All About the Red tri color Australian Shepherd (A Full Guide)

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The Australian Shepherd is a magnificent dog especially known for his silky and colorful coat. If the blue merle Australian Shepherd has the wind in his sails, the red tri color Australian Shepherd has some good arguments to make.

Here is a summary of the answers to the many questions you may have about the red tri color Australian Shepherd.

What Is A Red tri color Australian Shepherd?

The term "tricolor" refers to three solid colors that the Red Australian Shepherd may display: red (brown), white, and tan. It should not be confused with the so-called “red merle” coat which has predominantly red spots on a background of white and brown hair.

tri color australian shepherd

How does the red tri color Australian Shepherd get this color?

The short answer is genetics. Genes determine color. Dominant genes always block recessive genes. The red gene (also called recessive, unlike the dominant black gene.)

This means that red Australian Shepherds are rarer than black ones. The only way to get this coloring for a dog is to have two red genes in the parents and no black genes.

What is the difference between a red tri color Australian Shepherd and red merle Australian Shepherd?

The tri-color red coat consists of three solid colors: red on the body, white on the collar and chest, and tan on the legs and face. The eyes are often amber in color.

A merle dress is speckled in a way: the background is a mixture of red and white hairs on which there are sometimes fiery red spots.

What is the height, weight, and life expectancy of a red tri Australian Shepherd?

The red tri color Australian Shepherd presents the standards of the breed. Height and weight differences between males and females:

Male Female
Height Range 51 to 58 cm 46 to 53 cm
Weight Range 50 to 65 lbs 40 to 55 lbs
Lifespan 13 - 15 years 13 - 15 years
tri color australian shepherd

Are there personality differences unique to the red tri color Australian Shepherd?

There is no scientific evidence to indicate that the Red Australian Shepherd has a different personality than those sporting a different coat color. Here are some traits found in the Australian Shepherd:

He is very intelligent. He needs mental stimulation. He is a dog that needs interaction with humans. His intelligence means that the education sessions can be effective as well as difficult.

He is a working dog, a herding dog more particularly, selected over generations for that. It is therefore very active and protective. He is not aggressive and generally gets along very well with other pets.

Where to find a tri color red Australian Shepherd?

Do not leave the choice of the breeder to chance.

To avoid potential health issues, look for a breeder with a good reputation. Dogs can develop diseases due to poor parent selection, and symptoms often don't appear until adulthood.

Some even say that you should not adopt an Australian Shepherd with white ears: the lack of pigment could be the cause of deafness. Anyway, a good breeder must present you with several documents and provide you with a veterinary certificate of good health.

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What to feed a red tri color, Australian Shepherd?

The kibbles for your red tri color Australian Shepherd have an obvious impact on his health. Quality food will be more beneficial in the long term than cheap food bought in supermarkets.

The Australian Shepherd exerts himself enormously, and his diet must be able to support him in his efforts. Choose food rich in animal protein – remember that dogs are opportunistic carnivores!

How can you be sure to make the right choice for him? Starting with understanding what you are giving it. To do this, learn to read the labels of croquettes or pâtés. This is the only way to know what they contain. The most critical parameter is the protein level, which is essential for dogs. But beware, not just any protein: proteins of animal origin. The minimum protein level must be 28%. Choose croquettes or pâtés low in carbohydrates so as not to promote weight gain, and pay attention to the ash content: no more than 10%!

Several types of dog food exist (kibbles, pâtés, household ration, BARF diet). They all have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Barf diet: This extraordinary diet wants to get closer to the original diet of dogs, consisting of raw meat. The portions are therefore made up of pieces of raw meat and offal, accompanied by a few cooked vegetables. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian before embarking on the BARF diet.
  • Household ration: Like the BARF diet, the household ration is homemade dog food. Meals here consist of cooked meat and carefully selected cooked vegetables. Ask a specialist for advice on preparing well-balanced portions for your dog
tri color australian shepherd

Grooming a Red tri color Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has a double coat, and two layers of hair. 

The outer layer of hair is the colored one. He protects the dog from water and dirt. These are the hairs that fall out the most.

The undercoat of the hair is white, dense, and fluffy. It is thermal insulation. The hairs of the undercoat fall out, but much less than those of the outer coat.


How Often Should You Groom a Red tri color Australian Shepherd?

You can brush an Australian Shepherd weekly to maintain healthy skin and regulate temperature well. Air is trapped in the undercoat layer and helps regulate body temperature.

The undercoat can tangle and lose its insulating properties if brushing is insufficient, leading to skin problems. The Australian Shepherd loses his hair a lot, so it is necessary to brush him.

The dog should be brushed daily during the molting period in spring and autumn. Dead hair must be removed so that new hair can grow.

How to Groom an Australian Shepherd Properly

Brush from head to tail, never against the hair. Don't forget the back, flanks, neck, chest, legs, and stomach.

Use a tight brush for the undercoat layer.

Then brush the top layer with a special brush.

Don't clip an Australian Shepherd, even when it's hot. His hair is his insulation. (more details here)

Should you wash an Australian Shepherd? How often? With what shampoo?

You should only bathe a red tri color Australian Shepherd when he is filthy or when he has rolled around in something gross. The dog's skin secretes a fatty substance that protects it, keeps it hydrated and supple, and regulates skin bacteria.

During a shampoo, the skin is stripped, and must renew this protection. You guessed it, too frequent shampoos only damage a dog's skin, especially since people often use their shampoo on their dogs.

However, even a mild shampoo is not suitable for the dog's skin. It is necessary to use a unique shampoo formula specially adapted to dogs.

tri color australian shepherd

Red tri color Australian Shepherd Health

The Australian Shepherd is not a particularly fragile dog. However, the breeder's choice is crucial to avoid some worries and visit the veterinarian. An Australian Shepherd is likely to encounter a significant problem: being overweight.

An Australian Shepherd needs exercise. Lots of exercises. This means he should be able to let off steam for at least an hour a day, but the ideal is closer to two hours of moderate to intense activity. This saves him many physical but also psychological, and behavioral problems.

Under-exercising and over-feeding are the most significant risks to your Australian Shepherd louse. But YOU can control this habit.

Common Health Issues:
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye conditions, including cataracts.
  • Multi-drug sensitivity
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy

Many diseases in dogs are hereditary. This is why you have to choose the breeder carefully. Because it is he who selects the dogs, generation after generation.

Can a red tri color Australian Shepherd live in an apartment?

As you know, the Australian Shepherd has been the dog breed favored by the French for many years. It is, therefore not surprising that city dwellers living in apartments wish to adopt one.

It is quite possible to have a red tri color Australian Shepherd in an apartment, provided you commit to giving him the physical exercise he needs. Buying dog toys is an intelligent thing to do. If you work, that means getting up earlier to take the dog out long enough and coming home at noon for your lunch break.

You can leave it alone all day, BUT it's not something you can do overnight under any conditions. This requires time to learn and acclimatize to solitude, with an indoor environment that allows him to play and occupy himself. The ideal is to have someone you trust who can come to your house to take the dog out.

Otherwise, expect the dog to be depressed, not clean, adopt destructive behavior, etc.

7 Facts About The Australian Shepherds:
  • The Australian Shepherd is not native to Australia! The breed originates from the Basque Country
  • In the 19th century, many Basque shepherds emigrated with their dogs to Australia, then some left to live in the United States where the breed developed.
  • It was California breeders who gave the dog the name “Australian Shepherd”
  • The Australian Shepherd was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1991 and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1996.
  • A black Australian Shepherd can give birth to a red Australian Shepherd because they can have both black and red genes and pass on that second one.
  • The Australian Shepherd was originally a herding dog, but today he is also used as a service dog and sniffer dog.

Final Thoughts

The red tri color Australian Shepherd is not the most popular dress color, he's eye-catching!

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