Police Dog Breeds: Nine Gorgeous Dog Breeds for the Job

Police dogs are specially trained to assist police and law enforcement. Their duties are as follows: search for drugs and explosives, identify missing people, find evidence at the crime scene and attack other people on the orders of the police officer.

Unlike their police buddies, K9 dogs are loved and respected by everyone. Their olfactory skills are advanced, and along with their other abilities, they are of great help to law enforcement. Today we're going to tell you about some dog breeds that are great for the job. Are you ready to meet them?


But first of all, as in everything else, we would like to point out that some breeds are more suitable for certain jobs. For example, Labrador Retrievers are often used as guide dogs, while other dogs do great work as therapy dogs.


While we almost always associate German shepherds with the term "police dog," there are many more suitable breeds for the job. Let's take a look at these breeds together.

belgian malinois is one of the common police dog breeds

Best dog breeds for the K9 business

Before we get to know the best breeds for the K9 job, we want to tell you about the four different categories of police dogs in law enforcement. Each of these tasks, which you may not be aware of, covers a different task. These categories are:

Intervention Dogs: These dogs are used for tasks such as finding criminals, operations during riots, or hostage rescue in cases of kidnapping.

Detection Dogs :You can see these dogs in border guard departments. They look for smuggled drugs and explosives that are being tried to cross the border.

Scientific Police Dogs: Dogs in this department help find bodies, evidence, and join the police cordon.

Rescue Mission Dogs: These dogs generally work when natural disasters such as earthquakes or avalanches occur, when damage occurs. They are also very good at tracking.

Now let's take a look at which breeds are more suitable for which job category.


K9 Dogs Used for Response

Belgian Malinois are best suited for this type of job. The reason for this is their agility and intelligence, as well as their effective and striking physique.


German shepherds are often chosen for police work. However, they are no longer used at least as much as before. Because people often have to deal with health problems because people breed them for "aesthetic" reasons. As a result, they may have to retire from their job.

german shepherds are one of the most common police dog breeds


Detection Dogs

Thanks to their excellent sniffing abilities, the Labrador Retriever is best suited for this type of job. Let's not forget that they also stand out with their sharp intelligence.


At the same time, while Beagle dogs have an open and active character, they are ahead of other breeds with their ability to smell. And of course, there's the foxhound, which belongs to the same family and has similar scenting abilities.


Scientific K9 dogs

Greyhounds are one of the best dogs for this type of job, as their sense of smell is truly amazing. They can even recognize a two-week-old scent.

greyhounds are such an amazing police dog breeds



Shorthaired Dutch Shepherds have a number of abilities that set them apart from other breeds when it comes to policing. The same abilities do not exist in longhaired Dutch Shepherd dogs.


Similarly, Spanish water dogs are good at detecting things like drugs and poison bait. They work with forest law enforcement and port police, who select them based on their intelligence and character.


Dogs for Rescue Missions

German shepherds are ideal animals for this job, thanks to their intelligence and learning abilities. They are courageous and often fearless dogs, and these are the skills often required by the situation.

Belgian shepherd dogs can also be great choices for the job, thanks to their amazing strength and intelligence.

In addition, the giant Schnauzer is also an active dog whose energy seems to never end. This is a very necessary and great feature for rescue missions.


Each and every one of the dogs used in the police profession is well cared for. They retire when they no longer have the strength to carry on, and they often join their new family, who enjoy owning them.


In fact, K9 dogs that retire in the United States even receive a pension. To make things a little bit easier for the families who own them.

What can we say other than to thank these brave animals for their service!

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