Pug Breed Information [Everything You Need to Know For the Best Care]

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The friendly Pug has a square-proportioned, compact, and stocky build. He has a unique aura with leather wrinkles on his round head. These wrinkles add cuteness to his cuteness and give him a different expression. He does not grow much and belongs to the small dog class. He has a strong gait and an excited mood that reveals his energetic nature. His fur is light brown, brown, black, thin, smooth, and short.

At A Glance To The Pug Breed


20-25 lbs


12-16 inch





Origin Date



12-15 years


It is known that the Pug breed made friends with many people in different parts of the world, from the Chinese emperors to the Dutch royal family. Pug has always impressed people with his wrinkled skin and somewhat sad and sweet eyes. 

The Pug breed has many known names. He is referred to by different names "Mopshond" in the Netherlands, "Mops" in Germany and "Dutch or Chinese Pug" in England, "Carlin" in France, and "Dogullo" in Spain and "Caganlino" in Italy. There are some rumors about the origin of the name Pug. The first rumor about his name, Pug, was likened to a clenched fist as a head structure and was consumed from the Latin word Pugnus, which means fist. Another rumor is that Pug dogs are named so because their facial expressions resemble Marmoset Pug monkeys. Although their names have changed and are referred to differently in different places, the Pug breed has managed to preserve the mastiff characteristics inherited from their ancestors. He was an exceptional race as the only descendant of his ancestors, which disappeared in ancient times. 

The Pug is one of the few dog breeds that was miniaturized in the East centuries ago. This event is thought to have occurred as he is the favorite pet of Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. In China, facial wrinkles are considered princely signs; even vertical wrinkles are likened to the Chinese prince script. We think this is because they give importance to the Pug breed, which has cute wrinkles.

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Personality & Character Traits

With his round head, large round eyes, wrinkled eyebrows, and forehead, the Pug breed is a loyal and affectionate companion. He is loyal to his owner, making an effort to please him. He likes to be loved by his owner. It is stated that he gives happiness to the people around him with his cute eyes. The Pug breed is suitable for living and being cared for in a home environment. He makes excellent friends with the people around him. He communicates well with all age groups, from young to old. He gains a special place in the family environment with his relations with children. 

Pug wants to be liked. If he makes eye contact with you and doesn't get loving glances from you, he will be unhappy. We can say that he is an emotional race that can show his love to his owner and expects the same in return. He needs love and attention as much as human beings. They may come to you on your lap while you sit and read a book or watch TV. Instead of sitting in a corner alone in the house, the Pug can be positioned close to his loved ones as a contact-loving breed. This closeness is never enough to overwhelm the owner or the Pug. However, if there is a suitable environment and conditions, he accompanies his owner instead of hanging out alone. 

He can easily survive in temperate climates that are not too hot or too cold. It is seen that they enjoy eating very much. However, since He has a small size, He will be healthier for them to eat with portion control. Each extra meal given to him by his sad gaze does more harm than good to them. Pugs, prone to gaining weight, should be fed with special food if necessary. 

It would not be possible to pass without mentioning a feature of the Pug breed, which likes to lie down and doze. He is a slightly snoring breed. If you want to live with him, you have to be willing to listen to it snoring from time to time. Don't be surprised by the snoring from his tiny body; this is normal as he has difficulty breathing due to his facial structure and heat sensitivity. 

Pug is a good-natured, cute, playful and funny dog ​​with a sweet wrinkled face. From time to time, he can also make heady exits against the commands given by his owner. It is also observed that they stubbornly try to fight from afar with larger animals and dogs. However, they usually tend to please their owner, and this stubbornness is short-lived. 

For the Pug breed to be a more well-behaved dog, it is essential to be trained and socialized at an early age. With these pieces of training, their skills are increased, their potential misbehaviors are noticed, and new ways are found to be corrected. Visiting dog parks, communicating with foreign dogs under the control of the guardian, spending time and playing games with different people and environments are essential for the development of his personality. The walks and activities you will do with your dog during the day can determine his personality and character.

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