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 When the Austrian shepherd breed is mentioned, all the images that come to mind are its long fluffy coats. These long soft hairs are like his signature. That being the case, would it surprise you to know that he is an Australian Shepherd Short Hair? Yes, such a dog does exist.

And they're not as rare as you might think. You may wonder whether this Australian Shepherd breed is purebred. But just as Australian Shepherds' eyes are sometimes brown, sometimes blue, and sometimes even blue-eyed and brown-eyed, their fur can be short or long. Dog experts can't answer this definitively, though some think it's related to the breed's ancestry.

The only difference in the Australian Shepherd Short Hair's the length of the coat. Other than that, all other features are the same as the classic Austrian. So come now to the need of this race. Let's find out about his living conditions and how we can make him comfortable.


Living Conditions of Australian Shepherd Short Hair

Let it be said: the Australian Shepherd Short Hair is not made to live in an apartment. Indeed, this dog is always on the move and needs to be able to run and exercise at will. He would therefore risk finding himself cramped very quickly, even if he can adapt, provided he is out often and for a long time. Therefore, the ideal living environment for this sheepdog remains a house in the countryside with a large plot.

The Australian Shepherd is an energetic dog. Easily count one to two hours of intense activity each day. Otherwise, your dog would quickly sink into boredom and depression. Remember that an animal does not have to adapt to your lifestyle; choose a breed already adapted to yours.

The Australian Shepherd can perfectly live with other animals. As a sheepdog, he lacks a hunting instinct and views his family members as herds. However, do not neglect his socialization.


How to live in an apartment with an Australian Shepherd?

Should you give up on adopting an Australian Shepherd if you live in an apartment?  If, on paper, living in an apartment is inadvisable, in practice, the happiness of your dog also depends on other criteria.

Affectionate by nature, an Australian Shepherd will undoubtedly prefer to live in an apartment but be with his master and enjoy a great outing for two hours a day. Therefore, if you live in an apartment and work all day, do not adopt this breed. But this statement is also valid if you live in a house. A garden will never compensate for daily outings.

australian shepherd short hair


How to make Australian Shepherd Short Hair comfortable in your home: Tips for Maintenance

Rest is essential in a dog, and even more so in the Australian Shepherd, whose spending needs are enormous. You must therefore be able to guarantee your dog quality sleep. This parameter in the Australian Shepherd puppy is critical as rest is synonymous with good growth.

The Australian Shepherd Short Hair is quite capable of sleeping outside, provided he has a doghouse that suits his needs. Inside, his sleeping area must also meet certain criteria (calm, cleanliness, etc.). Therefore, choosing a basket is essential to avoid all kinds of an inconvenience. Because do not forget: the dog who does not sleep = master who does not sleep either!

Set up well-defined rituals, and do not give in to the sirens by letting your dog sleep with you. As soon as he arrives in his new home, teach your baby Australian Shepherd to sleep alone so as not to encourage the development of too much dependence on you. Arm yourself with patience and willpower, and your dog will quickly understand what you expect of him, thanks to his formidable character and great intelligence.


Which dog house to choose for my Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is quite capable of sleeping outside. His thick coat gives him good protection against the cold – provided the temperatures are not freezing. However, if you plan to rest your dog in your garden, you must invest in a quality doghouse. Certain materials and criteria are to be preferred. Otherwise, your dog's health could be seriously impacted.

Which material to choose?

You will find on the market wooden doghouses and plastic doghouses. The latter has the advantage of being easier to wash than the others, more easily transportable, and also much cheaper. However, they are not as well insulated and can quickly deteriorate due to their lack of solidity.

The wooden kennels offer, for their part, better insulation both against the cold and the heat. They are also much more solid and constitute a better investment in the long term.

Prefer sloping-roof doghouses if you live in an area known for its rainfall. The water will thus avoid stagnating and damaging the niche. However, this type of kennel is a little easier to clean than flat-roofed kennels, where dogs generally like to lie down to find a vantage point of their territory.

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What size to choose?

It would be a mistake to believe that the kennel must be huge for your dog to feel comfortable. In reality, the ideal dimensions of an Australian Shepherd Short Hair doghouse are perfectly adapted to the animal's size: neither too big nor too small. Ideally, the niche should be ten centimeters taller and slightly longer at the sides. Your Australian Shepherd must be able to stand up and turn around without being bothered.

australian shepherd short hair


Which bed to choose for my Australian Shepherd?

As a dog is very close to his master, the Australian Shepherd will necessarily appreciate sleeping in the house. But there again, it is not a question of choosing the first basket that comes to hand.

Which material to choose for the bed?

Be careful not to choose any material, as some can be dangerous if the dog has destructive tendencies. This is particularly the case for wicker, fabric, or leather baskets. The animal could swallow small pieces of the basket and suffer from intestinal obstruction or choking.

Plastic baskets have the advantage of being stronger but are a little less comfortable. You must therefore decorate them with blankets and cushions. Plastic is also easier to clean than other materials.

What size to choose for the bed?

Again, choose above all a bed adapted to the size of your dog. The edges should envelop him just enough when he is lying down to give him a feeling of security.

Where to install the bed?

First thing: avoid installing your Australian Shepherd’s bed in your bedroom. Don't encourage his dependence on you, and don't let him establish himself as pack leader. Instead, choose a place like the living room. Choose a quiet corner, sheltered from traffic, well-ventilated, and airy, especially in summer.

Decorate the bed with toys and place a bowl of fresh water nearby. Your Australian Shepherd must not be disturbed when he sleeps. Let him rest and treat his basket as a place of his own.

Beds aren't the only option for your Australian Shepherd's sleeping area. You can also buy him a large pillow, mattress, or even a tiny dog sofa.

australian shepherd short hair

Games and physical activities for Australian Shepherd

Overflowing with energy, the Australian Shepherd must exert himself to feel good in body and mind. Conversely, an inactive Australian Shepherd is an Australian Shepherd who will eventually wither away and develop problematic or aggressive behaviors.

Endowed with unfailing and versatile endurance, this dog can run for hours in the great outdoors. It is, therefore, ideal for sports masters who also enjoy running. Australian Shepherds are also perfectly adapted to canine activities and excel in agility. Very intelligent, the Australian Shepherd can also take part in tracking activities or puzzles.

Keep in mind that the Australian Shepherd cannot sit idle. This working dog needs regular physical activity and movement to feel useful and enjoy good mental balance. Therefore, favor long walks, ideally in the forest or the countryside.

The best games for Australian Shepherd

Play sessions with your dog can do double duty. You not only allow him to have fun, but you can also take the opportunity to perfect his education. The Australian Shepherd Short Hair remains a working dog who likes to feel useful and spend time. It is, therefore, necessary to favor games that allow him to run.

The ball: a great classic, the ball has proven itself. It also only requires a minimum of personal investment. Choose dog balls that are solid and of good quality to avoid the ingestion of small elements. Attention. Bullets should not be seen as a panacea either. Indeed, they also tend to encourage the predatory instinct in the Australian Shepherd, who is not a hunting dog. This could affect his understanding of other species, especially cats.


The best activities for Australian Shepherd

Sporty in front of the eternal, the Australian Shepherd will always be ready to exert himself. Regular physical activity is also essential for your dog, whose inactivity could quickly weigh down.

  • Agility: an increasingly popular canine discipline in France, agility consists of completing a course made up of tunnels, posts, and beams to cross. The dog must finish as quickly as possible, guided by the voice of its master. The Australian Shepherd excels in agility, due to their natural agility and high obedience.
  • Treibball: the discipline is quite recent. The dog must push a large ball between two goal posts, under the orders of its handler.
  • Flyball: flyball consists of pushing a ball through a course made up of four hurdles. These contain mechanisms to be activated to retrieve the ball. At the end of the course, your Australian Shepherd should be able to bring it back to you.

The games and activities you do with your dog aren't just a way to get him running. They are an essential element in the relationship you have with your Australian Shepherd Short Hair. They are also a good way to tire your four-legged friend and guarantee him quality sleep.

australian shepherd short hair


Toys for Australian Shepherd puppies: which ones to choose?

A puppy cannot do the same activities as an adult dog. Worse, it could seriously endanger his health. So avoid jumps and uncontrolled skids that could damage his joints and cause serious problems. However, the Australian Shepherd puppy is also overflowing with energy, and it is essential to be able to entertain him. This will also allow you to teach him to be alone and to manage boredom by taking care of himself. Just keep in mind that a baby Australian Shepherd needs some housekeeping.

  • Thinking toys: The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog, who also needs regular intellectual stimulation to be comfortable in his pads. Prioritize puzzles or brain teasers that offer rewards.
  • The knotted rope: The puppy grabs the rope and pulls on it: nothing could be simpler. But beyond its rather basic aspect, the knotted rope makes it possible to learn self-control and the management of excitement.
  • The kongs: Kongs are classic toys for puppies and dogs. They also keep the animal occupied for a while. The principle is simple: a treat is hidden inside the object. It's up to your Australian Shepherd to get her back. Choose kongs suitable for the smaller jaws of puppies, and make sure of the quality of the object. This must resist the teeth of your Australian Shepherd Short Hair.
  • Sound toys: To be reserved perhaps for masters who are more patient than the others. Sound toys stimulate animals and encourage them to chew, which helps to calm tensions while having a calming effect on the animal.

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