Have you ever thought of a Siamese cat with a black-colored coat? Yes, black Siamese cats exist but there is an interesting fact about them.

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  Siamese cats are known for their beauty and elegance. They are the most popular choice among cat lovers and are best known for their silver-gray color with bright blue eyes. You can easily recognize these cats by their slender bodies, triangular heads, and small almond eyes. These gorgeous Siamese cats are also very popular. This popularity comes from two things; for their great charachter and their unique color points that contrast with their white or cream bodies. You can find them in brown, orange, cream, and even blue coats.Siamese cats are not only beautiful, but they are also very intelligent. Their body is very athletic and they need play time to maintain their physical health. Cat towers, where your cat can play at home, can be a great enrichment tool for your cat's both physical and mental health. 

   The original color of the Siamese was Seal Point, but today it also comes in shades of blue, lilac, and chocolate. It is now possible that you can also see Siamese cats with red points, dark brown points, and other variations as well.

  The most common thing in all Siamese cats is that they all have darker points on their tail, face, and legs, with a light body.

But the question is, have you ever thought of black Siamese cats?

 black siamese cats


   Black Siamese Cats: The Black Himalayan Siamese Cat GeneSeating

  The coloring and points of the Siamese cat come from a certain color gene and this gene is known as the Himalayan gene. The Himalayan gene causes partial albinism and is heat sensitive. The meaning of heat sensitivity is that the colder the area, the darker the color will be.

  This is the reason why all Siamese cats are born white and later develop dark spots around the face, tail, and legs. Due to this Himalayan gene, these cats have blue eyes.

  As mentioned above, the Himalayan gene is the reason why Siamese cats have different color points.

  In the womb, where the temperature is warm, the color of the kittens always remains white, but at birth, they are exposed to a certain temperature and then develop darker colors.

black siamese cats

  All Siamese cats are born white and the color darkens as they age. Thanks to this Himalayan gene, these Siamese cats develop darker colors in the coldest region of their body and the same gene allows the warm regions to remain lighter.

  It is therefore clear that all Siamese cats are born white and that there cannot be an entirely black Siamese cat. Their color may become darker during the colder months of the year, but they will never all become the same color.


   How do inherit the Himalayan gene?

   Due to the Himalayan gene, these Siamese cats have characteristic color points. To obtain the pure breed of Siamese, the mother and the father must also carry the Himalayan gene.

   If one of the parents does not carry the Himalayan gene, the kitten's eye color and whether or not the cat has color points can be variable. The probability that the kitten has the colored points in the body depends on the following information.

black siamese cats

   If both mother and father are carriers of the Himalayan gene, the kitten will have the color points in the body.

If the mother and father are not carriers of the Himalayan gene, the kitten will not have the color points and even the eye color may be different from blue.

  If only one of the parents says that the mother and not the father or the father and not the mother carries the Himalayan gene, the kitten will not inherit the color points. In this case, the kitten can become a carrier of the gene and thus pass it on to its offspring.

 black siamese cats

  Ask a Vet if the Black Siamese Cats Exist

  Genetically, a Seal Point Siamese is a black cat, but the Himalayan gene they carry prevents the Siamese from being entirely black.

   So if you want black Siamese cats, you should buy an oriental cat. Oriental and Siamese cats are essentially the same cats, but the difference is that Oriental cats don't have that Himalayan gene in them.

      Because Oriental cats don't have the Himalayan gene in them, you won't get them blue-eyed. The eye shape of Oriental and Siamese cats are the same, but instead of having blue eyes, Oriental cats have a shade of green.

  So if you see a black-colored cat, you are probably looking at an oriental cat. The body characteristics of an Oriental cat are the same as those of a Siamese, but they do not carry the Himalayan gene. So the fact is that a cat with pure black fur cannot be a purebred Siamese but of all oriental breeds.

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