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We hear more and more about it, the Australian Shepherd Miniature or Mini Aussie is a breed of dog in its own right coming directly from the Australian Shepherd. We have already talked about him and his provenance in our History and Origin of the Australian Shepherd article as well as our complete article on the Australian Shepherd.

 These little Australian Shepherds measure up to 45 centimeters in height and weigh about 18 kg. Just like the Aussies, they are intelligent, loyal, and very active dogs but in a "mini" version.

In this article, we are going to teach you a little more about this new breed of small dog as surprising and as beautiful as their elders.


Australian Shepherd Miniature At A Glance

We are very fond of Aussies, they are great working dogs who are very active and need lots of exercises. But not everyone can cope with these 20-30 kg dogs that have boundless energy.

In the late 1960s, a woman named Doris Cordova from Norco began breeding Aussies by selecting the smaller ones. His goal was to create a smaller version of the Australian Shepherds to allow them to be house dogs and to be able to transport them more easily while maintaining their high intelligence and sociability.

Australian Shepherd Miniature

Subsequently, other breeders wanted to do the same, and this is how the mini Australian Shepherd was born.

As you have understood, it is a unique breed of dog! They are not just little Australian Shepherds. They like exercise and work and are not for people who don't have a lot of time for them. Their coat requires little maintenance except during periods of heat such as summer. Health problems are not frequent, but it is still necessary to do some examinations.

 If all this is clear to you and you want to embark on the adventure, know that the Australian Shepherd Miniature is a magnificent breed of dog that will know how to return all the love you give it.


Australian Shepherd Miniature History 

Unlike several miniaturized dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd Miniature has been recognized as a breed in its own right by the American Kennel Club (AKC). It is an American organization that is in charge of recognizing authentic dog breeds.

 The first way is to mix the larger breed of dog with a smaller breed of dog. The second is to introduce the dwarfism gene to the large dog breed. And the last is the repeated breeding of the smallest dogs obtained over several litters.

 The Australian Shepherd Miniature was developed using the latest method. It presents less risk than the other two because by using the dwarfism gene it sometimes happens that dogs have muscular and skeletal deformities.


Australian Shepherd Miniature Character 

This is an easy-to-train dog breed that loves to please its owner. They are also very loyal.

 Active dogs with little attention can be destructive in the home. They will also need to be socialized from an early age so that they are not overly suspicious or aggressive with people who are not part of the family.


Australian Shepherd Miniature Size

It is the adult size that interests us here, the mini Aussie puppy is very similar to the large Australian Shepherd.

 The Australian Shepherd Miniature can range in size from 30 to 45 cm in height.  between 9 and 18 kg. As with many dog ​​breeds, males are generally larger than females.

 They are small Australian Shepherds, but not so small anyway. only 10-15 kg lighter

 Australian Shepherd Miniature

Australian Shepherd Miniature Colors And Coats

This is often what we like the most with this breed of dog, their different coats which are very attractive when we walk them in the street.  In addition to these colors, they may have white and/or brown markings.

 Their eyes are blue or brown and it also sometimes happens that some Mini Aussies have one of each color.


 Australian Shepherd Miniature Care And Grooming

These are dogs that require little maintenance at this level. Their hair is resistant and adapts very well to all types of weather.

 However, it is recommended to brush them regularly during the summer period, this will prevent their coat from becoming tangled.

Constant brushing

Cleaning the dog is also accompanied by brushing (not daily) because his coat is not that long, but it is a few times during the week (at least 3). In this way you will help it not to accumulate garbage, lint, food scraps and other dirt on the floor; plus it will remove dead hair so it doesn't get tangled and looks shiny most of the time.



Australian Shepherd Miniature Health

As a purebred, the Mini Aussie has no particular problem. However, she can be prone to hereditary health issues unique to the Australian Shepherd breed as a whole.





Hip or elbow dysplasia

Vision problems

Blood clotting disorders

Sensitivity to MDR1 drug


It is strongly recommended that the Australian Shepherd Miniature pass the following tests:

 Hip dysplasia

Ophthalmologist examination

MDR1 DNA Genetic test


How can I keep my Australian dog in good health?

Now, after knowing a little more about the breed, that is, knowing how it is physically and what is the general behavior that it has; If you are still not convinced to be able to adopt a copy of these, then for this we will indicate the fundamental care that you must maintain so that the state of health of it is optimal and stable.

Australian Shepherd Miniature


Complete vaccination card

Be careful about the health of your pet, as a responsible owner keep the vaccination card always up to date. This will help the dog to avoid infections of common diseases in dogs and to be free of viruses and even not suffer from health complications for much of its life, so it will keep its system immunized.


 Vet Visits

Taking him to the vet is another task you will have. Much more is always required when they are in puppyhood, since they have a much more fragile health and are weaker due to their organism. In the case of a small dog, the visits will be every month or two months depending on the doctor's instructions

But after it grows, there it can be less frequent, being enough one a year or every six months. Here the idea of ​​going to a specialist is to carry out the corresponding deworming, check-ups and diagnoses of the general health of the pet. You can also take him to a beautician or veterinarian to have his hair cut, bathed and his nails trimmed.

Australian Shepherd Miniature


 Daily physical activity

Sports, games, training, exercises and everything else that has to do with physical activity will be essential if we want our Australian Shepherd to live with us for at least 12 or 14 years. They need to stay active and fit, so you should have a space in your schedule to exercise with them.

 If you have a large house, with a spacious lot, this turns out to be ideal for the dog to survive better; because you'll have plenty of room to stretch out, play, run, and jump. In addition to this, you cannot forget to give him a few long walks around the area where you live (approximately 30 minutes and two a day). Also provide some toys and create a kind of gym where you teach the dog a routine and practice it daily.

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Australian Shepherd Miniature Training

As was said in a previous section, thanks to the intelligence that characterizes them, it makes training them a really more enjoyable and less complex task if we compare it with other breeds within the same species.

 Training it does not require much time, it is preferable to do several short sessions so as not to tire them, but it is easier to make it learn new obedience tricks and behave according to what you want and the needs of the residential space.

 However, if you have a vast space at home, it will be the right thing for him, here they will function better and adapt much more. You can take the opportunity to induce him in surveillance activities, reinforce hunting, of course turn him into an excellent shepherd and others. Use a mechanism that is conducive and a suitable place for your learning, do not neglect that you must always keep it stimulated.

Australian Shepherd Miniature


Australian Shepherd  Miniature Nutrition

Food is very well known, the main basis for the care and sustenance of any pet. Dogs, being a carnivorous species, require a good amount of protein in their dish every day. This component is the main thing that you must offer, in addition to the fact that it must be a fairly balanced diet to maintain physical fitness and health in good condition.

 For Australian Shepherds, you can offer them a nutritious and delicious feed of high quality or range; in order to absorb all the energy and nutrients that your body needs daily. The times you provide it will depend on the physical activity you do, usually it varies between 3 to 4 times a day.

 Although if you prefer to feed it with homemade food, you should prepare some type of protein that exceeds 25% of the diet (beef, pork, chicken, fish, turkey, etc...) and complement it with some vegetables, fruits and vegetables that They guarantee the intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the dog needs.

 Of course, in addition to food, be it feed or homemade food, it is necessary to provide plenty of fresh water for the canine to drink during the day. Since by doing a lot of physical activity, the desire to drink water will come soon and very frequently; so have a bowl available and change the water at least 4 times a day.


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