The Aussiedoodle Dog: Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

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The Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix is a cross between the purebred Australian Shepherd and the purebred poodle. The Aussiedoodle is a more recent crossbreed whose true origin is still unknown.

But let's also take a look at why crossbreed dogs like the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix are at the center of serious debate in the canine world.

The Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix History

Like many mixed breeds, it is necessary to look at their parent breeds to learn about the Australian shepherd poodle mix. Let's examine them.

Australian Shepherd History

Both Australian Shepherd and Poodle dogs have fascinating roots that ultimately lead to the intelligence, loyalty, and kindness that make up Australian Poodle offspring.

The Australian Shepherd Dog is an all-American dog that was refined in California during the 19th century. 

This dog breed was a staple as a cowboy's best friend, using his intelligence as a herding and farm dog in the American West.

The Australian Shepherd dog is still one of America's favorite herding dogs on farms all over America.

According to the American Kennel Club's list of most popular dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd is also a fabulous family dog.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Poodle History

The poodle, often referred to as the "French Poodle", is the national dog of France. But the poodle originated in Germany, where it was used for duck hunting.

Over 400 years old, the standard Poodle dog breed is perhaps most famous for his whimsical coat. But did you know that her extravagant haircut had a purpose that went way beyond vanity?

During his working days, the poodle swam through cold, rough waters to retrieve ducks for his hunting owners. This is how the famous poodle haircut was born!

Created to protect the poodle's body's sensitive parts and allow him to exhibit agility in the water, poodle pom poms are an essential part of Poodle coat culture today.

With fame, intelligence, and a good work ethic in his bloodline, it's no wonder the Aussiedoodle is becoming such a popular crossbreed!

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The appearance of the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Since the Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed dog, his appearance will depend on that of its purebred parents.

This appearance can vary massively, so don't expect all Aussiedoodle puppies to look alike!

Examining the parent dog breeds can help us make an educated guess about the appearance of the Aussiedoodle.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix height and weight

The Australian Shepherd dog is around 46-58cm tall and weighs about 18-29kg.

Standard: The Standard Poodle is the largest of the three size varieties, standing over 38cm and weighing between 18-31kg

Miniature: medium in size, the Miniature Poodle measures between 25 and 38 cm and weighs between 4 and 7 kg.

Toy: the smallest of the poodles, the toy poodle measures only 25 cm and weighs only 2 to 3 kg.

Thus, your adult Aussiedoodle can measure from 63 to more than 96 cm and weigh between 5 and 32 kg, depending on whether it is a standard Aussiedoodle, a toy, or a miniature Aussiedoodle.

However, many breeders state that the average weight of an adult Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix is around 11-32 kg. A potential dog handler should therefore be prepared for a medium to large-sized dog.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix face

No two Aussiedoodles are alike. Their facial features and structure can vary depending on what they inherit from their parent dog breeds!

The Australian Shepherd dog has erect ears and bright eyes that are brown, amber, or even blue. The Poodle, on the other hand, has dark oval eyes, with ears that hang close to the head!

So it is challenging to predict the face of your Aussiedoodle!

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Coat

Remember that the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix is a crossbreed dog, which means he could inherit several traits from its purebred parents!

His appearance is going to be left to chance and whichever purebred parent he genetically prefers. The Australian Shepherd dog has a double-layered waterproof coat. His undercoat is thick, and its outer coat is longer on the body and shorter on the face.

 The poodle has a unique curly coat. However, we must remember that we can never guarantee what type of coat an Aussiedoodle puppy will inherit.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Coat Colors

As with all other parts of the Aussiedoodle, the color of his coat will depend on what he inherits from his parent dog breeds.

The Australian Shepherd dog comes in six standard coat colors, including:

Merle blue

Red Merle


Red tricolor

Black tricolor


The Poodle, whether standard, miniature, or toy, has a thick, curly coat that can come in several color varieties, including:






Blue Belton





This shows the huge variety your Aussiedoodle could inherit! There's no sure way to know what your Aussiedoodle will look like until he arrives!

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Temperament

Much like size and appearance, the Aussiedoodle's temperament varies based on what he inherits from his parent dog breeds.

We can confidently say that the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix will be quite an intelligent crossbreed dog. Considering his parents are the smartest. But, there are a few other traits your Aussiedoodle might inherit.

 Both Australian Shepherds and Poodles are working dogs. This means they need a lot of mental stimulation, so they don't get bored. Since they are also energetic and playful, Australian Shepherds and Poodles both need lots of playtime and exercise. They love the outdoors and love a mess.

The Aussiedoodle will likely inherit these qualities, making him an especially great choice for families with children! 

The natural instincts of the Aussiedoodle

We have seen that both Poodle and Australian Shepherd dog breeds are full of energy. While this may seem like excellent quality for the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix, there may be a downside.

If not properly harnessed, this energy and intelligence can lead to destructive and territorial behaviors. So make sure you know how much time and effort you will need to put in to keep an Aussiedoodle happy!

The Aussiedoodle can inherit the tendency to bond very closely with its owner. For this reason, it does not do well if left alone for long periods. Australian Shepherd dogs do well with other pets.

The Poodle is also an excellent family dog ​​and does well with children and pets. But his hunting skills give him the instinct to attack small animals.

If your Aussiedoodle inherits these instincts, it's best to keep him away from small pets like birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Training and exercising your Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

As stated earlier, the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix is a very active and intelligent crossbreed dog. For this reason, he will need a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

Let's look at the exercise and training needs of the Aussiedoodle's parent breeds to see what the Aussiedoodle might need.

Australian Shepherd dogs need at least an hour or two of exercise a day and a dog handler willing to teach them new tricks and give them a job. For example, fetching the newspaper each morning or helping with errands.

Poodles are also boaters, from nose to tail. But they need lots of activity and exercise to stay happy, just like the Australian Shepherd. For this reason, it's easy to assume that your Aussiedoodle will be a very energetic dog that needs lots of mental and physical activity.

This can be done in different ways!

Your Aussiedoodle will love exploring nature with you and playing fun games. He may even inherit the poodle's love for swimming!

The highly intelligent and energetic Australian Shepherd Dog is not a novice dog. This breed of dog will be happiest with canine work and consistent training. Since they are highly intelligent and loyal to their family members, Australian Shepherd dogs are very easy to train.

However, they should start training very early, and handlers should be prepared for the high amount of energy these dogs have. The Poodle is also an intelligent dog breed, and training them should be a breeze. We can therefore assume that our Aussiedoodle should get used to the training well. Especially with positive methods from an early age!

The lifespan of the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

It is impossible to predict the exact lifespan of each dog. But we can look at the general lifespan of Aussie and Poodle breeds to get a good idea of ​​Aussiedoodle lifespan.

The Australian Shepherd dog has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

The Poodle, on the other hand, has a life expectancy of 10 to 18 years.

It can therefore be expected that a healthy Aussiedoodle will live well into adolescence.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Health Conditions

The Aussiedoodle is going to be subject to whatever its parents are subject to. So it is best to look into all the health issues associated with the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.

The Australian Shepherd dog is most prone to hip dysplasia, eye disease, drug sensitivity, and epilepsy. And the Poodle is predisposed to hip dysplasia, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, Addison's disease, thyroid problems, bloat, and hypoglycemia. There is no guarantee that your Aussiedoodle will get any of these nasty diseases.

However, the risk of these inherited conditions may be slightly higher. To improve your Aussiedoodle's quality of life, we recommend early screening to ensure they are in good shape.

Early detection could also help you prepare for, and even avoid, specific health issues your Aussiedoodle may face in the future.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Grooming

You'll want to be sure you have the right tools to keep his coat looking his best and to keep hair from falling loose in your home and on your clothes.

The Australian Shepherd dog needs weekly grooming to keep his coat looking as good as possible and free of tangles.

The purebred poodle, on the other hand, requires extensive grooming. Especially if an owner wants to introduce him, most dog handlers who choose to show off their poodle will learn to trim their fancy coats themselves or go to a dog groomer.

Other handlers who are not interested in shows can opt for a normal puppy cut. This means they forgot the famous poodle pom-poms and opted for a more manageable cut.

Remember that the Aussiedoodle is an active dog that can leave the house clean and come back dirty. However, unless he returns covered in mud, he only needs the occasional bath.

General Care Of Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

We have seen that the maintenance of coats varies from one Aussiedoodle to another. However, all Aussiedoodle dogs need their ears cleaned regularly to prevent wax buildup and moisture that could lead to infection.

This dog will also need his nails trimmed frequently to prevent them from breaking and cracking. When it comes to diet, the active, athletic Aussiedoodle dog will benefit from high-quality dog ​​food with meat protein listed as the first three ingredients. He will also need fresh water daily and lots of exercises and mental stimulation.

Is the Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix a good companion dog?

The Aussiedoodle dog is an active and intelligent cross that will do best in homes with large, fenced yards. It will also benefit from dog handlers with prior experience with dogs who can train intelligent and energetic dog breeds.

You should also keep in mind that the Aussiedoodle dog is likely to form strong bonds with its family. Therefore, he may not tolerate being left alone for long periods.

Grooming and shedding can also be an issue, so allergy sufferers should take this into account when considering getting an Aussiedoodle.

If you are an active dog handler who understands what it takes to train and care for an intelligent, active dog, this may be the perfect companion dog for you!

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