Maine Coon Black Cat [How to Preserve Their Distinguished Coat]

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The most characteristic feature that distinguishes the Maine Coon's from other cats is his unique look. The first things that catch your eye are tufted ears, a fluffy tail, and a strong muscular body. They also have an impressive size. Indeed, this cat can measure up to 40 inches long and weigh up to 25 lbs without having any problem with obesity. 

When this impressive-looking cat also had a lovely character, he became a very popular breed by everyone. But, of course, one of the most impressive of the Maine Coon cats, which can be in many different colors, is the Maine Coon Black Cat. If you are considering adopting such a cat, this article is for you.

Let's dive in.

 The origin of Maine Coon Black Cat

It is difficult to know precisely how and when the Maine Coon breed was created. Several theories exist, but to date, none have been verified.

Some claim that the Maine Coon came from a cross with a raccoon, and others claim that the breed came from 6 Angora cats sent by Marie-Antoinette to the United States.

For still others, the Maine coon dates back to the Viking era. What is certain is that he is one of the oldest natural North American cat breeds. The breed was officially discovered in 1860 during an exhibition organized in the state of Maine - from where he takes his name - by local farmers, whose objective was to elect the most beautiful cat.

  On the other hand, the Maine coon was not officially recognized as a breed until 1967 by the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA). In France, the breed was imported in 1981, but it will be necessary to wait until the 1990s for him to meet the success that we know today.

 maine coon black cat

  Maine coon, its physical characteristics

  The Maine Coon is recognizable at first glance by its large size and massive appearance. He has a long, rectangular body with a strong chest and good musculature. On average, a male weighs between 6 and 9 kgs while the females are a little less massive with their 9 to 13 lbs, which is still higher than the average for cats of other breeds. However, the record for the largest Maine coon in the world was held by Leo, a cat measuring 48 inches long! So it's not for nothing that you have to buy big cat croquettes.

Diets and exercise routines are essential for maintaining the health of their large bodies. The Maine Coon is also a very intelligent cat breed. For this reason, it is recommended to use cat towers for both weight control and mental stimulation.

  The Maine Coon's legs are proportional to his bodyAs a result, theyey are massive, long, and powerful. One of the particularities of the Maine Coon cat is a small tuft of hair nestled under each of his paws, between the pads. The Maine Coon's tail is long, wide, and fluffy.

  The head of the Maine coon black cat is medium in size and is distinguished by prominent cheekbones. The eyes are two large ovals, oblique, on either side of the head. His muzzle is quite strong and square. The ears are very large, not very pointed, and each has a tuft of hair at his end, which constitutes one of the highly sought-after particularities of the breed.

 Maine coon hair is quite long and dense. It often has a collar under the throat, often very appreciated, reminiscent of the lion. The Maine coon can have different coats. However, the “Brown Blotched Tabby” coat, marbled brown in French, is one of the most sought-after coats in the animal.

The Maine Coon black cat is an exquisite cat, trendy, especially in beauty contests.

 maine coon black cat

 Maine Coon Black Cat Character

Despite the idea we can have of this giant who impresses with his fatness, the Maine coon generally has a relatively calm demeanor. Of a very affectionate nature, the Maine Coon is a cat that typically shows no aggression, making him a pleasant companion for adults and children. Of a sociable nature, he will even get along quite well with many pets, such as other cats and dogs.

Even if he likes to go out and take advantage of the outdoors to walk around and exercise a little, the Maine Coon black cat will adapt very well to living in an apartment. Equipping your house with suitable cat scratching posts and cat houses can make your cat quite happy at home.

In addition to his atypical size, the Maine coon never ceases to seduce with his loyal, kind character and the sweetness that can be read in his eyes. The Maine Coon is an ideal cat whether you live alone or with your family, or wherever you live.

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Adopt a Maine Coon Black Cat

 You will find Maine Coon black cat at specialized breeders. Do not hesitate to go there to ensure the breeder's seriousness because the conditions in which a kitten lives during its first weeks will determine his character in adulthood.

Beware, however, of “counterfeiting”: victim of its success, cats having the appearance of Maine coon have been created. Your cat must have a pedigree if he wants to participate in competitions. You can check our article "How to Find Cat Breeders Near Me" on this subject.

 maine coon black cat

What food to choose for a Maine coon?

What you need to know if you adopt a kitten is that his growth will take much longer than the growth of kittens of other breeds. The Maine Coon will reach his adult size at the age of 4 years. It will therefore be necessary to give him an appropriate diet until then.

  The best thing is to continue to feed him with special kitten kibbles from which it will draw all the essential nutrients to grow well. In adulthood, the Maine Coon will have higher food needs than other cat breeds and particularly need high protein intake. So be sure to buy him quality kibble with a high protein level, between 30 and 45%, and relatively low in lipids.

   If your cat is sterilized, then opt for special croquettes for spayed cats, less rich than standard croquettes, especially if your cat lives in an apartment and spends most of his days sleeping.

 maine coon black cat

Caring for a Maine Coon's coat

Like all long-haired cats, the Maine Coon requires special maintenance. Even if your cat is not the subject of competition, it is advisable to take special care of its coat to retain a beautiful and silky coat. Daily brushing is recommended using a comb or a cat brush, especially around March-April, when cats lose their winter hair to prepare for the hot season.

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