to be the ancestor of the Bichon Frize, Bolognese, and Havanese breeds. The people who developed the Maltese breed known and recognized today are the British.

The dogs were exported from the Island of Malta. It was then widely distributed in Europe and the East. However, the dogs in Malta remained isolated from other dogs dispersed by export. This breed continued, with dogs remaining isolated for centuries. The most distinctive feature of the Maltese Dog.

maltese terrier as one of the most popular white dog breeds

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Personality & Character Traits

The Maltese is a lively, playful breed of dog. It has a sweet appearance with soft, long, and white hair. he has a beauty that those who see him cannot resist and creates a natural feeling of love in people. He is friendly and is seen to be friendly towards foreign dogs and pets. It is known to show moderate tolerance towards small children. Due to his small size and sensitive nature, the Maltese is not suitable for families with small children. The Maltese breed is generally affectionate, intelligent, reliable, and very attached to its owner. Being highly intelligent helps him to complete the training given by his owner or breeder in a short time. With his quick learner nature, he can learn good things as well as bad behaviors quickly. Therefore, principle and continuity are fundamental in the education process.

Generally recognized as a gentle and agreeable breed, one side of the breed is ferocious. You can see them challenging larger dogs with their tiny bodies and barking loudly. With his brave features, he tries to protect his loved ones by going into an alarm state in suspicious situations. This barking is generally moderate. The barking condition of this breed, which is suitable for apartment life, does not cause much trouble for his guardian. However, in some possible cases, he can be seen that he enters a barking attack, as every dog ​​does. For example, when you leave him alone at home for a long time, the barking may occur due to separation anxiety, not exercising enough, being under stress, or sensing a dangerous situation.

They stand out with their devotion to their loved ones. They want to be taken care of and played with. They have an emotional and touchy nature. Maltese does not like being alone and wants to be with his owners. He also does not like to share love and attention with others, so he has difficulty adapting to a house where there are children and pets other than himself. Maltese dogs, among social animals, can be accustomed to socialization and relationship with strangers with love, attention, and play that starts at an early stage.

 maltese terrier as one of the most white dog breeds

They love to run and play. If you allow him to play in the open air, in an environment where you provide security, you will not find him happy at that moment. Related to their genetic structure, it is seen that some Maltese dogs like to jump in puddles. If you take them outside under your supervision, socialize them, and allow them to play with other dogs, people, and pets, you will help them take the necessary steps in their development.

If you protect the Maltese dog, which is among the small dogs, more than necessary, falling on him can pamper him. This too much attention brings with it negative behaviors. If he thinks he is the boss and has the main control in the house, he tries to be the leading party. This may cause him to be jealous of the guests who come to the house and to exhibit vicious behavior towards children and adults. Therefore, give the necessary importance to obedience training in your dog's training in bilateral relations and make it clear that he is not the boss. Just because you love your dog doesn't mean you'll pamper him too much.


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