Blue Fawn French Bulldog Features And Questions About Frenchies

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The word fawn comes from English and means "fawn or fawn", hence his name. This color resembles that of a fawn, and that is why the brown French bulldog is so-called. The word blue is "blue" in English. A blue fawn French bulldog has light brown fur and a gray mask over his face. Their eyes can be light brown, green, or blue. It is a specific coat color that appears in the French Bulldog breed.

A blue fawn French Bulldog also called a blue fawn, is a famous breed of dog with an unusual coat.

Are Blue Fawn French Bulldogs Rare?

In theory, French bulldogs of this "fawn blue" color should be rare. Blue fawn is an exotic color.

This is because they are the result of a recessive genetic combination that other more prevalent genes should normally mask. As a result, these coats are not common and are not sought after by breeders. However, Blue Fawn Frenchies have received a lot of attention from pet owners who like the idea of ​​something different and unusual.

blue fawn French Bulldog

Like any color, Fawn or blue fawn (as they are also called), French bulldogs need regular bathing with a mild, vet-prescribed shampoo to prevent any infection from entering the skin and reduce the itchiness that usually plagues them. Blue Fawn French Bulldog needs special care to keep the wrinkles around their face clean. These warm folds in the skin are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

What is the origin of Blue Fawn French Bulldog?

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog has the same origin as other Frenchies. The French bulldog is a descendant of the English bulldog and French bulldog. Originating at the end of the 19th century, the English bulldog, a descendant of mastiff-type breeds, was used for sporting purposes as "bull bait". In England in 1835, this practice was illegal, which is why when the English emigrated to France during the industrial revolution, they took these dogs that were momentarily “unemployed”. In France, they quickly became famous as a companion breed, especially since the more miniature bulldogs were the ones moved there. By 1860 small bulldogs were already renowned and received the name "Bouledogue Francais" (a French contraction of the words "ball" and "mastiff"). The dogs were fashionable among women of high society, artists, writers, and designers. fashionable; although in its beginnings it was a "people's" dog.

The French bulldog arrived in North America only in 1885 at the hands of high-society women who held contests to award the best French bulldog according to typical features (eg, pink bat-like ear).

Questions and answers about the French Bulldog

If you are thinking of taking a Blue Fawn French Bulldog home, it is important that you learn about all aspects of caring for this dog. Although he is very small and easy to care for, there are some things you should keep in mind:

How much does French Bulldog eat and drink per day?

The Blue Fawn French Bulldog is a breed that has a natural tendency to gain weight due to his physical constitution. This is why you have to control your daily diet. In the puppy stage, it should eat three times a day, and in the adult stage, 2 times. It is important that you have a balanced diet of nutrients. The amount of food depends on the weight of the animal, and it is advisable to visit a veterinarian for these purposes.

blue fawn French Bulldog

For this breed, the best diet is feed since it provides all the proteins and other components. Although they can eat meat, rice-based foods, and even fresh fruits without major complications, it is recommended that they not be given our food as much as possible since it could cause diseases such as dermatitis. However, for the dog to grow and develop properly, feeding is crucial.

As for water, the French Bulldog drinks plenty of it.

How is the Blue Fawn French Bulldog character?

He is an intelligent, active and docile dog. He can be a bit stubborn. The French Bulldog is a dog that is characterized by being playful and very sociable. Their companionship is an aspect that stands out in this breed. Since he is very vital and affectionate, he is ideal for children.

He is obedient with much better results even when gently but firmly trained as a puppy.

It is not a breed that stands out for its level of training. But training him as a puppy (always gently but also firmly), the dog responds perfectly.

Although it is not a "complicated" breed, being so affectionate and lazy, they can develop anxiety if they are left alone for a long time. In fact, they can clutter the room where you have left them. They need the closeness of humans to play, feel accompanied, and be cared for. They like to attract the attention of their owners to receive affection. They are highly recommended for people who live alone because they are excellent companions.

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How is French Bulldog temperament?

His lack of aggressiveness does not disqualify him from being a guard dog: he knows how to defend his territory and the people he loves. He lives pretty well with other animals, but he tends to be jealous. Distribute your attention well, even if you have young children!

It should be noted that a poorly trained bulldog can show a big character.

blue fawn French Bulldog

Is French Bulldog a dog that requires a lot of maintenance?

In general, he is a dog that, being small and short-haired, requires minimal care in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

In order to always have shiny hair, it is recommended that you brush him once a week.

Another point to keep in mind is that you should sanitize the folds on your face with a damp cloth and then dry it well to prevent it from getting wet and generating some type of allergy. The nails should be cut every 3 weeks, or so, you can always take it to the vet to have it done periodically.

Does the French Bulldog have chronic health problems?

In general, he is in good health. It must be taken into account that they are sensitive to heat and stress, so it is advisable not to yell at them and, if possible, keep them in cool places during summer days. Extreme heat can cause respiratory problems.

People often marvel and gawk at the tight little faces and mash noses of French bulldogs. However, the facial and physical features that capture hearts are usually the very characteristic ones that cause dogs the most health problems. Before buying a dog of this breed, get some answers to some very important questions about French bulldog health.

blue fawn French Bulldog

How does short face affect breathing?

The smaller the face of a Blue Fawn French Bulldog, the more trouble he will have breathing. When the face is tight, the nostrils are thinner, allowing less air through the nose. To make matters worse for getting air, the trachea of ​​these flat canines is narrower than that of other dogs. The soft palate tends to be softer and more flexible as well. This can cause breathing to be noisy. Breathing problems often become worse when the dog is excited. This facial structure also often leads to snoring.

How are they affected by heat?

Because breathing is more difficult for flat French bulldogs, they cannot naturally cool themselves as well through panting as other dogs with longer muzzles. Therefore, they can more easily suffer from heat-related conditions such as heat stroke. Exposure to heat should be limited during the summer months, and water should be kept available.


What birthing problems may they experience?

French Bulldogs naturally have large, rounded heads with very short muzzles. Due to this spherical shape, it is often difficult for females to give birth to French bulldog puppies. In many cases, a cesarean section is necessary to deliver a litter. It is always a wise idea to consult with a veterinarian before breeding or giving away French bulldog puppies. Many of these dogs have problems with reproduction and birth.

Have They short frame cause joint problems?

The French bulldog was bred to have a short build. It derives from the dwarf versions of English bulldogs. While the breeding produced a smaller, pint-size dog, it also left the canine with various joint-related conditions. Hip dysplasia is one such condition. Because the animal's hip and elbow joints are shallow, the body is forced to rely heavily on ligament and muscle support for joints. The hips are also bred to be slightly more flexible to create the bulldog rolling gait. These physical characteristics lead to an increased occurrence of hip dysplasia in the breed.

blue fawn French Bulldog

He is ideal for children because he is very affectionate and vital.

One of the aspects that most characterizes this breed is his high level of companionship.

The French Bulldog is a very social dog. He loves company (be with people, other dogs, and other pets in general). Socializes very easily with other dogs.

He is not a dog that needs long walks. This is why it is recommended to take him out for a walk between 2 and 3 times a day (but taking short walks).

Blue Fawn French Bulldog is not a good swimmer, so caution is advised when taking him to places with water.

Frenchies live approximately between 8 to 12 years.

His measurements vary between 26 and 31 cm (at the withers)


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