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Take a look at the Golden Retriever puppy; it's love at first sight. Is it any surprise that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds? These loving and easy-to-train companions are very popular across the country. There are different types of Golden Retrievers. This article will take a closer look at the Red Golden Retriever. Let's dive in! 

The Red Golden Retriever is very little different from the golden retriever. His coat is slightly shorter than the other golden retriever. And we can describe this color as a deep mahogany tone. Somewhat smaller than the average Golden. And in fact, it has a more athletic and modern look for its development for hunting. Therefore, it can be said that the energy requirement is higher. 

The general appearance of the  Red Golden Retriever should be symmetrical, balanced, active, powerful, and well-aligned in its gait. The expression is that of a thoughtful and kind dog. The head is proportionate and well-chiseled. The skull is broad but not coarse. The muzzle is powerful, broad, and deep, of a length equal to that of the skull, with a well-defined stop. Eyes should be dark brown, wide apart, with dark eyelid rims. The ears, of moderate size, are set at approximately eye level. The limbs are straight and well-boned, well-positioned under the trunk. The tail is attached and carried at the height of the back: it reaches the hock without ever curving at the end.

Red Golden Retriever

Origins And History of Red Golden Retriever

The breed's recognition is relatively recent since it dates from 1931, but we know practically nothing of its history. We only know legends about this: the most famous tells that in 1858 Lord Tweedmouth bought a pair of light-colored Caucasian Shepherds whom he had seen working in a circus. At each of their litter, he would have kept only the "golden" puppies to fix the recessive nature of the coat. Other authors still maintain that the breed's ancestor was Us, a yellow dog born from the cross between this Water Spaniel and a Flat-Coated Retriever

Character and Abilities 

The Golden Retriever has a very exceptional character: it is perfect with children, gentle and peaceful with the elderly. Robust and resistant, he is a walking companion for youngsters and naturally a precious helper for the hunter. He is a dog to which it is necessary to devote a lot of time because he has a great need for the human company: he feels an integral part of the family, that is to say of the "gang" in which he lives and wants to play a full role in him by making himself useful and participating in all possible activities. When hunting, he is a very skillful retriever, especially in the water. 

 Affectionate: This dog does not only have cream, but he also has a golden character! Very close to his social group, he will be keen to please them and bring his members all the love they need.

Red Golden Retriever


Player: This dog is very playful and active, so he will be a perfect companion to play with children. He will delight young and old alike through various antics simply to amuse, distract and attract everyone's attention.

Games that are both fun and educational will be preferred to strengthen the obedience of this dog and, above all, to strengthen the relationship that binds him to his master. 

Calm: If his needs are respected and met, and he is sufficiently well educated, he will be a calm and quiet dog at home.

 However, this greatly depends on the breeding in which he grew up. Indeed, the great success of this breed has sometimes caused some excesses and has even succeeded in endangering the primary quality of this dog, namely his "good paw" side. 

Clever: Versatile, this dog excels in many disciplines, which reflects his great intelligence and adaptability. The abilities and character of the Golden Retriever have even led him to become an excellent service dog for the help of the blind and disabled.

The intelligence of the Golden is also recognized by the greatest scientists and specialists in cognitive ethology. Indeed, a ranking highlighting intuitive intelligence, adaptive intelligence, and intelligence at work hoists this dog on the third step of the podium. This is to say how natural his intelligence is.

Red Golden Retriever


Hunter: Naturally made to accompany hunters in the field, learning and subtle training is still necessary to use this dog effectively for hunting. The Red Golden Retriever dog will be particularly good at retrieving games, especially in water, an environment where it evolves with pleasure and dexterity. 

Fearful/wary of strangers: Not aggressive or reserved around strangers, this Golden Retriever is sociable, friendly, and eager for contact, whether familiar or new. 

Independent: Particularly close to his masters and in need of attention, this dog will however be able to return to his apartments and evolve with a certain autonomy within his environment.

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Endure loneliness: He is not a dog made to stay alone for long hours. He needs to be surrounded and stimulated regularly to be well in his paws.

 Life outdoors or in a kennel did not suit him well; this dog needs to live in the family home. 

Easy to train / obedient: The Red Golden Retriever dog is very easy to educate since he wants and needs to please his master. Of a docile nature, he will be eager to learn if, indeed, the learning methods are respectful of the principles of positive education.

Education should be started from an early age for the Golden Retriever puppy. Until his first 20 weeks of life, his brain is in turmoil; he will need to learn and be stimulated to develop his natural abilities.

Instinctively, the Golden puppy will look for a referent on whom to rely, so this is the role that his new master will have to endorse and assume to guarantee the beautiful balance specific to this breed.

Barking: This dog will not be an excessive barker, although he may raise his voice in excitement or frustration. Good education and respectful response to their spending needs will help control this aspect.

 Runaway: This adorable companion is not a runaway dog ​​because he greatly prefers to stay with his family.

Be careful with dogs that are little or not out of the garden every day; they could find the time long and take to their heels to clear their paws and minds. 

Destroyer: The maturity of the adult Golden dog is relatively late, and destruction may be persistent. Nevertheless, the dog's excellent physical and mental expenditure, coupled with a firm and coherent education, allows this aspect to be controlled.

Red Golden Retriever



Greedy/gluttonous: This is an asset for education, but vigilance must still be taken to avoid being overweight.

To avoid the gluttonous behavior of the dog during the meal, the ration can be offered in two portions and/or in an anti-glutton bowl. 

Small additional tip: for dogs who tend to eat very quickly, their daily ration can be scattered in the garden, for example. This allows the dog both to eat more slowly and to stimulate his sense of smell! 

Watchdog: Not a guardian, this dog will welcome guests, but also intruders, with pleasure and joy. This can be an asset or a disadvantage, depending on the expectations of the dog's masters. 

First dog: This Retriever is particularly suitable for a first adoption. Red Golden Retriever is a perfect companion dog. He is affectionate, playful, loyal, and sociable. And Most importantly, he can adapt wonderfully to all lifestyles and various family constitutions.

It will of course be necessary to find out about the conditions of the breeding chosen to be sure of having a Golden Retriever puppy that is balanced and conforms to the official standard of the breed.

Red Golden Retriever

Ideal Lifestyle of Red Golden Retriever

Whether inside or outside. The Golden Retriever will be happier living in a pavilion with a garden, but he can be content with life in an apartment if he has been out often. 

Golden retriever in an apartment: Sporty and active by nature, this dog will need space to develop fully. A life in the countryside with a garden and a nearby water point will be the dream living conditions for this great swimmer.

However, his adaptive intelligence allows him to adapt to city life in an apartment if his needs for physical expenditure are met. You can get him an indoor dog house to create his own space inside the house.

Need for exercise/sport: The Golden Retriever dog needs daily outings and expenses to be perfectly balanced physically and mentally. Long walks, with the possibility of wading or even swimming, should be offered to him as regularly as possible. This dog excels in many disciplines: hunting, agility, obedience, tracking, obedience, cani-racing, etc. So many activities that his masters can offer him in leisure. 

Travel / Ease of transport: The size of this dog may hinder his accessibility in certain transport, but his need to be with his master and his intelligence of adaptation allows him to be able to travel without too many constraints.

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