Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats: Does hypoallergenic cats exist?

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Are you one of those who (unfortunately) get watery and itchy noses in front of a little cat?  And do you have a great love for Russian Blues? With its short blue-colored coat with silver highlights, it is easy to confuse the Russian Blue with the blue British Shorthair, Chartreux, or Korat. But some peculiarities do not deceive cat lovers! Its delicate physique and elongated lines give it great elegance. While her emerald green eyes capsize many hearts. Suppose you want to know whether Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats, read this article.

Does a hypoallergenic cat exist?

The short answer? No. Not really.

Sebaceous glands in the skin also produce allergens. For example, Feld 1, the major cat allergen, is found on hair, skin, saliva, and even in the anal glands of the animal!

So when cats lick themselves, their saliva (containing Feld 1) dries out and becomes an airborne allergen, triggering the allergy.

russian blue hypoallergenic cats

 Are Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats?

Russian Blue cats are not only beautiful, with their silvery-blue fur and green eyes, but they are also elegant and friendly.

Additionally, they seem to produce less Feld 1 than other breeds, which means people with allergies tend to have an easier time sticking with them.

So let’s get to know these beautiful cats a little closer:

 Origins of Russian Blue

This gray-blue cat is from Russia. Precisely from the port city of Arkhangelsk. He then moved to England and Scandinavia. A cat show put him in the spotlight in 1871 at the Crystal Palace, nicknamed the blue archangel.

Crossings are made after the Second World War. Therefore, today, there are three colors in this breed of cats: blue, white, and black.

Namely, the Russian Blue's semi-longhaired variety is the Nebelung, but all feline federations do not recognize it as an official breed. Just like Russians with black or white coats.

russian blue hypoallergenic cats

The character of the Russian Blue

He is calm but knows how to stay active and is close to his master. He loves hugs and lets you know it! Without necessarily meowing because it is very discreet. The perfect pet, intelligent and affectionate.

Namely: sometimes reserved and shy by nature, the Russian Blue does not necessarily appreciate the company (and noise) of young children… He is also wary of strangers.

The ideal master for a Russian Blue

A master who is often present at home and who offers him frequent interactions. Games and cuddling are less highly recommended!

A Russian Blue in an apartment?

This cat prefers the comforts of the house to hunt parties in the garden. It is an indoor cat, even an apartment cat. But, on the other hand, he does not support loneliness and appreciates the presence of another playmate, cat, dog, or rabbit!

 What activities for a Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue kitten is very playful and active. However, as an adult, this cat remains curious. Hiding places, cat toys, scratching posts, and play tunnels greatly interested him!

russian blue hypoallergenic cats

Physical Characteristics of Russian Blue

The coat of the Russian Blue

Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats have silver-gray-blue hair that is dense, soft, and silky like a plush. Its dense undercoat protects it from the cold, and this cat loses little hair overall.

This long-legged cat is about 30 cm long. Its weight varies between 2 kg and 5 kg. He has a rather slender and elegant physique. Russian Blue is thinner than Chartreux.

The face of the Russian Blue

Its head is triangular with a gray nose and conspicuous whiskers, unlike the Chartreux with yellow-orange eyes, the Russian Blue sports intense walnut-shaped green eyes.

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Russian Blue Grooming

The Russian Blue requires easy maintenance: weekly brushing is sufficient. to prevent the cat from spitting up hairballs. On the other hand, more regular brushing may be necessary for the Nebelung.

Also, watch for the presence of tartar on his teeth. Not to mention cleaning the eyes and ears. And the size of the claws that he sometimes does not wear enough.

russian blue hypoallergenic cats

Feeding the Russian Blue

Feeding distributed in 2 or 3 rations per day is recommended. Ask your veterinarian for advice on adapting the portions and preventing the cat from suffering from obesity. He will also be able to advise you on the choice of croquettes or homemade food. Be careful always to leave him a whole bowl of water. Cats often need to hydrate.

Russian Blue Diseases: Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

The Russian Blue is a healthy, long-lived cat. He has no predisposition to diseases. He can suffer from anemia when his immune system becomes disrupted and destroys red blood cells. The cat is very tired and feverish.

Depending on your cat's condition, your veterinarian may prescribe medication or even hospitalize it.

What Are the Solutions For Allergic People Living With Cats

All cats produce Feld 1, which is why there aren't any hypoallergenic cats. However, some breeds seem to have fewer allergens than others, and other ways exist to lessen the effects of cats on allergies, including:

  Keep surfaces in your home clean

Wash and brush your cat regularly

Use an air purifier

You can use steam to clean your carpets to get rid of allergens

There are also a few (rather strange) factors that seem to affect allergen production in cats. For instance :

Males produce more allergenic secretions than females

Uncastrated males produce more allergens than castrated males

Kittens produce fewer allergens than adults

So while we know that no cat is 100% hypoallergenic, don't lose hope! Certain breeds stimulate allergies less.

 Now, we hope you know everything you need about Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats.

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