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The Roman Rottweiler is a serious and energetic brutal dog whose main goal is to serve the people. It is from the Rottweiler that the best rescuers and guides are made, ready at any moment to risk their own lives in the name of human salvation. On the street, these muscular beauties are menace and alertness personified. They are energetic, observant, and always in control. However, as soon as the dog returns home, an affectionate sloth wakes up in him.

The Rottweiler puppies are imposing animals; they are solid dogs, well-proportioned, harmonious, and appreciated for their elegance and charisma. He is also a flexible and very enduring dog. He excels in many areas and is one of the most popular guard dogs.

What is the History of the Roman Rottweiler?

The breed's roots go back to the deep past when the Roman legions conquered the lands of today's Germany, accompanied by rear chariots. Molossian Roman dogs guarded the valuable transport.

The period of the conquest ended with the collapse of the empire and his withdrawal from the conquered territories. But, the dogs came to the liking of the Swabians and began to be actively used by them for their usual purpose, having received the name of the German city of Rottweil.

German butchers and ranchers used him to protect herds being herded and sometimes as a draft force to carry small loads. Prosperity ended when the transit of livestock through European countries was stopped due to the fight against the spread of disease and the development of rail transport.

Today, Roman Rottweilers are used as service dogs, facilitated by the dog's advanced intelligence, strength, and endurance. They can be found in the police, national guard troops, border guards, etc.

roman rottweiler

 How is the Roman Rottweiler's Appearance?

Rottweilers are the athletes of the canine world. These handsome men were firmly knocked down and "animated", sinking into the soul precisely with their extreme power. They radiate tranquility and reliability. Of German origin, he is a dog with short hair, generally black and tan. In adulthood, he is one of the large dogs. He can reach up to 54 kg and measure 68 cm. He is a breed of dog that belongs to the category of molossoids and mountain dogs, and Swiss mountain dogs. The Rottweiler is an excellent guard dog recognized as a police dog for its tenacity and courage.

  • Head: The skull is medium in size, with well-developed arches of the cheekbones and a prominent forehead. There is a noticeable occipital protuberance. The muzzle is flat, wide at the base, and tapering towards the nose.
  • Nose: The lobe is black, slightly "stretched" in width, with impressive nostrils.
  • Teeth and jaws: The jaws of the Roman Rottweiler are huge, wide enough. The bite is "scissors". The teeth are strong and strong. The ideal number of teeth is 42.
  • Eyes: Almond-shaped, small, with eyelids close to the eyeball. The reference shade of the iris is dark brown. The look is open and daring but without aggression or malice.
  • Ears: The Roman Rottweiler's ears are small, drooping, and triangular. Stand tall and wide at the same time. The edge of the ear is close to the zygomatic area, which creates the illusion of a wide and massive forehead.
  • Neck: Muscular type, but "dry", not very long.
  • Coat and hair: The skin is smooth. On the head, it collects in shallow longitudinal wrinkles if the dog is curious. According to the standard, skin folds on the skull of an animal in a resting state are unacceptable. Short and dense undercoat + thick upper coat, close to the body.
  • Color: The Roman Rottweiler is black with well-defined reddish-brown spots. Tanning places: throat, chest, legs, cheekbones, under the eyes.

How Is The Care And Maintenance of Roman Rottweiler?

Owning a service breed dog is always a big responsibility, as these animals require a steady hand and constant control. A Roman Rottweiler can take root in an apartment, but the best habitat for bodyguard dogs will be a country house with a kennel and an equipped aviary in the yard.

In the warm season, the animal can be left in the aviary for the whole day, but with the onset of frost, it must be moved to a heated room or brought into the house with the onset of frost.

Rottweilers are supposed to walk twice a day for at least 10-20 minutes, preferably an hour and a half. The walk should be combined with intense physical activity and active games to keep the dog fit.

roman rottweiler


Caring for a Roman Rottweiler will not take long. They comb the dog a couple of times a week and bathe it 2-3 times a year; the rest of the time, limiting themselves only to washing the pet's paws after a walk.

The nails are trimmed as needed, which may never come, as, in an active Rottweiler, the claw plate grinds down naturally. Set aside time once a week to check and clean your ears.

 The ear funnel is cleaned with a dry cloth or moistened with an alcohol-free lotion. Dogs' teeth are cleaned with gauze and baking soda monthly.


Adults are fed twice a day; three meals a day are recommended for puppies under six months. Daily food intake should not exceed 5% of the animal's total body weight.

Since most dogs tend to overeat, the dog's calorie intake should be carefully monitored. In particular, it is helpful to reduce the ratio of animals that are overeating or beginning to gain weight.

List of foods that must be present in the diet of an adult Rottweiler:

lean meat (lamb, rabbit, mutton, veal) or offal;

raw or boiled sea fish fillets;

raw or boiled egg (twice a week);

fermented milk products;

cereals (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat);

vegetable oil;

You should not give your pet:


candy and chocolate;


tubular and fish bones;


river fish

The food bowl sits on a vertical stand at the dog's chest height, helping to form the puppy's correct posture. 

Important: Rottweilers are only fed hot foods. The consumption of cold or too-hot food causes gastritis in the animal.

roman rottweiler

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As we have said before, the Rottweiler has a strong guardian instinct. However, in the right home, with early socialization and training, the Rottweiler makes an excellent companion and guardian - a dog all in one. The Rottweiler requires extensive and ongoing socialization to be a good family companion, and training is essential and should begin as a puppy. Your furry friend can absorb everything you teach him, so start early and try to socialize as much as possible. Rottweilers love to work and will compete in just about any dog ​​sport with pleasure.

Roman Rottweiler Health and Common Diseases

Like most large breed dogs, the Roman Rottweiler lives 8 to 10 years. However, there are exceptions to the general rule: with proper care and tireless care, individual people can live another 3-5 years above the established norm.

Due to their massive build, Rottweilers give the impression of being large and visit the vet's office only for routine vaccinations. Unfortunately, these dogs have many ailments.

Other symptoms of vestibular disease include:
  • dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • Addison's disease;
  • aortic valve stenosis;
  • retinal atrophy;
  • waterfall;
  • von Willebrand disease (low blood coagulation);
  • gastrectasia (volvulus).

In some dogs, kidney problems can be observed, as well as alterations in the functioning of the nervous system. A little less common is a congenital disease such as hypotrichosis (baldness).

  • balanced psyche, with proper education
  • the presence of high intelligence, as a result, good learning ability
  • loyalty to your master
  • good and discreet companion
  • high job qualities as a watchman, and security guard
  • does not require special care for the coat
  • requires quite expensive maintenance, feeding and maintenance will become a constant and quite significant cost element.
  • clumsiness in movements, in addition to a certain frankness of character. You may try to walk "through" an object or accidentally push a child while walking.
  • Initial owner experience is required. It is necessary to closely monitor the growing pet with a tendency to dominate.

Who is the Roman Rottweiler suitable for?

The Roman Rottweiler is suitable for the owner of a country house, where there will be no problems with walking and physical activity in the fresh air. However, the future guardian must be prepared to provide his pet with proper maintenance, care, and nutrition.

You need not only financial opportunities but also free time to be ready to devote yourself to this serious dog (classes with an instructor can last more than a month). You can also keep a Rottweiler in a city apartment, considering the mandatory time for walking and classes.

It is necessary to clearly understand what the dog is bought for so that bitter disappointments do not occur. In addition, he needs a companion, an approach to parenting and training, he needs a caretaker, and he needs to develop specific skills from a puppy.

Rottweilers are sometimes used as hunting dogs, but this is much less common than the first two options. If the master is ready for all the above, he will not find a better guard and companion.

roman rottweiler

Five fun facts about the Roman Rottweiler

 He is a dog that descends from ancient Rome, where the Romans used dogs to guide the herds that served as food for the army as they marched through Europe.

In the city of Rottweil, in southern Germany, they became the breed we know today, and it is also the city from which they were named.

They are very loving and loyal to their family, and because they have a natural instinct to defend their family, they can be aggressive towards strangers.

They need continuous socialization to be a good family member, and training should start as a puppy.

This breed was one of the first to serve as a police dog and is still expected as service and therapy dog.

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